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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by GunStar_The_Legend, Dec 8, 2013.

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  1. I would like to see a player appreciation day or week. You know for players like Lead12destroy, on my server who has been playing for years and invested that much time and money into the game, i mean they should have a map named after them by now. Whats everyone think ?
  2. No not really they do celebrate Darkorbits birthday and give a free gate to everyone. But I think that they should get like 1 month of free prem or something like that.
  3. Lead12destroy is cool, but not worthy of a DO holiday. Do you play on USA east 3?
  4. Well I don't Think any player should have a map named after them to many good players for that. But ya the player appriecation day would be good something like they used to do like with the 333 days of Do 666 days of Do and 999 days of DO when they used to do that the game was great would be nice for something like that again.

    So I do think to have a day or weekend just to celebrate the players would be good.
  5. Yeh that's true I do wish that they brought back the fun events where they have you a gate or something to do. The quests are good fun and all of that for the new events but they don't give such good rewards as some of the old events that we there before.
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  6. I like your idea, maybe once your aniversary of playing game, 1 year, 2 year etc. you get like 1k x4, then 2k x4, etc
  7. although its a good idea it wouldn't work to many players have played servers for a long time and after all the maps have gone people would be annoyed as there name is not on a map and would lead to arguments so no from em
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