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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Zyher-SuB, Aug 17, 2014.

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  1. Zyher-SuB

    Zyher-SuB User

    Simple put the PET in Auction.
    It's equipment will however be bought in Shop.
    Once won you will be given a notification that you won it and will be asked to be give its name.
    If the situation occurs when someone bids on the PET in Auction, a pop-up will come to tell them that individual has already obtained a PET.

    Only concern is where to place it... Either in Hourly or Daily.


    - 50k URI can be used on the PETs equipment
    - All Special Goliath designs are in the Auction
    - Majority of high ranked players already have their PET

    This was an idea as I was going over my equipment.
    You guys can go with or against it.
    Hope this idea may come within three months.
  2. more like weekly. SOme of the players here seem to want things handed to them just like that. I agree it should be in auction, and i like the idea, but I am also against it too in a way.
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  3. 3Y2D

    3Y2D User

    it would be in hourly cause its a pet, and everything else would b on shop. Duuuuhhhh
  4. No. I used my uri to get my pet so you lot can earn like the rest of us.
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  5. It is not a chance item so no problem from me :cool: Goes into daily/weekly though :( Good luck getting the stuff to open and equip your PET...the uri burn rate is...whooo
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  6. No, pet gets so much for you, grow up, get your butt out there, and make 50k uri, it is SO EASY! to make it in a single day of boxing, and if you can't be there all day, do it over a few days. Any SMART person, could have 50k in less then a week even if they have a life with more things to do. Stop crying because you can't do it.
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  7. If you're FE+, just sit in your x-5 map and pop everything that comes to you. You can make 50k uri easy, even if it's just for a few hours.
  8. It would be fairer to those that have either invested much time or money in the P.E.T.10 if a credit version was available, negating the need for it to be in Auction, although I do think Protocols in Daily Auction would at least make the P.E.T.10 more affordable & therefore more desirable, maybe even allowing other equipment from the main ship in the same way drones allow (Repair Chip etc).

    A Credit P.E.T.10c could similar in stature as a Flax is to an Iris Drone, half the slots with Gear & Protocols only up to the equivalent of half the Level 1 P.E.T.10's equipment or as a guide similar to the statistics of a Leonov (Maybe I'm wrong but I think the original P.E.T. idea was based on the main ship having an AI driven Leonov as a support ship that was semi-autonomous & able to assist in battle, an idea from circa 2009 old client server).

    It wouldn't be too strong & as a credit purchase a good introduction for Noobs to the workings of the P.E.T.10. Maybe even allow players to have both a Credit & Uridium P.E.T. with an appropriate CPU on ship.

    The P.E.T.10 is a great if expensive tool & so much more could be done with concept.
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  9. Level 1 and 2 gears in the hourly auction wouldn't hurt but you should still have to purchase the actual pet.
  10. Earn it.
  11. Zyher-SuB

    Zyher-SuB User

    Ok I will and it's not that hard to do :p just farm bk and box while doing that
  12. vsc99073

    vsc99073 User

    PET 5 for 35,000,000 creds? I'd buy it.
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2014
  13. By killing aliens I've realised the crediy value is 400 x larger then the amount of uri so I would say if their was a credit pet it would have to be at least 50 000 x 400 which is 20 million credit however it should cost more then a iris so at least 200million or so minimum but it shouldn't be allowed the best gears and protocols
  14. A credit pet should have the limits of a lvl 1 protocal/gear.
  15. yeah pretty much ^
  16. why to complicate game with credit pet?
    it's not hard to get pet...
  17. Let's make all the lvl 1 gear/prots credits then, eh...but still require uri to open the slots. Now to get the uri/pet treats/fuel to run the creature around on DO leash.
  18. SPSAT99

    SPSAT99 User

    Why spend 200 mill creds for a puny half-pet when you can get an Aegis with it?
  19. sounds like a plan.
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