Paying to have your account transferred to another server

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  1. omg-olycat

    omg-olycat User

    Now this is a brilliant idea.

    I posted something similar a few years back, sadly, it was never run with.
  2. Wan't to new server? Make new acc and build from start or stay on old one! :)
  3. SPSAT99

    SPSAT99 User

    Server jumping is about as hard as eradicating all hackers from this game permanently
  4. omg-olycat

    omg-olycat User

    But this is exactly the same principle as the Jackpot Battle. Not a suggestion of a permanent server change for the player. You all continue to play your own server, but, if you want something a bit different, you jump portal to a new multi server map. Even if this was partitioned off into geographical regions like EMEA, Australasia and The Americas it would still make it interesting.
  5. omg-olycat

    omg-olycat User

    Indeed and lots of people do that, but that isn't the point.
  6. SPSAT99

    SPSAT99 User

    A JPB is not a server, its a MAP. It's much harder to essentially jump out of a server and go into another one.

  7. more new player Y ? we are losing the old ones i dont even no y we should bother tbh its bigpoint to blame with there 3 years to late bot cleaning y should any more suffer
  8. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    What can we do. If you don't complain to them in German, they won't take a second glance at your complaint.
    Shows how pitiful they are (in my eyes).
  9. El_Burro

    El_Burro User

    Trust me, they dont listen to german players either.
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  10. I would love to go to GA1 and slam some nubs ;)

    GB1 is so dead and boring now :(
  11. Let's all join hands and go into...drumroll...TEST server...all over/world is there :rolleyes: and pay for what? I am premie :cool: with a few rebates thrown in :eek:
  12. I would pay to have my ship moved to another server. It is possible & they could include a disclosure that it wouldn't be Dark Orbit's responsibility if something or somethings are lost during transfer. Dark Orbit could make a killing from people wanting to transfer. As for the dead servers, they already dead so let them go or merge them with an active server, but at least give the players who pay the big bucks to improve their ships the option to move. If you have too, make it a requirement that they have drop a rank or something when it is moved. There are all kinds of things DO can do, they just have to want to do it. Man up DO! Let those of us that wish to pay to transfer be able to transfer, just means more money in your pockets!!
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  13. it is very easy to make it so you can move an account from one server to another server 100's of games have similiar coding, as for losing items in the transfer if you pay for your account to be moved then by company standards they would have to make sure all items are remaining on that account and transfered with it. there is no reason why they whouldn't allow a system to be able to transfer your ships to another server when a server is dead especially if they are not merging the servers together when a server dies down to make sure the population and activity remains. the more the servers die the more people will quit and the faster this company will go out of business. so from a business standpoint and from a gaming standpoint allowing transfers between servers or even merging servers together into one another, or even creating a super server wold be beneficial to everyone's needs.
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    Enjoy the game.

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