Plague Mutation Event FAQ

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    General information

    There's an influx of Blighted Kristallon! Don't miss your chance to stock up on Hybrid Alloy and defeat the Gygerim Overlord for Indoctrine Oil. Defeat Blighted NPCs and fight the Gygerim Overlord. Earn amazing rewards, including the brand-new Keres ship as well as new themed ship designs! Power up your engines, set your weapons to maximum and prepare for battle!

    Event mechanics

    Go to X-7 maps and kill Blighted Kristallons. On death, they spawn Blighted Gygerthralls which drop Hybrid Alloy.
    With 30 Hybrid Alloy, you can craft an Immunizer CPU in the Assembly. With this Immunizer CPU, you can go to the center of X-7 map and enter the Quarantine Zone via the gate. Fight the boss in the gate and get rewards! The Indoctrine Oil Boxes dropped for the players can only be seen by the assigned player.

    The Plague Mutation event is an adaptation of the well-known Plague Alert event with similar mechanics.

    Infected Stats NPC and Rewards

    During the event, there will be increased spawning of Blighted Kristallon on X7, X6, X5 maps.

    Blighted Kristallon
    Blight Kristallons spawn Blighted Gygerthralls on death.

    Blighted Gygerthrall
    Blighted Gygerthrall has a 50% chance to drop an Alloy Box.

    Inside the Alloy Box there are 3 separate rolls to get Hybrid Alloy:
    Roll 11 Hybrid Alloy100%
    Roll 21 Hybrid Alloy30%
    Roll 32 Hybrid Alloy15%
    So if a player gets all 3 rolls then they get 4 Hybrid Alloy from 1 box.

    The Blighted Gygerthrall is spawned by killing Blighted Kristallon.

    There will also be increased spawn of Plagued Kristallin during the duration of the event on the X4, X5 and X6 maps. Plagued Kristallin will not spawn Plagued Gygerthralls.

    Plagued Kristallin

    Quarantine Zone

    To gain access to the Quarantine Zone players must craft an Immunizer CPU. The QZ will only have 1 life, you will not be able to use the Immunizer CPU whilst in the QZ to grant you additional lives.

    Immunizer CPU assembly cost:
    · 30 Hybrid Alloy

    The QZ portal will be in the center of the x-7 maps.
    Min players: 2
    Max players: 8

    Viral Kristallon

    Viral Gygerthrall

    The Gygerim Overlord lies waiting at the end of the QZ. Depending on its health, it will behave differently.

    The following rewards are split equally between all players in the group:
    · 440,000 EP
    · 44,000 Honor
    · 28,000 Uridium
    In addition, every player in the group also gets a Quarantine Zone Box.

    Quarantine Zone Box

    1 Quarantine Zone Boxes are dropped for each player.
    Roll 11 Indoctrine Oil100%
    Roll 22 Indoctrine Oil59%
    Roll 32-3 Indoctrine Oil15%
    If a player gets all 3 rolls then they get 5 Indoctrine Oil from 1 Quarantine Zone Box.

    Ore Package5%
    5 ABR5%
    40-50 PIR-1005%
    Contagion Keres Ship Design1%
    Players must damage the Gygerim Overlord in order to gain the rewards.

    Objectives & Battle Pass

    When the event starts, there is a battle pass and new objectives available for players to complete. The objectives are similar to missions but you don’t need to accept them manually. The progress for the objectives begins automatically when the event starts. Completing these objectives gives you rewards and completing them with the Battle Pass even gives you better rewards.

    Together with the objectives, a “Battle Pass” is available in the shop. You can purchase it either with Uridium or via Payment. The “Battle Pass” gives you access to additional rewards on top of the original rewards that you get from completing the objectives.

    If you buy the Battle Pass after having completed some objectives, you need to claim the Battle Pass rewards of the already finished objectives in the Objectives Window in the game. If you complete the Objectives after buying the Battle Pass, the rewards will be booked automatically.

    New Ship: Keres

    A new ship is available and can be crafted in the Assembly.

