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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Zyher-SuB, Aug 27, 2014.

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  1. Zyher-SuB

    Zyher-SuB User

    Alright, I have played this game for 7 days now, and I have achieved the following:

    - 3 LF3
    - 5 B02
    - 15 9700 Speed Generators (forgot what they are called but the elite ones of course)
    - 8 Iris
    - All necessary elite extras

    What I am going to do is get a total of 225k URI from MHH. I would like advice what to get with this amount.

    What I have planned before hand as a suggestion

    Get 31 lf2 for now and not to bother with the lf3 since there is already the lf4
    Only bid on b02 shields with credits given out of Skylab

    Spend about 58k URI on a pet with lvl 1 auto resource collector
    I won't lvl him up yet since I will be saving uri for other stuff . He will mainly be used for the pally fields

    Spend about 61k uri on pilot bio focusing on the defensive side
    Using 21 pilot bio to end current pilot bio at full shield mechanics

    I have about 106k uri after that. This will be used for special events on upgrading drones only at the 25% off. Also used for the Zeus day to get some Zeus Apis lf4 etc.

    This is what I have planned before hand, before the next MHH
    If u have other suggestions or if I'm on the right track, let me know. I spend on the 75k uri every month to get this through. I may get. Prem, but there's still school ... So I'm not sure if I should. Any advice would be help thanks
    In advance
  2. Well to start off, if this is your first purchase use a promotion code to get 10% uridium more from your purchase, although I wouldn't recommend spending money unless you really like the game from your 7 day experience thus far.

    LLG2F93T29.04.2014 Yes 10% Bonus
    4HLB8Q3329.04.2014 Yes 10% Bonus
    On your first uridium purchase you can use one of these codes to gain an extra 10% on your purchase, this only works for your first purchase. To use one of these codes go to uridium then purchase uridium, on the bottom of the page should be ''Use Promo Code'', enter the code then pick and buy the uridium. Again the game is expensive but can be fun and addicting.

    Build your skylab so you can have credits, seprom, etc. Try bidding on LF3's and Bo2's and whatever else you need that's available in the auction, depending on the server, items can be fairly cheap or expensive. If you didn't already know, you received free premium when first signing up and starting an account, it can be very useful and lasts 14 days. If you plan on spending, this and rebate will be very beneficial to you. If you keep premium, a pet will be a good investment to help you with pretty much anything.

    Unless you plan on running a suicide configuration, you probably won't need 31 LF3's for quite awhile so I wouldn't recommend wasting extra uridium on some of those, you can bid on them like your planning on doing to get Bo2's. You should get LF3's because LF4's are difficult and expensive to attain.

    A pet with premium and level 3 kamikaze will help you with everything from quests to gates to general farming, level 3 gears are available when your pet reaches level 8. I'd recommend to take your pet to level 8 max to save fuel and only purchase level 3 gears. You only need 18 bio points to max shield mechanics unless you get evasive maneuvers level 1 and bounty hunter level 1.

    Level 3 resource gear and daily pallying will help you earn gates that can get you a lot of what you need, drone designs, booty keys, LF4's, if you plan on purchasing large amounts of uridium often, rebate and premium would be good to save 30% on uridium spent. Bio points then getting the Apis and Zeus would be higher priority then upgrading drones but that's just me. Buy them only on the respective events to save 25% of them and a few booty keys used on a Zeus day could help get the cost of both down. You should try not to double post threads to.
    I hope I was of some help lol.
  3. tl;dr

    You should focus on getting all your LF-3s, BO2s first with 8 Iris drones along with an Elite ship. For starters, Vengeance is recommended.. After you're done getting an FE ship.. you can proceed with working on your Pilot bio.
  4. Yea I would recommend lf3s as you'll kill stuff faster meaning you'll make uridiul faster.
  5. dont buy LF3's with urid. Dont buy any stuff like irises bo2's and LF3's with uridium, save that for other stuff..

    If you are willing to spend, all you need is rebate, prem and a doubler.
  6. Smart save lol upgrade iris as they give both a shield and damage boost.
  7. Zyher-SuB

    Zyher-SuB User

    What if i were to farm the lowers in a leo? I calculated my dmg based on what i have and ill be doing 4.4k with x1. I may get some lf3 just to shoot blues. But i would wait for those special events and etc.
  8. I farm in lower for rank points but the uri from lowers isn't as much
  9. Fools, if you plan on sticking to lowers a Leonov is better, secondly, a box doubler is a waste of money, especially since he said he has school. Upgrades are a terrible investment as a noob, buying the Zeus and Apis drone and bio points would be more beneficial then upgrades which give a very dismal increase for such a large amount of uridium. Don't get me wrong though, upgrades do help but would be better to get later on because again the increase is dismal and especially when your not even FE, you'd receive like 5k more shields and 10 more damage. When farming with a Leonov in lowers, you have to figure in the awesome rocket damage and I'd recommend using the arrow or chevron formation for said farming, even without rocket bio, a Leo can hit 7k with credit rockets, with premium and rocket CPU, your a farming machine. Try to bid on things like LF3's and Bo2's to save yourself uridium.
  10. There is no point in going for the ufe drones without having the hercs/havocs for them. Rather you get the lf3s and bo2s with uri or credits in auction. Then invest in pilot bio. Only after that a person should invest in drone upgrades.. get 8 irises to lv 10+ eventually doing zetas and kappas and level the drones to 16. After getting 10 drone designs, get the extra ones.. or get one when you have 9 designs. going straight for apis and zeus will only bring you down as havocs only work when all your drones have it and this method saves the hassle.
  11. Fool, buying the Apis and Zeus would be more beneficial then upgrading drones, especially if your not FE, get FE, work on bio, pallying for Zeta's helps with bio and chasing the Apis and Zeus and gives you a chance at a Havoc. Drone formation or buying the 2 extra drones would be better then starting with upgrades, those are better to get later as what they give isn't compared to what you'd get from 2 or 4 extra shields/lasers or the shields and damage from drone formations. It makes no sense once soever to wait on getting the Apis and or Zeus because you don't have full Havoc's or Herc's, simple as that.

