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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Zyher-SuB, Aug 27, 2014.

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  1. Nice I'm currently in 1 now:cool: Having the Lighting can give you a bit more survivability
    & damage in battles so It could make you better if you use it properly:D
  2. Zyher-SuB

    Zyher-SuB User

    During my path to UFE (I am now basic FE as a GOLI with 31 lf3 and 16 b02) I am thinking about trying low gate.

    I never done this gate before since I would only pally for the other gates. So what must I do to get the most out of low gate? Cause people say if u stay in there for too long the rewards get lower or something like that.

    Also what are the best configs for low gate in a basic FE GOLI? And how long would it take to finish a low gate solo?
  3. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Unfortunately, abuse all of the current bugs with that gate - they never seem to go away lol.
    The two I see people talk about in chat are "parking" the falcon and getting all the NPC insta-killed at the very end after the falcon dies. Obviously a bit of searching on youtube will help you understand better.

    As for best configs for you ship, I think a full shield speed and then a full laser battle would be best, however I'm not too sure, as for how long it would take you, probably around 20-30 mins until you get more practice.
  4. Term2050

    Term2050 User

    The best way to do a low gate is a agies if you have one but a goli will do like okapi said a full shield speed and a full gun slow side is best. the key to surviving the gate is to move into each spawn point slowly as to not trigger all npc spawns to close togather. if you inch up to a spawn point about half the npc will go to the center and half will go to you. as soon as you have reached the top left switch go through the switches counter clock wise. after each switch it is necessary to kill remaining npc in the center. this can be done by slowly inching towards the center and stoping when one npc comes out, after you kill that one npc others will slowly follow. no need to move closer. perform this attack method until all switches and all respawns have been defeted. remembere you can always run along the edges back to the first switch area and use that spot to circle npc if you get over run. also a great place to heal if you are in a goli and cant self repair (ageis).
    as for the boss every one has there own method some park it some take out the npc`s first you have to figure out what is best for you. this gate can be solo`ed with x1 and credit rockets with naked lasers in a ageis not sure about a goli.
    you can net 20 k uri in this gate with finishing the boss. with x3 and credit rockets in a ufe it takes about 20 min in a bare goli fe it takes about a hour and a half. I use this gate to rep my drones after repairing them. also use it ever few months to burn out my built up x2 from gate spins
    good luck !
  5. Zyher-SuB

    Zyher-SuB User

    So as I am playing along getting myself to UFE, i decided to do my first alpha after 5 years doing one before in my old account. everything in alpha was easy, except one thing.. PROTS! omg alpha prots i had a hard time for a basic fe goli to kill prots! back in the old client prots were easy since the range of their attacks werent that great. prots now are extremely hard. and that was just alpha prots. what will happen in beta prots (which i am going to do soon) or even worse.. GAMMA PROTS??! gamma prots > gamma bks
    IS there any method in doing this prots without having to constantly rep up? Im running on a speed config and i cant hit them unless they hit me. so any help would be nice for these crazy prots.
  6. kamikaze haha
    i do whole gate(a,b,g) with it, from strenauers to protegits.
  7. Zyher-SuB

    Zyher-SuB User

    u use kami on streuners? does ur pet the reward for those npc when u kami? also did u get any reward for yourself when u kami in gg? cause i hear that ppl dont get npc reward when kami npc in gg
  8. Zyher-SuB

    Zyher-SuB User

    since im just basic fe, am i still able to do kappa? my pilot bio is only 11 with 1/3 ship hull 2. and got no upgrades yet. am i still strong enough to do kappa in a basic fe goli? if so what configs would u suggest?
  9. do not try it
    waves 7 and beyond are too hard for just fe
  10. Zyher-SuB

    Zyher-SuB User

    ok so i found a way to make good uri, and now i must ask as i use this method to grind uri: should i focus on getting my pilot bio or focus on drone upgrades?

    for my pilot bio i have 12:
    need one more pilot point for max ship hull, and i have max shield engineering, and max bounty hunter 1 :p

    for upgrades I have 5 iris that are lvl 2. i plan on getting them to lvl 6

    so what is more important.. the bio or the upgrades?
  11. I would say at this point Bio is more important as you'll need at least 21 PPt's for Fats and at least
    35 to 40 PPt's over all. Your gonna need a strong Bio to have a strong ship.

    You'll need several mill in uri for BIO and Upgrades:eek: Now that you have a good method to earn time to get started :D

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