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  1. Well after just a few short hours of the event several things are obvious.

    1. To complicated: events are supposed to be fun this requires to much studying to understand it.
    2. The Cure ammo is not available...even when you are infected.
    3. Lower Level Players are at an extreme disadvantage and outside of collecting boxes probably wont even play the event.
    4. There are currently event quests that players can not even complete at the present time because the ammo isnt available.

    5. TO COMPLICATED. Didnt I say that already

    T <3
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  2. the most pathetic event ever... you do nothing good anymore man

  3. the ammo and cpu is in shop
  4. On the US servers its not up yet, but players running around infected.. lol
    Looks like ammo & extras will be up later today at some point (as its up on GB servers now)

    Infection Laser Ammo -- 25uri
    4 times stronger than conventional lasers, this ammunition also disperses virulent spores that infect other players.

    Thats pricey as hell -- even with 10-15 guns on your ship (depending on what your playing at the time) running full shields on drones thats 250-375 uri a shot to clear players of infection :mad:
  5. Be sure to check email, bonus package includes:

    2000x infection Laser Ammo ( PIB-100 )
    10x infection Mine ( IM-01 )
    1x Serum ( CPU XL-Anti-Z2 )
    5x Green Booty Keys
  6. I don't have to add anything. On Global Europe 7, the current situation is this: all maps are full of UFE enemies shooting everything that moves from port. Event for rich, I am disappointed, prices are too high. I expect them to be for credits, not 25 uri for 1 ammo, and 2,7k uri for Serum CPU, lol. And it's true, I can't figure out what are the missions and how I can complete them. Just too confusing.
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  7. and.. dont forget wht was said by the OP Tina-The-Impaler

    and the winner gets an obsolete Goli design

    having ammo/heal is not the point... !!
    either the noobs get a break (something they are capable of) or they are left out and the gap widens... UFE are one class (the killing class) and the noobs are the cannon-fodder

    the differential is too great.. I wonder (seriously) what the plan is
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  8. My point exactly hunter...
  9. I don't know if this is only me, but I had a feel that this event will finally be for all players, no matter how strong they are. But, I can see now it is not the case. I will just now try to box on maps, if I am not able to do so, I will take a break from the game for a month or so, till the event passes and all that "infection" ammo is spared. Cause like this, UFE's see you away from port, they infect you so they lower your speed and hull, and than you are smashed hard. No chance to survive. I don't know how they developed such an "infection" event where someone can lower your hull and speed, and then hunt you like a boss, really.
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  10. war is for other reasons than just for bright shiny events... or am I on the wrong lines here!!

    the UFE clans and all are warring for the event... how long will the noobs have patience??
  11. So true, I mean yeah, I understand this game is free to play, they need to give those who pay a bit more advantage. That's all good, and every single game out there has that system. But, none of those games have all the events just for UFE's, really. I mean, you can join an event here too, you are not restricted, but go and do something.. You won't be able to, cause it's an open PvP game, and everyone will shoot you as soon as you appear in front of them. I am just logging in game, and if I get shot constantly again while I am boxing with cloack, I will pause for a month or maybe more. Not worth loosing my time, just for fun of the others, if I can't enjoy the same fan. Still, out there, there are more new, competitive games that respect both the cashers/non-cashers and give them equal chance to be better.
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  12. Ok if this is a pvp event which I am sure it is horrible event. secondly we need ammo 25 uri what the hell is that?
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  13. I will not clip this post... I feel that it embodies my feelings.. not that I didnt try to express them earlier.. :)

    I have said for a longtime that if the noobs are not brought into the game then the UFEs will have to shoot each other..
    I am not soo big yet :p... I have subs but if I cannot see a glimmer of hope.. do I have to be explicit beyond what has already been said...!!!

    have a good day ppl ... this is a thread in General issues from Forum people... post here please
  14. Type-0Z

    Type-0Z User

    The same old problem, UFE player from rival companies in your home map collecting boxes and killing newbies.
  15. Pushers must be punished somehow, some people making points way too fast...
  16. Not an issue when your UFE and get infected that 10% damage boost ahaha nightmare
  17. True, and most of them jump in Deminisher design, you know, in case they need to shoot 200k+..
  18. I just noticed you can war clans and get points for poping them LOL
  19. war all noobs.. then you will stand a next to nothing chance of winning a design that noone needs... :p
  20. "too much to study" no its not, all you have to do is read the forum once, or play for 5 minutes.
    "too pricey" then focus on being the surgeon not the infector
    "to complicated" if this one event is too complicated for you, dont play darkorbit.

    all in all, poorly implemented right now, just like windows release and battlefield release. not perfect for the first 10 minutes, every gets pissed and leaves. alot of bugs that will be gone by the end of the week and after that, the rewards are perfect, kronos pieces from the infected bonus boxes!? thats awesome, 2000 uri for kill like 10 lower level npc's! or using 1000 of a certain ammo! new designs for the top 100 and even more bonuses for the other players! guys, just play the game for a bit, wait until the bugs are gone..