    Who ever said those were UFE drone's, if anything there's no point in going after UFE drone designs when your bio isn't complete, your not FE, etc.The OP has no Havoc's as far as I know so your point is irrelevant although I can agree on holding off on one of the extra drone's if you have 9 Havoc's and want the 10th drone. Drone formations and extra drones andbio points, pallying for gates that give you most of what you need, then drone upgrades when you have most of those other things.
  12. Keep your name calling to yourself (BOSS)Adam[FFK].. Learn to take constructive criticism.. I can go at it all day to explain further but as the arrogant person you are.. You'll just hold onto your end and deny everything, calling everyone "fool" isn't gonna make you smarter.. The OP can invest an amount of uri to get 2 zetas built instead of getting an apis or zeus.. getting booty keys from zetas and trying for more parts of apis/zeus is more beneficial for him.. Not going straight off for the drones while having no havocs.. He will be at an advantage with 8 havocs on 8 irises then get another of havoc before getting an extra drone just so he benefits from the 10% extra dmg which is alot more than 2 extra lasers..
  13. You are a fool and my arrogance is obvious and isn't shown just here so don't think your so special, I usually don't take criticism well so my apologies if I seem like an ass.

    Working on attaining the extra drones or working on bio or getting drone formations would be more beneficial to start with then putting uridium in gates which is a terrible investment, you should know that gates are extremely costly to build nowadays'. Bio points and drone formations or FE equipment then pallying and leveling the pet to get level 3 gears would probably be best. Again, as far as I know, he has not a single Havoc so getting the extra drones wouldn't be a problem.
  14. Get your iris in Auction buy b02 and lf-3 with uri & credits. Learn to circle npcs , begin to build your skylab early also. at least a level 3 seprom refinery to help put on your shields and rockets. If you plan on buying drones formation Diamond, Moth, Heart, Pincer, and so on in that order so to say. Upgrade your drones if the cost of your Apis and Zues drones are still very high like 500k Uri + unless you plan on buying uridium. When youe strong enough you can palli or box for extra energies if you do not have box doubler then palli. Start with zeta easy GG and biggest base rewards. save the booty keys you get from it for special days such as lf-4 and apis day or zues day. Then you also get 50 log disk from it but o not through all your uridium into bhuilding the gates waste of it.

    Once you get skylab to a certain point you can send yourself promi to sell for credits also.

    Do not get a pet till your at least FE it is uridium costly to make it usefull to get a return on it so it is an investment.
  15. Did you bother reading what I said you ignorant lil zzz.... I told him to invest in FE items first, then move onto Bio and THEN gates for drone designs whilst upgrading drones. -_-
  16. I find your insults to be quite pathetic and immature, could you please try to change your behavior before posting again, thank you. I didn't need to read your foolish rants because I know everything and I know best ;).

    The original discussion is about getting the 2 extra drones before drone upgrades or upgrades in general because the extra slots would be more beneficial then the minimal benefits upgrades offer which is true. You can easily build and do Zeta's for bio and keys to get the drones and the designs for said drones. Remember that this is a long process and the extra drones are likely to be gotten first anyways.

    As Bio Hazard also said, try to bid on most FE items and build your skylab, unless you plan on hunting, Heart and Diamond should be the first drone formations to get. Zeta are the best gate to start with because they help with building Bio and give the keys to help you get drone parts, I would keep upgrades lower on the list unless the drones are taking quite awhile to get or are still very expensive, you can however get a 25% discount on the respective event days for said drones, I would stick to using keys on Zeus day to get Apis and Zeus parts, maybe save some keys for LF4's but I've literally gotten no LF4's on LF4 day and have gotten LF4's on a no event day and a Zeus day.

    Depending on the server, pallying can be quite easy except for the NPC's, if your on a bad server, you'll need to be able to defend yourself or try other forms of getting GG energies, Spaceball is a great way to get good ammo and GG energy. About the pet, I first got my pet on my most recent account a bit before I got FE, I leveled it up quickly and bought the level 3 kami, after that it was smooth sailing, all quests were a breeze, making uridium was a breeze, etc. If you plan on keeping premium and having a pet kami, leveling it up would be best done as soon as possible but FE should still be main priority.
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2014
  17. Been in top 5 on several servers working my way up there, played this game since beta.. Been around on every major game change over the years.. I'm pretty sure I know what I'm talking about. You say I'm "insulting".. yet from your 1st reply in this forum you've been terming me as a "fool" but ok.. whatever gets you your sleep at night to feel better about your pathetic self.. I'm gonna leave this thread as there's no more need to add anything.. I've added my piece of knowledge.. Nothing to do here..
  18. Well it was an insult and I have no recollection of insulting anyone on this thread, how can I believe anything someone like you even says? I wonder lol. I sleep fine at night, thank you for your consideration. If there's nothing more to add, why post this useless gloating? Bye Mr.Pathetic ;).
  19. Good points everyone but here's a question. In addition to full LF-3s, full speed gens/shields,at least 21 ppts and pet, would you still need Apis & Zues drones to be the new FE? What do you have to have for your ship to be considered FE now?:confused:
  20. lol FE is... 8 iris, 31 lf-3, 31 b02...
    You need apis and zeus for UFE...

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