Please deal with the Autolocking players!

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by €Lφ€-ƒôr¢€™, Jan 13, 2014.

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  1. Hello :)

    No this isnt going to be a mindless rant about how I get popped all the time
    and need someone to blame or that I have a crappy cpu and causes lagg
    thus looks like people are cheating etc.:confused:

    (I know this is a setting the cat amongst the pigeons topic
    but some things need to be said .. not ignored )

    This is to do with the very clear and obvious problem of people
    who are purchasing and using illegal scripts to gain an unfair advantage!
    (im not going to say what they are or where you can get them from)

    Just to clarify.
    I have 128Mb Broadband with a ping of 3ms
    I have 4Ghz Cpu with 6Gb Ram

    I do NOT suffer from lagg :D

    So when someone can :
    Get lock on you mid map as soon as they jump.
    Get lock on you after you have jumped 5 secs before them.
    Get 100% instant lock whilst cloaked in prots/sks.
    Find you hidden on any map when theres only a few players online
    Basicly does what it is advertised to do.

    Then there is a huge problem in the game! :mad:

    (I laugh when people argue that its because they are a better player
    or that they have a stronger ship.This issue has nothing to do with skill)

    Im sure I will get a reply saying that Darkorbits script is 100% accurate
    and that they will be caught etc, sadly this wont happen.

    Many users are quite open that they use illegal scripts
    and pretty much bragg about the fact that DO will not bann
    them because they top up so much.

    Sadly it looks like there right.

    The Botting problem got delt with effectively but before it got delt with people
    were burying there heads in the sand and pretending it was'nt
    happening .. I hope the same isnt being done with this problem!

    Why should Honest paying players have to put up with this!!

    I do hope there will be an update that will conquer this illegal use
    of scripts once and for all.

    Is there anything more players can do to help battle this problem?


    There are going to be some people who leave comments
    that use illegal scripts and
    deny there existence (See if you can spot them ;))
    Then there will be the frustrated majority that dont
    (please dont accuse individual players)
    should be interesting though :)
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  2. if its an auto-lock that locks invisble ships then they'll get banned soon or they dont exist anymore, because the packets would be altered and it would be easy to detect for BP. That is why there are only pixel bots not packet bots or auto-locks

  3. Im not as educated on this subject as you,
    What ever it is that I have described is happening daily.
    Im sure these dodgy site devs have found workarounds etc
  4. Very well said mate and I agree, BP & D.O as a whole need to work on this to fix it, yes they got rid of the bots for the most part but as bounty was so kind to point out there are still pixel bots out there, as a trained programmer though I have to disagree, there are ways around the source code to create a script for auto-locks/bots. BP needs to up it's site security first for this to stop. I myself love this game and have paid to play in the past, with some recent changes I have thought about going back to paying but there are still changes that need to be that are slipping past the system are one of them.
    I have seen such since the bots have been delt with on U.S West server where I play for the most part, but have seen it on servers that I just mess around on such as U.S East 1 and even G.B 1.
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  5. There are packet bots still out there. I have sent support links to a botter forum which show this and sell 1 popular packet bot as well as pixel bots.
  6. chixonator

    chixonator User

    i agree.
  7. Thank you for your informative reply,
    I was dreading negative comments from players that have yet to experience this.
    Glad there are more people out there that are witnessing this and glad your
    able to identify the problems in more detail :)
  8. burkey

    burkey User

    An auto locker can work as a pixel bot, when the cursor goes to a hand and it isn't an alien, it can click. How can flash player ever detect this auto movement of the mouse by the operating system?

    And yes I believe people do auto lock as they get a click on you way before the brain would even have a chance to process whether the cursor has changed or not!
  9. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Pixel based autolocks do not detect cloakers.

    In order to do that they would have to take control over your mouse and ultimately your game, scanning to screen from side to side for your mouse pointer to change while your ship just sat still, doing nothing.
    Then if your mouse went in range of a npc it would be set off and you would get lock on the npc instead.

    So it would only be feasible in the battlemaps, if your ship wasn't moving ... and if there was no friendly players so you didn't kill them by accident.
    There has never been a pixel autolock that has ever been able to detect cloakers, nobody want's to develop a program like that which is so useless and will make them no money.

  10. From my experience its normally from about 2 to 3 screens away
    so you cant even blame server lag. but there are a few that can lock you mid map as soon as they jump. (The mini map does Not lie)
  11. JUDGE

    JUDGE User

    They did actually catch most of the autolockers on gb1 not long back and perm ban the accounts but because there was an error in the script it also picked out a lot of innocent players so bigpoint had no choice but to give all accounts back which meant even the guilty players got let off !! Was very annoying knowing that the actual autolockers were all getting the accounts back :mad:
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  12. Yep.. I was one of them that got accused and banned , there were quite a few!
  13. 2010!!

