Pirate Map access has changed ???

Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by Concrete-Token, Sep 13, 2023.

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  1. When did the Pirate's maps change to lvl 16 ?? ---I'm level 14 and have had ships in there already -- The game won't let me get my Vengeance back in there from the 4-5 map. It's telling me I have to be level 16. -- My Goliath is currently in the 5-2 map
  2. You can warp into your GOLIATH from wherever you are with you Vengi. But yes, must be LVL16 for Pirate Maps.

    FYI-The game has been unplayable with login issues, lagging, freezing and cant shoot npc's.

    I will say, I do remember it was like LVL 12 or 14 in the past, but have noticed it does say on jump "require LVL 16" when I was working on another noob ship on another server. LVL page in FAQ says 12 is enough. Maybe part of another issue with the game in the state it is currently.
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  3. I was using my Goliath to sell rocks at the 5-2 base and to exchange Palladium. The number and behaviors' of the bots on 5-2 are absolutely unbelievable. ---The Vengi was collecting the Palladium on 5-3 map, until I got popped by a Citadel. ---Amazing, since I came back after not playing for 8 years, that all the Bots just let me collect without any hassle for three months, but now since I can't get back, I won't be able to Pally until I reach level 16 on this server. I'm certain, they must have changed the level requirements.