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  1. Why would I be 'shopping' o_O My b! doesn't see a :cool: thing two wear :oops:
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  2. There we go guys, 64% lower price for the event ammo! :)
  3. My b! says, 'watch your back!'
  4. yeah but what about those people who wasted uridium to buy the stuff before -64 % -_- ? i feel robbed though i only purchased a few serum cpu's
  5. Type-0Z

    Type-0Z User

    Like too late, the top ranking is like 50,000 point, no point participating any more and you still pay more Uridium then what you get from the mission.
  6. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    From the update thread: here

    This is really good, nice reasonable response from DO :)
  7. omg more kronos parts! not just the ones that fill zeta parts! AWESOME!
  8. Not too late, as they won't count the kills on low maps. Most of the players were camping low maps, so we still have time! I just got my hands on the missions, getting ammo and serums :)
  9. So i actually like this event, how often do you get a chance to pick up boxes, with ubers, sar2, kronos parts, ddms etc. good job there dark orbit. The adjustment to ship kills was needed a lot of ppl trying to push ship kills at the start :( i like that and helping the guys in lowers good idea there to. I seen the ammo price and was kind of taken back but then again if most ppl read there emails you got 2000 rounds for free and if you used it properly it went a long way. The cures are well priced no issue there. The missions are kind of scattered, you got some in event and some in daily. Should just have them all in event. I think the rewards for 11th to 100th are a bit low though could have done better there, 1st though 10th are fine. If most ppl had been killing the event npcs instead of hunting players or doing long annoying regular quests, they would have 50k points to. its you're own fault if you under 10k by now in the healthy category, ive spent 15 k uri on event so far and made over a 100k off npcs . Ill be interested to see how the boss npcs play out. but so far i give the event an 8 out of 10

    My results so far
    60k points in healthy category
    3.5k infected
    made over a 100k uri
    picked up 3k ubers
    picked up 2.5 k sar2
    picked up 8 kronos parts
    picked up 500 ddms
    picked up 325 extra energys
    lot of other stuff to but those are the major ones for me
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  10. how can you have 60k points while boxing at the same time
  11. Type-0Z

    Type-0Z User

    Well I think I will buy some items and do the mission for Uridium, other than that nothing else can be done. Still won't stand a chance to be in the top 100 ranking not while competing against the UFE.
  12. Cause i was on the very minute it started when the green boxes were in pvp maps. did that till they vanished from pvp maps killed ships after that. did some more boxing then nothing but killing npcs since, but let me also add ive put a lot of hours into this event not much sleep to get that many points :(
  13. TheShadows

    TheShadows User

    yay! you can get infection mines from infection boxes :D:D:D:D
  14. Type-0Z

    Type-0Z User

    Is it just me or is there fewer parasite boxes?

    I think it the spawn time went back to normal, because it seems faster after the event started.
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  15. Torno

    Torno User

    yes. I killed hundreds of small bugs to get the boss to pop. never see certain clans the entire hours and days ... then in last few min these clans show up waiting at the ports ... when you jump into the boss map they blow you up jumpin in or off the boss.. then they polish the boss at their own time getting all the spoils.... my suggestion is all those that hunt the small ones get a key to a closed map ... make it so only go after the boss and not each other... if do, kicked from the map and loss honor and 1/2 their uri....
  16. SauronL

    SauronL User

    u have nooby stats :p
    my results are 57k pts in healthy
    picked up 12k ubers
    19k sars
    8 kronos parts
    around 5000 ddms
    idk how many spins lol
    like 400k uri +

    edit: its just not fair i have doubler and im not getting more parts from kronos :p jk
  17. I have to say, they tweaked some things, including more Kronos parts. It is nice to see, whether planned, or in response to feedback, good move.
  18. I would like to ask that once your infected and use the antidote you dont just get infected within 1 second of using the antidote. its a full on offensive weapon with no real limits. it takes your hp when it infects you, you then use antidote but your hp during a fight does not come back then they use it again your hp drops AGAIN and your still sitting there with the egg timer with waiting for your antidote.

    There needs to be a cool down period for being infected and also if you use the syrum your HP is returned.

    i tohught freeze rockets sucked this just really gives those who can afford PID a seriously high advantage when fighting. I mean what is the real point in antidotes? when in a fight its useless you get infected your slowed then add a dcr your slowed again then to throw in for good measure a freeze rocket you may aswell just kiss fighting between players away its the guy with the best (now unlimited ammo) that will win.
  19. ^ it will make boxing easier, just equip one laser on you ship, give em one shot of ammo to slow them, and fly away happy...remember it can't be EMP'ed like ice rockets or dcr, or even slow mines.

    For pvp, that ammo can trap people yes, but it is about 8 or 9th priority in a quick pvp, second to rsb, ish, smb, EMP, drone configs, pet options, slow mine, pld rocket, .....then maybe some infected ammo....Although if you open your attack with it, the HP loss is annoying, that is true, but it's not the end all in a battle I don't think.
  20. Can you please tell what kronos parts can be found? i've found 1 for alpha and beta, but wanna know if it's possible to find one for delta, really dont want to build that gate.

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