    Ship information
    · HP: 356,000
    · Nanohull: 277,500
    · Speed: 300
    · Laser Slots: 15
    · Generator Slots: 16
    · Special Slots: 3
    · Rocket Launchers: 1
    · Ship Modules Slots: 3
    · Cargo Space: 1,500

    Skill: Spread
    Inflicts damage over time on a targeted ship. Damage over time increases as the target moves, and other enemy ships that stick around the target long enough get infected as well.
    - New target are only enemy player ships
    - Players in the same company as well as players in the same group don’t get damaged
    - Duration: 10 sec
    - Cooldown: 300 sec
    - The skill can be used on any player not in the same group as caster
    - This skill can be interrupted by JAMX effect and the player can also be prevented from using the skill by a JAMX
    - When the skill is interrupted, ALL effects of Spread (that originated from the JAMXed player) will be cleared from ALL ships.

    The Keres Ship applies the skill on an enemy’s ship (original target) which receives constant damage over time (DoT) until any of the following conditions occur:
    - The original target is destroyed
    - The runtime is over
    - If the original target moves, it receives additional damage proportional to the distance moved
    Other enemy ships that stay within range of the original target for more than a certain amount of time will be infected by Spread.
    - Players that get Spread will be affected by the effect for 10 seconds, starting from the time they are affected by Spread. But the Spread will not continue spreading from infected enemies, only the original target will spread the effect to other players

    • A uses the Spread skill
    • B is within the range of A => B gets damaged over time
    • B stays within the range of A for a set amount of time
    • B now gains Spread as well
    • C is within the range of B => C gets damaged over time but C doesn’t gain the Spread skill
    Skill: Sleight
    • Immediately warp on top of your target, slowing it by 60% for 2 seconds.
    ⦁ Cooldown: 300
    ⦁ This skill can be interrupted by JAMX effect and the player can also be prevented from using the skill by a JAMX​

    New event recipes
    There’s a new event recipe which can be crafted. They will be available when the event starts and will be available permanently.
    ShipKeres1500 Indoctrine Oil
    20 Hybrid Processor
    15 Micro Transistor
    30 Nano-Condenser
    Ship DesignContagion Solace Ship Design160 Indoctrine Oil
    5 Hybrid Processor
    10 Micro Transistor
    10 Nano-Condenser
    ExtrasSPC-SPD02120 Indoctrine Oil
    5 Hybrid Processor
    5 Micro Transistor
    5 Nano-Condenser
    Multiple Times
    ExtrasSHD-SK01130 Indoctrine Oil
    5 Hybrid Processor
    10 Micro Transistor
    10 Nano-Condenser
    Multiple Times
    New Ship designs: Contagion
    There will be 3 new ship designs given out in the event:
    - Contagion Keres (Chance to drop from Indoctrine Oil Box)
    - Contagion Sentinel (Battle Pass Reward)
    - Contagion Solace (Recipe)

    New ship upgrade modules
    During the event, it’s possible to get some of the new ship upgrade modules. The following modules are available:
    ModuleClassModifierShipSell Price
    SPC-SPD02Special+ 3% SpeedVenom
    200,000 Credits
    DMG-VEN01Damage+ 12% Laser damage
    + 12% Rocket damage
    Venom250,000 Credits
    SHD-SK01Shield+ 12% Shield
    -5% Damage
    200,000 Credits
    New Hellstorm Rocket: PIR-100
    There will be a new Hellstorm Rocket during the event and available in the shop for purchase during the event:
    Hellstorm Rocket PIR-100
    Infects players and deals 3,500 damage and 2,500 shield leech on impact. Deals additional 700 damage against Plague enemies.

    New emotes and sprays
    There are also some new emotes and sprays available and they can be activated via the “Special Items” button in the Hot key system if you have them.
    Alien Mask Emote upload_2020-6-2_7-6-53.png
    Alien Sick Emote upload_2020-6-2_7-8-30.png
    Injection Emote upload_2020-6-2_7-8-36.png
    Biohazard Spray upload_2020-6-2_7-8-41.png
    Healing Spray upload_2020-6-2_7-8-46.png
    Washing Hands Spray upload_2020-6-2_7-11-2.png