Plague Mutation event feedback

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Deter, Jun 11, 2020.

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  1. coobo99

    coobo99 User

    I honestly sat this event out. Only thing I wanted was the Mimesis module, and I really do not like doing QZ for any reason.
  2. An event where you are forced to be in a group to enter QZ to be able to do objectives which is not fair on a majority of players who are unable to get into groups or are on at a time (mainly early hours) when it is 99.99% botters with actual online players not interested in doing QZ gate leaving many players, especially solo players, unable to complete the 15 objectives to get the laser and rocket damage module but nice to know all the botters and selfish players not interested in helping other players they do not know will have this now while a lot of honest solo players, myself included, are unable to get into groups will miss out. BP need to stop with this group nonsense for events as it is unfair on solo players. It's not difficult for BP to drop the group nonsense for QZ.
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  3. I'm solo player mostly and I can say that it's not true. I had not a single problem to find any group to do the QZ for the missions. It just need patient and time till someone respond and believe me, all day what I'm seeing in chat people are still looking for groups to do the QZs.
  4. Oddessey

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    Thank you for your constructive feedback, it is all being compiled and sent up to the game team.

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