Please deal with the Autolocking players!

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by €Lφ€-ƒôr¢€™, Jan 13, 2014.

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  1. bots will not begone 100% as they will always find ways roun dthe system but they are getting worked on

    We would like to advise that today DarkOrbit removed 1,323 bot users.
  2. over ALL the servers. Doesn't seem like much when you look at it from the right point of view.
  3. BORG1

    BORG1 User

    GB1 is riddled with cheats thats the truth and doesnt matter what players say its lag, i got a bigger screen than you , im better than you etc its all rubbish.

    Players arnt stupid they know when another is using something like autolock and rsb changer doesnt take a genius to figure it out.

    I be lucky to get 1 honest fight out of 30 fights thats how bad GB1 has become aanyone say different then talk to the hand lol.

    Sadly nothing will ever be done about it just have to bare and grin it as they say or try to aviod them so skillfull idiot,loser noobs that need extras to fight cause they are rubbish without them.
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  4. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    1 in 30 people you fight are legit? Even after the packet programs have been killed off?

    ... maybe you are just really bad at pvp and don't want to admit it?

    GB1 isn't exactly a big server, if it had 300 people online in the maps you would say only 10 of them are legit, including yourself?
  5. Yes there may be a few players who have to make this game unfair but sometimes if someone does a good lock on you or locks you while cloaking could just be because they are spamming the screen with their clicks on the screen to lock you. But all we can hope for is that those autolockers soon get caught and then all of them go.
  6. Its cool if a player can get lock on you whilst cloaked in a group of NPC's
    but when the same players do it 100% of the time (an normally off screen)
    then its obvious that they are cheating.

    I heard the use a black background and make the mini map bigger excuse
    but it still wouldn't guarantee you a 100% off screen lock 100% of the time,
    an it dont matter how big your screen is, the Ui is the same scale for everyone!

    Thing is... we all know who they are yet were not allowed to expose them!
    (Youtube is crammed full of people exposing cheats, yet nothing is done)
  7. I think GB1 is starting to get worse again...with those notorious players still cheating
    but the problem is, when people get popped, they straight away go onto global chat ad accuse of cheating.
    i myself have been accused to cheating by the postee, and have never cheating, and i could back up my corner until i was blue in the face...he still said i used autolock

    Some people are good at locking, if u get locked fast, it isnt always autolock. but its when you are mid fight, cloak/emp and then they relock you realy fast, that to me is a big indicator of autolock, or if you hide in a prot cloud cloaked, and then you see a red dot coming on minimap and are fired upon instantly...this makes it obvious

    Me personally just take it as a compliment, as they need to cheat to get the upper hand on me...thats the only way to slightly make yourself feel better about getting shot by some cheating scum!
  8. Yeah last spaceball I wasted a lot of emps, emping and cloaking, and still seeing one of the 10 vru locking me right after, I soon realized who it was when they got onto my screen, which at sight of this players name I logged out, he runs around with auto lock 24/7 never being caught, have sent proof of him auto locking to support "it's fake" well w/e DO DOES NOT CARE and you know what. Let their hackers rage some more in chat, I have had friends go to the Spanish chat, just after I got done annihilating the maps of previous botters, and tell me, how much they sat there raging on about it.
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  9. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    not naming any names, a certain player from mmo in gb1 can lock you when you're offline :O
    nah just kidding, but everytime he shoots, the mini map doesnt work (i.e. you cannot click anywhere on the mini map)
    and you experience a massive lag which literallly freeze up the game.
    ive only experienced the lag but others have said they completely froze and next thing they were destroyed.
    Not only this, yes he shoots from off screen without getting a standard lock on you.
    (experienced that today)
    Isn't something going to be done about this blatent use of bots.
    If its too hard to believe, ask players on gb1 whove fell victim to this scum.
    If you need a name (mods), ask me.
  10. weeboo

    weeboo User

    Well said m8. Happened to me impossible/improbable lock whilst cloaked and speed config.As you say, no names mentioned but the players on gb1 all know who the culprits are.I know you and I had this conversation in global chat ,so good for you to bring this to the's hoping,eh? recurve
  11. burkey

    burkey User

    This happened to me last night when chasing him away from 3-6 base! Luckily he was running away as there was a few of us otherwise I wouldn't have been able to do anything so yes clear cheating
  12. Not only do I hate the autolockers that somehow lock you while cloaked from 9 light years away, I also hate the players that just don't die. I'm doing 70k damage and nothing is happening to their bar. In a recent fight in the x-6 map, had a guy shoot me off a cube, but all 3 of us on the cube switched to him. By the time I got to port and jumped with all 3 of us blasting at him, his shield had gone down about 1/4 and his hp didn't move. That's not equipment or anything, because we did well over 1 mil damage to him, and nothing was happening. There are still hacks out there no matter what support or the cheating players say. If no hacks exist, then why does google give 687k results to "darkorbit hacks"?:rolleyes:
  13. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    If you google darkorbit hacks all that comes up is videos that if you download the program in the description you will have your account stolen because it's just a keylogger.
    Be my guest, give any of them a go :)

    If you think because there is 687k results then there is 687,000 hacks for darkorbit then you do not understand how the google search engine works.

    If hacks do exist, why aren't they being sold?
    Instead all the videos or threads on other forums want to just give them all away for free, funny that isn't it? Also, why hasn't there been any videos of players using a "hack" any time recently?
  14. I didn't say that. Just because there's that many results doesn't mean there's that many hacks. I know that. What I'm saying is that there certainly are a few out there.
    There are already videos on youtube from 2014 claiming uri hack, botting updates...ect. Pretty sure most of them are viruses lol.
  15. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    What I am saying is that there is no proof of them beyond what people type on this forum.

    As I said in the previous post.
    Uridium is the most valuable thing in this game which some people buy thousands of pounds worth every year.

    Yet all these hacks are given away for free?
    Not a single person who makes these "hacks" had the idea to charge people just a tiny amount of money to get unlimited uridium?

    Of course they are viruses, they are keyloggers, you download the "hacks" and all that is hacked is your account, because you gave them the details via the program you donwloaded.
  16. I would consider a video of someone clearly hacking proof, but just my opinion. I know for a fact I saw a big fat 416k on my ship when I was boxing in bmaps. The guy was off my screen and popped me in 2 seconds. Whatever twirls your beanie, but I know that a few hackers are still out there.
  17. Im not technically minded at all and i have no idea of the difference between a bot, pixel bot, packet bot or any other kind of bot there may be. all i do know is that BIGPOINT>>>SOMETHING AINT RIGHT!!! I've played the game for 5 years and like everyone else on this thread i know a cheat when i fight one lol. BP sort it out before your game goes to the dogs again. The game has had a new revival with all the new stuff etc but cheats are still around and those returning players to the game will soon leave again and then that will truly be the death of this game.
  18. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    I too would consider a video proof. But there is no video, is there?

    People cry in chat and on the forums all the time claiming they died to hacks, yet nobody ever seems to get a video of it happening. Maybe they just want excuses for being bad at PvP?
  19. It's a lot when there is hardly anyone playing. ;)
  20. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    Actually a clan member of mine caught a hack a few days ago and sent it to support who replied. There appears to be some sort cheating going on and we'll look into it. As usual by REMOVED. Okaay and they'll get back to us in what 2015?
    caught on video*
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