player Griefing Scandinavia 2's auctions.

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by SolarBurn, Dec 31, 2014.

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  1. SolarBurn

    SolarBurn User

    So yeah, this [removed] kid has been outbidding everyone on the auctions on the Scandinavia 2 server.

    He has only 1 hour of playtime, he is level 1, and he is a billionaire just outbidding everyone for fun.

    His profile: [removed] Less that 1 hour of playtime, and still lvl 1.

    I'm assuming he's a Troll/Griefer, as he does not play the game at all, but takes up most of the auctions.

    no player names please-SE
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  2. Most likely: He bought all of his things with cash, and the credits, the only thing I could explain is from a clan.
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  3. SolarBurn

    SolarBurn User

    But as i said, he outbid me on iris drones, LF3 lasers, SG3N-BO2 shield generators, and MCB-50 batteries, and all three slot CPUs.

    I can't think of any other reason to why he's doing this other than griefing/trolling.
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  4. Apart from the slot CPUs, how is that griefing/trolling? He's getting gear for himself.
  5. SolarBurn

    SolarBurn User

    Well, he is not even playing the game, as mentioned, he outbids me on iris drones, batteries, LF3s, SG3N-BO2 shields, and just about everything else.

    Once again, he is LVL 1, a basic space pilot, with 1 hour of playtime.

    He's obviously trolling/griefing, no more needs to be said. all he does is cause mischeif on the auctions.
  6. Has credits...give this players credits...till bann'd aka BP!
  7. Once he gets everything he needs, he will be out there.
    There is no rule against this, unless credits are being fed to him by another one of his own accounts.
  8. This is a perfect example of a player who knows how to use a skylab. You don't need to play the Game to make billions. Just need to build a skylab which does not require you to log into the game. Only backpage.
  9. ramnik

    ramnik User

    yeah spend uri on building your skylab and insta send prom and you make creds without having to play lol.
  10. SolarBurn

    SolarBurn User

    He has outbid everyone on everything (Almost). He even bid on iris drones 14 times (Yes, i counted that) when the max drones is 8. And i'm quite sure he won them too. What does he do when he gets 8 drones? He most likely deleted one so he can bid on another drone again, that's my assumption.

    Obvious troll/griefer is obvious.

    I have proof of him outbidding me on iris drones (AGAIN). But i do not know how to upload files on forums, if a website is needed, tell me a good placeto upload images so i can provide the link.
  11. ramnik

    ramnik User

    then its obv he didnt win the iris bids before ?!! maybe check history..
  12. He has to log on to sell the rocks and make cred... but I can do that and log-out in like 5-10 seconds.. so if this is a second ship, even if it is being fed cred from a clan/other account, without having built his skylab, it will be equipped soon! The iris bids will stop at 8, as mentioned, and CPUs are only useful per ship as only one per config is permitted...
    sounds like a second ship as not many noobs even know what clans/skylab/auction are!!
  13. Still convinced he was using Skylab and clan to get credits. It only takes 30 seconds to sell promerium. With a haul of over 10 k assuming he bought the double cargo, premium and citadel.

    He could of easily gotten over 2 billion alone from Skylab with that less than 1 hour log in time and no one knows how much a clan gave him when he joined and just left right after.

    I was level 6 when my current account became FE with 10 drones and was only level 3 when I became basic FE and all I have bought is premium and rebates and 90% of my gear came from auction and buying keys.

    As you see here. 105 hours. Level 17. All I'm missing for UFE is a few lf4s and drone designs.


    And currently, i got 75m worth of credits in my Skylab + I already have 220m credits from selling before. And I played this account daily only to get experience. I don't box or pally. Imagine if I didn't play at all? I would probably be level 3.
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  14. SolarBurn

    SolarBurn User

    Nearly UFE from buying keys? You must've had some nice luck. -_-

    Also, how long did this take you WITHOUT counting your in-game time?
  15. A month and half. And i'm far from ufe. I still need alot of drone designs and lf4s and then I need to upgrade the lf4s.

    And I got my gear from both auctions and booty boxes
  16. Level 17!?
    105 Hours!?
    Omg, compare that to mine ;_;
    How did you level up soo fast!?
  17. The new quests are awesome lol

    Plus I did a few Galaxy gates.
  18. I do the quests too, but it still takes me ages :/
    I was a level 15 when the new quests came out.
  19. Did you have experience boosters and experience designs and did you do 12 galaxy gates from level 15?
  20. Sell your promerium and you will make $$$ (buckets) without even touching the maps via Skylab.

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