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  1. Ok so I'm a fe goli and i cant even enjoy these freaking events due to clans that over power entire company maps and call icy meteroids theirs. you cant even cube cause they are their cubes. these are npc's that are meant for group killing. i get that you can solo it but jesus you dont have go around popping noobs. so please come up with some non p.v.p. maps like p.v.e. where all comp can come and kill aliens without having to worry about being killed by their own damn company!
  2. Firstly this isn't appropriate section for this thread. Secondly this is the problem which can't be solved. Every map is like you call it p.v.e map only problem is that some players who are stronger claim that some NPC-s are "theirs". I would suggest first to talk with them on chat instead of jumping on their kills because you will probably get killed.
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    If you want to propose an idea go in Update and Idea Pool section. Now as dragon said, you should just ask them nicely to let you cube.


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