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    Yeah right! I'm also from GA3 and no thanks to you guys from EIC stealing boxes and killing newbies in other companies home map.
  2. Yea and if you did not get the email or the credit was applied to the wrong server for what you are currently playing the FIRST infected Mission costs you 19000 URI (after 6000 credit) for a few credits good EP and 2 Booty Keys, too bad that B P did not tie this to the login bonus to give everyone the same benefits. One of my friends NEVER changed or checked his NewsLetter status (nothing has been sent for several years anyway) and found it was OFF so he does not get the bonus and cannot collect enough URI from B B's to get 25000 for the ammo so he is out of the running for anything cuz he can not complete ALL missions.

    Quite unfair to those who can't BUY their URI to play the game. I did find that shooting Mordons or smaller are dead with 24 pieces (15 on ship and 9 on drones) of this ammo shot so it is deadly ammo but again very costly (600 URI) for what you get. The Gygerthralls are easy to kill but unless you have VERY fast (I'm 540 without infection prommed and is too slow) ship these outrun you when almost dead so you COULD lose the kill to a passing player who got a lucky shot for all of your work. But they can be killed with Credit Ammo instead of using URI for them. Spent 2 hours in one map (killed 233) and never saw one of the BOSSES spawn so I assume they are going to come out later in the EVENT but only B P knows when.

    Still think this is a MAJOR FAIL for B P.
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    Look at the new mission, Highly Infectious, kill 5 infected player! Shoot PIB-100 on newbies, infect them and kill! DUMBEST MISSION EVER!!!
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  4. I say too much negativity, I find the quest different and worth the time, a little effort goes a long way.
    make a plan to achieve what you want,. BP can't just give everything away, everything that gets done gets shot down over and over again. players making an effort are actually getting somewhere.
    the quests give out fair rewards and the game has a different twist, don't like it don't play it!
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  5. I like this event and boxes but cant get a kronos part yet :(
  6. do u have a zeta 1/1 on kron gate if so thats why
  7. I say the right amount of negativity for a crap event. Things keep getting shot down because they are crap, ive submitted numerous ideas that would make this game so much fun but too much effort on their part i guess, and no ammo to harrass people to buy.

    Just to reiterate, a crap and pointless event - oh and expensive (not that i bought any of the ammo:p)
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    Finding 5 infected players should be easy. Almost everyone is running around infected :)

    Gygerthralls do run fast, but just be prepared for them running and quickly switch to speed config. They usually stop running anyway, so you'll get the kill. Its highly unlikely that someone else would steal your kill anyway. ;)

    Compared to other event quests, the Demaner event quest for example, this is pretty easy and has a range of difficulty to suit different players. :) Just don't do that one quest e.g. the 1k ammo spend quest if you don't have uri / didn't get the newsletter. No harm done. The rewards for the other quests do give a decent amount of uri and booty keys. They are the good improvement from BP. Hopefully the continue.:D
  9. I posted this in another thread, but it fits here to ....

    Lets see : The mother ship MIGHT make things better, but thats a long shot. I voted worst event ever for these reasons:

    1. MOST expensive ammo EVER in the game......and NONE of it in the special boxes...FAIL

    2. Once again Special boxes not on Bmaps...FAIL

    3. No clear information on how the mothership will come out....FAIL

    4. 1/3 of "special" boxes give you "nothing" but an infection.....thus making any boxing 1/3 LESS profitable than ANY other event box EVER.....HUGE FAIL.

