Paying to have your account transferred to another server

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by »»Λρόсαζурѕё««[ŋ]««, Jun 23, 2014.

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  1. I would love it (And pay through the nose) If dark orbit introduced a option to have your account transferred to another server.

    I suggest this as I realize in the past it's been asked to merger server but it was said that Dark orbit would need to transfer each account individually which would take a phenomenal amount of time.

    So what about Individually paying to have your account moved? I'd love that
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  2. It's same thing as merging servers. It won't happen, there is always the chance something could be lost on your account.
  3. But it is a great idea pay to move people move all the time the ability to move your account to the nearest server would be a great help.
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  4. Would be nice to see Dark Orbit pull their heads out of the sand and make this possible. You end up playing on a dead server from no fault of your own yet have already paid dearly to build your account.

    I think it's Dark Orbit's responsibility to provide this type of "service".

    Many other games already have this implemented.

  5. To be honest i'd pay them to move my account and ALL of its stuff to another server, i am tired of this cheat infested GA1
  6. Yeah and the Red Sea parts, so WE can walk on algae infested surfaces. On a lighter note...was not possible is now possible?
  7. -1 for me ,

    Because people would just leave old server to go to the new servers due to lots of high rank and unable to get high rank (in the old server) without spending lots of money to do gates.

    So it means some server will have less player or you can say the server kind of died lol
  8. Not really, as much as you people think that, a lot of people would stay just to secure ranks on their server thinking others would leave, so it would completely contradict itself and very few would leave.
  9. No from me, servers would be left even more deserted, with maybe a handful of active servers.
    Also they are quite capable of transferring the accounts over. When they say they have to do it individually it's LOB.
  10. I like the idea, but as dream demon says, the possibility to lose things on the acct is very high. Also, payment in what sense? Actual money or uri. But this also brings a larger problem with it, lots of servers may perish because so many people may opt out of that server and therefore less players.
  11. Why? It's just a fact of importing data from one database to another, all of the attributes of the accounts should be kept in tact.
  12. great idea ... or better will be if you gow on other server like "Guest" and not more than 3-7 day in a month
  13. eh, no it is not good idea. what if 90% ppl from global america go to global america 2 or 3, and you pay to go on global america server becouse you want to play whit more players.?
    server merging is one thing this is somthing much different.
    + paying whit cash -_- hell no.
  14. already had this idea of paying to move account we was thinking of around 30 pound per account and to move from a dead server to an active 1 and what people spend on mhh i think that's about right
  15. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    No, sorry but it could cause several issues as mentioned by previous posters^

    Only thing I can suggest is they improve this game so they get more new players. Then we won't have an issue of servers being dead.

    If you want to play on another server, make an account on the other server. (click the globe icon and select a new server).
  16. But the reason we might leave is because the server is dead already, beside you can move too if you want it you cannot keep me with force on one server . I want this idea implemented it would be great game experience since i can meet new people and enjoy the game which has become so boring .
    If a server becomes deserted which already is just you can move too or stay in a dead server if ya want
  17. So you wont have an issue with some1 to leave your dead server and play on another one but u do not like it if some1 leaves your server. the only diffrence is that the latter i dont have to waste my time building another account.
    If you want to stay on one place stay there and enjoy it but dark orbit should give the possibility to people to who want to move
  18. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    I wouldn't have an issue with anyone leaving the server we play on. Rather, I don't have an issue with the fact players have already left..

    My reasons as I mentioned are summed up in the above posts.

    But I'm not in charge and this is merely my opinion.
  19. whoeva

    whoeva User

    Why not just a port in all x-1 maps that jumps you to a universal server with it's own brand new ranks. Any ep/honor/rank points etc collected on the universal server would stay there and not transfer back to your home server. No reason this isn't possible as Jackpot is able to place players together from all servers. Not saying it would be easy but it could be done.
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  20. Anything to bring all fighters togather ,otherwise is plain boring
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