Please deal with the Autolocking players!

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by €Lφ€-ƒôr¢€™, Jan 13, 2014.

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  1. No i will not be posting videos on this thread..
    as i said I will not mentioning any names and i hope other don't either!

    Iv Not said anything about Addict or Dying on this thread?
  2. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User


    You were hardly subtle about it :)
    Your comments were obviously aimed at Addict.

  3. going back through your messages I can see exactly what you are trying to do here,
    sorry to disappoint you but im not engaging into a flaming war
    with you :p
    Not sure why your trying your hardest to get this Post locked?

    For the record, in no way shape or form have I implicated Addict
    (merely a history of banta stemming from the computer he got from NASA ;))
  4. Øмєga

    Øмєga User

    there is this clan REMOVED.and they just recently showed up ,but they are already collecting bonus boxes in 3-8 non stop .if you shoot them they stop to get killed and come again .they do this non stop .doesn't matter how long you do it .one of them lost his drones . fortunately one of them using this bot got caught and his account got banned.but the rest are still using it
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  5. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Erm okay, why are you telling me this?
    I'm not asking for evidence of people botting or autolocking, I am asking for evidence of the so called hacks that people in this thread claim to have so much video evidence of.

    Taser has already admitted he can't find any recent videos of anything that would resemble a damage hack in one of his posts that got removed. I was hoping elite force could shine some light on the situation since he claims to have no less than 7 videos of some form of hack but conveniently refuses to show them.
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  6. Øмєga

    Øмєga User

    I;m just saying . bots and even still autolock still exist
    and look
  7. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User


    I never said they didn't, I don't know why your are telling me this lol.
    I said hacks as in damage hacks etc never existed ...
  8. Einstein

    Einstein User

    Owning peeps will you ever stop with your babble you know very well there are scripts for dmg, shields, hp etc i bet you still got the old ones from the old client;).

    You think you know alot but in reality you dont know as much as you think and im sure if i dig very hard in my old pc i could find some vids of you on GB1 and GB2 to simple you so we dont want that do we .

    End of the day its players like you that have ruined it for alot of honest players who have got skills unlike you.

    If you want me to expose you for the type of player you are thats fine by me then we all can have a good laugh aye.
  9. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    I still don't see any videos of these "dmg shields, hp" scripts / hacks within the past year.
    Let me know when you find them and post them.

    Bots are bots.
    Autolocks are autolocks.

    However damage hacks, lagbombs, shield hacks etc do not exist in today's game and nobody thus far in this thread has been able to prove they do ... You won't be able to either :)
  10. Øмєga

    Øмєga User

    did u watch the first few seconds of that video 460k dmg in 3 sec .. with x4 humm
  11. M8, you should of just relied of what I said at the start of this thread!

    Its So obvious :D

    Accusing players is just going to get this thread locked though

    (which of course is what they would want) :(
  12. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    It was a lot of damage yes.
    Later on in the video he fights the same guy multiple times, most of it in 2v1 too and he isn't doing that kind of damage in any of the other fights so I took it as a high combo hit and the player recording had a high ping at the time.

    If he was consistently hitting way above the average then something would be up, but we have all been hit high combo hits, 250k and 120k aren't the biggest I have seen come off my ship from a single player.

    Or, you know, you could post one of the 7 videos where you claim to have had a hack used against you. Post all 7, that would be great.

    Omega has posted a video and it has not been removed, you should do the same.

    Your claiming to have proof of something which I doubt, yet you refuse to post any of it :)
    Sounds to me like you are just making it up.
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  13. Well I like the way this Thread is going .. too lazy to read past the First page as I just got off Work and Have to Give my Two Cents in.. cha-Ching..

    The very Fact that there are Those that Infest our Game, with Scripts, Botts Pixle Dixle or Whatever..They are OUT there, they are making our Gameplay Frustrating for Lack of a Better Word.. NOT Gratifying, o_O

    But to Be on Our Favorite Game Forum or be in game and to Have an Honest Player Get BANNED for speaking about what is in all Reality ( right on the money ) Kind of Reminds me of the Personalities that were Displayed in the Game Halo Storyline.

    those Aliens that the Master Chief, had to Battle.. until the Lackey Got Scared for Life and His Fanatical Subspecies of a Prophet .. BackStabbed him, Then he Joined," Master Chief " in Saving Our Supposed fantastic Universe from a Perversion of Sanity.

    It maybe the Forum Arbitrator's Place to Ban for Rudeness or Ranting, but that Doesn't Change the FACT, that Auto-Locking SuperPowers, Immortality modes, Constant RSBs, Faster than Vengi Speed in a Goli, aka " Slip-Streaming " Smart-bombs that have a 5 second cooldown, or the Gate or Palli Bots.. These Matters must Be addressed by the Game Masters / BigPoint or whoever is investing in The Best Space game on the Web..

    cause my FUN is getting Worm-holed.. and Buying Uri even continuing to Play is at Risk.. :mad:

    I refused to use any kind of Super Powers.. I wont invest my time to Read up on What is out there in the way of Cheats, scripts of what we call HACKS..

    It would be Nice to See that Players that bring these subjects up.. Don't get Chastised for it.. unless they cant Be Nice about Being Angered..
    what a OxyMoronic Statement..

    AK ak AK-AK.. :D
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2014
  14. Øмєga

    Øмєga User

    yeah I see what you mean .but there are a few on ge2 I rarely play there but I have plenty of friends that play there and there are some that use some sort of dmg script .my friend has a print screen of him getting hit 439k lol with perfect internet low ping etc so u never know
  15. I have seen hits from a spearhead from above 200k so really dmg scripts are real
  16. im not tryin to be funny but it might take BP 6 years for them to ban the auto lockers
  17. Please .. Dont DO.. this.. but.

    6 Years.. I dont think I can HOLD my Breath that long.. When is BigPoint gonna send out a Body Recovery Drone.. I need a skin Graft.
  18. This is getting Stupid :mad:

    During Prime time, is it possible for a clan less unbiased Mod to log on and
    just fly around the maps just to see whats going on ??

    Just fly near a base that is being defended and you can see very clearly
    what is going on !
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2014
  19. JUDGE

    JUDGE User

    Well i been hunting in eic uppers for most of day and i can safely say with 100% certainty that i have been autolocked by pretty much every other player that was in eic uppers and the vast majority of them was all from the same clan which is ranked number 1 on GB1 .
    I thought bigpoint had sorted this out but it seems worse then ever now ! No way in the world this game is going to grow in the way bigpoint hope it will unless they do something about this and ban every single one of these players once and for all , if they dont do something then the verbal abuse aimed at autolockers will carry on in chat and on the forum and no new starters are going to stick around once we tell them all whats going on in this game .

  20. I wasn't going to pinpoint it down to a certain company or clan, but you did it for me :)
    At the end of the day mate, if there not going to listen to someone like you
    who is more like an honorary ambassador for this server then i cant see what
    else people can do.

    There way to confident that they are not going to get caught and punished!

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