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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by kunoy, Dec 13, 2013.

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P.E.T collecter palla dium when i pc is turned off?

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  1. kunoy

    kunoy User

    How to use P.E.T collecter palla dium when i pc is turned off?
  2. If you turn off your Computer, the ship stays in the game approximately around 10 minutes and then it logs out automatically. So basically you really can't use a PET collector while your pc is shut down.
  3. Actually, you can, all you have to do is park IN the mist, set pet to collect, and you stay logged in. Since it is constantly draining your shields and at some points when you hit 0, they jump up a slight bit then jump down, it keeps your ship active.

    Also i dont think pills are allowed in this section.. besides the fact yours made no sense...
  4. I think whenever you close game window your P.E.T automatically goes off. Ship may stay in the map for few minutes after you close window but P.E.T doesn't. So I think that isn't possible.
  5. Lol i just said if you park in the mist you stay logged in while pet collects, this is what all of us do on GA1 and many do on USA West and USA East Coast servers. the pet will go off if you sit outside of mist, which will also lead to you disconnecting. If i have a good day, there are many times i park, turn off my computer, come back and have 3k+ pally collected by my pet.
  6. Well I thought whenever you close the window even if your ship stays in game, your P.E.T goes off.
  7. Nope pet stays on, it never goes off until ship disconnects. how it has always worked for us on GA1. i even tested it, set pet to box, closed screen came back 10 mins later and it had collected 200 more uri before i disconnected from the game. In 5-3 if you are in the mist, you do not disconnect, unless of course there is a server reset, or a connection problem from your account to the server. you stay in the map with pet active and collecting. always make sure it is on collector because i seen people leave it on guard and close and leave, waste of fuel and potentially a death for nothing.
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