Players constantly changing their names?

Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by †ÐΛRK†[ICF]™, Jul 3, 2020.

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  1. i think they change their name when botting, if they get popped ( which they will) they dont like people knowing they have been killed multiple times, its the big brag thing, which i find personally pointless.
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    Dear Mod that deleted my post: I did not accuse anyone, did not name names, did not use bad words and even tried to be amusing with my reply. So what gives? Why was my post deleted?
  3. Or, now get this guys, this might sound insane, but maybe because they want to change their name...?

    Why are you guys putting on your tinfoil hats & speculating over nothing, they change their name because they want to, I do the same thing I change my name very often because I think it's just cool.

    Another reason is that most online games you are required to pay the company real life money to change your name, but with Darkorbit it's a 2 day cooldown, so you should be grateful they aren't charging you guys to change your name, but knowing the nature of the people on forums, I bet you would still cough up the money to do so anyways.

    Let me ask this: Why do you guys even care? Why do you care about what other people do on the game? You don't like what their doing so you just want to take it away or change it because you guys think they are breaking the rules by using a legitimate feature in the game?

    This is why nobody that actually plays DO uses the forums anymore because you guys are insane and so obsessed with cheaters that now you're wanting to get rid of or entirely change the name change features based on superstition.

    Play the damn game and stop crying over everything and wanting to take everything away, this is why no one that actually plays DO uses the forums.
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    Don't you mean Bots and Cheats?
  5. Your comment just shows exactly what I said, that being the tinfoil hat club are accusing people of being a bot or a cheat for doing something as simple as using a game feature that has been around since the game's beginning for no reason whatsoever.

    I must ask then, why is changing your ships name exclusive to bots and cheats? I do it all the time, I change my name every 3, 4 or 5 days along side with some clan members on GA1 and GE2 to reference popular characters from video games or movies, and we do not cheat.

    If we were to this forum's logic, then you're PET is a bot or cheat as well because you can change it at will for whatever reason for 2.5k uridium with no cooldown. "You changed your PET name? How suspicious of you, I wonder if your PET has a level 8 auto looter hmm maybe you are hiding something let's remove this feature and find out."

    And another point, why would a bot or a cheater even care about avoiding publicity when first of all you most likely already know who they are even after they change their name, and second of all that there are multiple tools and techniques you can use to find out who they are anyways. Even if someone bought an account, how would a 30 day cooldown on a name change help catch them anyways? They can't ban someone on the suspicion of account sharing because they just simply used a feature of the game and that's a legal offense because that is an unjust ban. If they bought that account and they just simply didn't change the name, chances are you would probably never even notice he bought it in the first place.

    And probably the most powerful counter argument to this whole forum is that if you really cared to know who is who, you can simply write down their rank number down and bookmark their profile page or look on DOstats. So this whole forum post is just a complete waste of time because there is absolutely no reason to argue that changing your name indicates you're a cheater of hiding something when it's quite literally impossible to hide your ship in the first place.
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  6. i have had the same name since 2010, blaster7012 until the merge of servers at which time i could not log on to the game for more than a month and found that when i tried to change from the init prefix to my name, i couldn't do it. someone had stole my nick. so now i have blaster_7012. Players are allowed to change their name so DO would do nothing about my issue. As long as your nick in not offence (and i have reported many players) you can have any name.
    I know many players that change their name because they are real buttheads to other players however their profile tag never changes, so if there is a player you don't like you can still find their name by checking the profie tag.
    I don't change my name because when i kill a player I want them to know who shot them, I am ranked 18th for ship kills on my server and moving up.
    players change their names and my kill count still goes up.
    You can keep a file of naughty or nice players profile tags like me just for fun.
    After all this is only a game.
  7. Tin Foil Hat Club? Seriously? You know that almost 85% of all Servers are using a Bot or Program to succeed in this Game. I myself am one of the only Player that will Not! I've watched the known players, confirmed and admitted in Discords or TS's whom partake in doing so repeatedly Change their ship names when they get word of someone reporting them. So no Tin Foil needed here.
    But if you want to watch The Sixth Sense, please do so
    It's A Happening
  8. ... and maybe an increase to that cost for each time it gets changed....
  9. I dunno, I'm thinking in the region of 200k per change. Seems high enough already.
  10. Yes... and I was not as clear as I should have been... thinking it would be on an increasing scale. Whatever the starting fee would be, it gets hiked up by a percent basis. A; B=A+50%A; C=B+50%B .... etc
  11. What does that really achieve though, other than introducing uncertainty? It doesn't deter people from changing their name any more than a single higher cost would.

    The obsession with increasing costs for the exact same things in this game is astounding. Pilot sheet resets, drones, P.E.T. slots and HP upgrades, the old hangars that you could buy. I have never seen another game like it, and I just don't understand why the devs felt the need to introduce that complexity instead of just averaging out a total cost of the items and using that.

    It is clear, not confusing, less punishing, and reduces the "grind factor" that the "now you have to work twice as hard again" mentality introduces.
  12. True for some.. the credit charge for the b.s. of name changing probably would not deter them. So for the ongoing and completely unnecessary name change, after possibly a credit charge, it becomes a uridium charge and if that isn't enough, go real money. There is no reason behind having to change names frequently, unless it is some perverse way to attempt to hide from the masses (unless they are deluded enough to think they are hiding from a developer). Obsession with cost increases follows the obsession with constant name changes. (imho -- and I figure this is the last I'll comment on it )
  13. Ah, when I said 200k, I meant 200k Uridium.
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