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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by ASTRAEA, Oct 6, 2015.

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    ASTRAEA User

    Hello All,

    As we recently had the Attack of the Killer PET Event. We would really like to hear what you thought of the event and get some feedback from you the community.

    Please post your thoughts on the event and lets try not to turn this thread into a rant.
    Remember everyone is entitled to their thoughts on the event... please don't make it personal.

    Thank you all.
    Have a nice day
  2. PuckerUp

    PuckerUp User


    I think it was a step in the right direction it was fun the boxes were better there could have been a few
    more missions and achievement were a little thin , the disruption zones were annoying and seemed like
    it was part of something unfinished overall I liked it and hope more such events continue .I also think that
    it should have contained some sort of special pet design or other such item for pets . It was entertaining
    Thank You to all who put in the work to make it happen. :D
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  3. Pet Event was fun & entertaining. Decent rewards. The short range & slow speed made them easy to kill with x1 & circling techniques.

    I agree with PuckerUp - the disruption zones were a pain and I don't really see the point in them to be honest other then a nuisance factor to the player.

    The PET gates were mediocre
    No Title for completing all 14 "Hard" Missions - disappointing
  4. The uri/ep ratio was great and the amount of PETS to pilot ratio was good also for the pass 2 weeks i was not bored there was always something to kill
    Move the PETS to 5-1 map so it will no longer be a dead zone
  5. pets must have their own maps..Pets vs Pets.
  6. To get the best out of this thread and as a continuous game improvement exercise can all players posting here please list the following or similar:

    Pro's (what you liked about the event)

    Con's (what you didn't like about the event)

    Suggestions and possible improvements (things you think could make the event better or more interesting, also listing any foreseeable pro's/con's or positive/negative issues you may have thought of for each suggestion/s or others suggestions)

    Good uri rewards from npc & boxes. Players old and new returned to participate which brought the community together to complete quests etc. Event NPC didn't accrue rank points (both a pro and a con depending). Some nice discounts in the shop. More players creates more opportunity for PVP. Upgrade/Kronos/Helix events. New quests. Pet invasion gate. No one company/clan monopoly on event and npc's. Fast response from dev team increasing npc rewards and on the fly event improvements. Interesting final npc.

    Bots had a field day! No specific PVP aspect, ie no npc in battle maps though 4-5 map was hairy at times. No event Title. No large npc for groups like Kucurbicum/Hitac/Cubes/Deadly Bray. Over 300 pet lvl1 items in my inventory that I can only sell one item at a time! No real time feedback thread was created for the event anywhere scattering feedback and opinions allover the forum. No email freebies that would force people to log in to collect them.

    One final quest reward of value, ie one lvl 3 pet item would have been nice, radar protocol springs to mind as best value for players and BP as several need to be purchased for best results, this may give players the incentive to purchase more lvl 3 radar protocols and giving away one a year on an event will not stop people purchasing more.

    No large mobile NPC to draw people into battlemaps or groups which could create pvp conflict, ie hitac or demaner freighter style npc that moves round battlemaps or pirate maps. Create a feedback thread in Speakers corner for every event in order to gather and collate opinions/feedback most efficiently, move to feedback forum 4-6 weeks after the event for archive purposes and later comparison with event data metrics (shots fired, npc killed, boxes collected etc.

    Ammo/consumable award for logging in from an event email link to force people to log in and see what its all about, suggest pet fuel 2k or 5k units, 2k x4 ammo, 300 uber rockets to get events/pvp started and populate game server from day one of event.

    A minor monthly pet event in pirate and battle or other maps, would be nice to see the largest pet npc wandering around for groups to kill, possibly monopoly of such npc by certain clans/companies, it would however create pvp conflict.

    As others have suggested: a new skin/design for the pet, purely cosmetic with a small cash purchase or larger uri cost so even non cash players can obtain them while cash players prefer to keep their uri for other items, flair items do sell and we have to pay for server costs, cosmetic items don't imbalance other aspects of the game and works for many F2p games.

    All I can think of at the minute, please feel free to add your own opinions or comment on others, please do keep things constructive.

    Mods/Dev's: Quality Assurance Continuous Improvement: Plan, Do, Check and then Act, this thread is part of the 'Check' process, quality concerns all involved including us players and forum posters. Also thanks for a great event, listening to feedback and promptly acting on our previous suggestions and comments.

    TLDR: Please post your 'Constructive' opinions regards the pet event.
  7. you rocked on the boxes they were great the npcs were good too all around great event

    missions - i would like to see more to them then just kill 10 of this maybe have need to interrogate a alien have the mission box invisible on what to hunt you got to kill different aliens until you find the correct group then the counter appears and you know how many to kill to get you to next stage in the quest this is just a lame example guess what im trying to say is would like the quests to be more into dialogue with your story's have us progress by doing things new not collect this and kill that. Throw a spin in the collect and kill quest bring the story line alive by making the player progress through the missions by using their brain , forum, chat bring the community together
  8. OrbitGuru

    OrbitGuru User

    great event! some of the best event boxes in years, but PLEASE remove r310s, no one uses or wants those. the pets were impressively rewarding id hope you make all future npcs equally valueable if not better. the zones were just irritating but thanks to the boxes it was finally worth having the pet out at all for a change. keep up the good work errybody! add some new maps with the little aliens like those pets and a couple big ones (like bk big, not super but also not agressive like an lk) and i'll be happy!
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