    2010!! User

    i dont even understand why these sort of threads still pop up all the time

    1. its no were near as bad as it once was and tbh i dont even see anything dodgy at all it just looks like it is but thats just because of the new range/res etc

    2. if there is anything it will get picked up sooner or later u know moaning about it and making countless threads dont do nothing so why bother?

    if it was anything like it once was id understand why u are angry/annoyed but its not like that any more
  14. Lol 2010!!, maybe you are one of these players.

    I hunt a lot (normally in a Vengy) & am amazed at the number of times, whilst cloaked, I have been locked on to by certain players who have got themselves a bad reputation.

    I am also amazed by the number of times I have jumped a portal, whilst cloaked, & found enemy players have caused huge damage before I have even moved.

    I have been hidden amongst many aliens whilst cloaked & come across players who lock onto me whilst shooting an alien.

    I have also come across players who can lock on to me whilst I am cloaked whilst moving in the opposite direction.

    I have come across certain players who jump through a portal well after me whilst I am cloaked, but can still find me wherever I am.

    However, the most annoying thing is that there are certain players on my server who I have come across whilst cloaked & have never failed not to lock onto me.

    I am an old school player who has played this game for a long time & I know an autolock when I see one. There will be excuses made up that it is how good the other player is who locks onto me, but this is total rubbish. How can a player who is doing cubes alone suddenly locked on to a cloaked opponent who is hidden amongst numerous prots & sks?

    Autolockers do exist & that is why there were changes made to resolution & game play - there was even a podcast where a developer admitted he was fed up with being autolocked. Something has to be done to rectify this issue before a stage is reached whereby honest players get fed up & start leaving the gae in droves. Do BP & DO honestly think that a lot of the newer players are going to stick & play this game when they get popped continuously due to these autolockers.

    I could say what I think of these autolockers, but I very much doubt it is printable & would almost certainly get me a long if not permanent ban. But such players must be low-life & of very low self-esteem & self-respect if they have to use a cheat such as an autolock to get their kicks & pop other players. I also wonder how they would react & behave if someone did something like this to them in real life!!
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  15. 2010!!

    2010!! User

    You said it yourself as i hear everyone else say aswell i was cloaked being cloaked doesnt mean you can not be locked or shot at by another person

    there are stuff u can do in game to help u alot to see cloakers on minimap turn backgrounds off so its black a red dot sticks out like a sore thumb

    the colour red shows different on the minimap npc shows bright red
    player shows as a darker shade of red almost fuzzy like red if u dont understand what i mean then jst try it and u will see the difference between the 2
    some ppl have bigger monitors as u will so can see more of the map allowing them to click onto u if they get lock they cant shoot u till they in your range so it will look like they came in shooting but they havent they jst got lock u on and got in range

    and to your accusation no im not one of them players u forget i play the same server as you and i knw who most ppl refer to on gb1 some of them i dont like but i knw they wont be using anything like i have said in the past even if someone is using something leave them to it they will lose there account at one point so who will have the last laugh?
  16. botpatrol

    botpatrol User

    They (Big Point) allowed players to cheat all the way from 2008 ...and did nothing to stop it ...except to ban few users on old forums that used to complain about it ..

    I'll just post here my favourite quote from those days

    "Hacking browser game is impossible,it is impossible to cheat in browser game"

    I sent them email attachment that was GG Bot looong time ago (complete script) and got rewarded with account ban..

    Cheating in browser game impossible ...cheating in Big Point game ..yup
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  17. Most of the honest players have already quit that cheating game....
    Well at least RSB-Changers seem still to be down. But i personally mostly hate the "god mode"... It´s not funny to fight against guys which have an empty hp-bar, you keep on shooting 60 - 80k dmg per second on them, and after 7 seconds your own ship goes pop and the guy with around (negative) - 300k hp´s is still alive...

    There was no aegis ship in the near which could repair that honk. Also with repairbot / shield back-up / pet-repair-combo and all the other rubbish - normally not possible to survive something like that.

  18. I began a slow hand clap with your reply :)
    amazingly written (I too use a vengy and spend half my time cloaked)
  19. Because there is still a hand full of players that are using this!
    Its the same with the Bots, it started with a handful of players an
    nothing was done about it .. eventually everyone gave in and
    started doing it themselves.

    This is my 1st and only post on this subject.
    Hopefully if enough people comment, something will be done about it!
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  20. There is a pally bot/auto-lock still online, and I have seen the fb page, and the creators telling them what to do to avoid being caught.
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