    5. To top that, there is a glitch going on where 1 in 5 boxes just dissappears when you try to pick it now REGULAR boxes are glitching because of this event....Thanks DO I can't even do regular boxing now, you messed that up...FAIL

    5. The Gyrothyms or whatever are out, and pay 16 uri a piece, basically a tough, under paying LK...FAIL

    6. The lower speed the New ammo produces creates ANOTHER way for players to escape...add it to the pile of slow mines and ice rockets I have....NO MORE items that effect speed.....FAIL
  10. Gee..thanks...I said as much in the other thread, just to let ya could avert your eyes I suppose :rolleyes:
  11. Oh but i know a few guys who got like 3 parts in just a couple of hours collecting boxes
  12. TheShadows

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    Gygerthralls have only 60k hp and 50 shield lol. :p They only deal around 1-2k damage. They are more like prots. Plus there are daily missions (territorial aggression) that give 2k uri :eek: and 5 log disks (infected mission). :D

    Yes I know the boxes keep disappearing and all that. :rolleyes: But you have to encourage BP in their efforts at making pretty good missions that even noobies could do and other harder missions that are more of a challenge to higher level players. :)

    Just don't buy the ammo if its too expensive. Only one mission so far needs you to actually use that ammo.

    The rewards are like around 1.5 times more than normal boxes anyway. :) Rewards are great. Never had so many slowmines in my life. :D Great for escaping UFEs :p.
  13. When boxes disappear as you are picking them up is really a waste of time. The Infection boxes give your cloaked position away. And when 1/3 of the special boxes are empty/infectious they are not worth picking up. IF BP would have put some of the ammo or CURE for this event in the boxes then it would be worth the effort. The fact that you have to decide if you want to be fodder boxing or causing germicide is where I say FAIL. Bad enough that we need to be in B Maps to kill germs but the fact that they are dumping Booty Boxes with regular rewards is another fail, at least put items for the event when it drops from an event npc. That you are forcing people who do not do PvP fighting into maps that they can not leave without being killed is another FAIL. WHY waste GOOD ammo on crud npc's just because you have to be ready to defend yourself from an UFE attacker, you don't get enough rewards to cover your expenses.

    And finally I have not found enough stuff in the special boxes to make the comparison but the x-1 ammo that I get is less than what I get out of regular boxes and the rest I can't compare as it is not normally given in boxes (PLD, eco, mines, and UBR) and again I find 1 in 5 is empty, 1 in 4 is viral, 1 in 6 is some good ammo, but they are mostly credits that I really do not need, and Uridium is almost non existent in these boxes so you can not even collect enough to BUY the items you need to partake in completing achievements let alone missions in this event. At least when they did the Pirate Invasion you did not have to BUY anything special to participate in that event, you just had to fight over pirates.
  14. Happy, yes I feel there is too much negativity, for the following reasons:
    everyone on my server is actually participating, maps are much more active, we are having fun.
    people are trying to get something different in game and as we have discussed in our clan and with others this is happening.
    yes this event might not be for everyone (even high ranked players are having difficulties), but the majority of people I have spoken to are enjoying it, after all its a game to enjoy and to participate in and this I fell DO is moving to achieve.
    the ammo is effective in helping uninfected people to get away from infected people, an uninfected Goli can outrun an infected vengy. this is much cheaper that a slow rocket which is at 500uri, for a mere 25uri(yes a goli can just have 1 laser on it), it has its perks, not all is negative.
    we all waiting to see the rewards from the mothership and how this will work, its also a big factor of the event that not everyone has included before shooting the whole event as a fail.
    'different strokes for different folks'
  15. Type-0Z

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    Who knows? Do trust Darkorbit? I sure don't.
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  16. Type-0Z look, if there are, as you say, some guys who got 3 parts, why are there thousands of players who got only that one Zeta part?
  17. Type-0Z

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    Look here, the developer can screw up on everything you could not think of that could be bug in the first place, like the chat for a example, how in the world do they screw that up?!
  18. All I know is I will buy 1k of the new ammo, and rock 1 laser on a spearhead while boxing now. that along with slow mine, ice rocket, and dcr, no one will ever catch me now ( till the Pusat ahahaha !!!, but I digress..)
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    Not only those boxes dissapering, it also happens with booty boxes and btw , its not cuz of this event cuz i had this problem 3 days before event started