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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Malaikat, Aug 31, 2023.

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  1. Malaikat

    Malaikat Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello Space Pilots,

    Please post your constructive feedback here for the Perseus' Grace Event. Please be thoughtful in your comments here and feel free to create new posts in the appropriate areas for your questions or event discussions.

    As usual, off topic posts will be removed from this thread.

    Thank you,
  2. **silver**

    **silver** User

    stop every event,don't start n ew,,,the game is unplayable
  3. PacificNW

    PacificNW User

    no more events till game is fixed please.
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  4. YsosEriUs

    YsosEriUs User

    let the game in peace...stop events. Everyday the game has still problems...the 1st thinng the team of DO need to do is fixing those problems. Then u must stop add 3 4 events at the same is to much!
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  5. PacificNW

    PacificNW User

    ther's a pattern here DO folks. do you see it?
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  6. Would love to play the event but........ Well we really can't due to the game getting a lag spike every 3ish minutes. :mad:
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  7. Agree
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  8. The "Perseus' Blessings" boxes do not have ammo listed as a possible reward.
    most of what they drop is ammo.
    30,000 mcb-25 or 15,000 mcb-50 or a random 2k rocket amount.

    Since they are not listed as possible rewards, this is either a MASSIVE oversight or a direct lie.

    If the rewards are supposed to include ammo, the customers need to be compensated- and not with more ammo.

    If the rewards are bugged, the players need to be compensated- and not with ammo.

    If this was done intentionally... well, you don't deserve customers or a player base.
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  9. The Extra Energy exchange costs more uri than regular energy exchange, and then some x3 ammo. Who came up with these prices?
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  10. Cant play. Cant see what Im shooting at. Took 10 minutes to shoot a Lordakaum with whites as the screen was not moving. Kept canceling attack.

    This is just bad. Real bad. As in catastrophic fail.

    Honestly its time to show that Unity client. This one is broken and according to discord the other players using their client are not having the issues. WHY IS THAT?
  11. mxmumefort

    mxmumefort User

    i cant post any feedback on this event because you all cant fix this broke ass game...
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  12. the game is not worth playing anymore to many issues in game to many cheaters all that money put in from 2009 to date should get a refund from the game for not holding up there end of T&C of the game. lol what is this unity client does that client allow bots and that would be nice to see the game back to legit agian
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  13. whats the point of an event when you cant even log on, and when you finally get on the ship only shooys for seconds, then npc runs off, its a joke..
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  14. There is no event. We cant play the basic game let alone an event. I dont even care about these every day so called events that are all the same with diff. npc's. especially when 4 of them are going on at same time, how can you think we can play 4 events plus hitac at same time then run icy's and ctb too. WE CANT PLAY THE REGULAR BASIC GAME !!! TURN EVERYTHING OFF AND FIX GAME. YOU WILL GET 0 REVENUE FROM ME OR ANYONE I KNOW UNTIL GAME IS FIXED. WE RECEIVE NO SUPPORT AS CUSTOMERS ( IM A LONGTIME PLAYER AND HEAVY SPENDER ON EVERYTHING I DO ) IT IS LITERALLY THE WORST SUPPORT AND AUTOMATED RESPONSES IVE SEEN. IT IS CLEAR WHERE YOUR CUSTOMERS ARE ON THE PRIORITY LIST, WE ARE THE WET STUFF AT THE VERY BOTTOM OF A BARREL OF CRABS.
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  15. Buiscuit

    Buiscuit User

    lol events a joke you cant even get on the game for 5 minutes. oh wait the botrs seem to be happy.. no surprise there then,
    heres an idea HIRE SOME CODERS WHO KNOW HOW TO CODE,,,,,,,
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