Please deal with the Autolocking players!

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by €Lφ€-ƒôr¢€™, Jan 13, 2014.

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  1. Peeps.. Hack users or Dishonest Players will keep doing what they DO..

    What ever Happened to the Admins that used to Fly thru our MAPS, They were Stuff " Legends were made of ..

    " If.. IF .. the Game Designers can Program a Ship to Fly thru our Maps, and be practically undestructible, have SuperPowers far beyond the Normal Account, is Proof alone that " IT " Can be done, has been Copied or figured out by some Source coder, Disassembling the Game, REVERSE engineering for the Pure Joy of Causing Ruination and Profit,

    Perhaps those Sitting at a Board Room somewhere, on our Planet, this is being Discussed, what NEEDs to be done is.. Spend some Real Cash, Hire a Hacker to Fix it..
    because they Clearly don't care about Fair Play, Rules or even their Accounts..

    but, What DO, I know.. I fly in Space, with a FishBowl on my Head, Im so Glad my Goli is a Padded Cell.. and I'm still crazy about this Game.. Give me the Keys, to an Admin Ship and I will Scour the MAPS, looking for those that Ruin my Fun, Yeah I would DO it for FREE, 3 hours a Day.. Cheaters Will Get the Payback they have been Escaping from..

    "Kill Em All" and Let the Infamous BIGPoint Support, Figure it out.
  2. Thanks for your Input
    Rodrick Barber from support informed me last week that hes keeping
    an eye on this thread.

    Notice you said supposed "evidence"
    Are you a non believer that none of whats been said is actually happening?
    or that
    None of use have any any actual evidence ?

    Would really like to hear your own personal opinion on this matter :)
  3. =SERAPH=

    =SERAPH= User

    Personally, do I believe that some sort of "auto-lock" program (or similar) exists? Yes. However, I doubt that the use of something of this sort is as prevalent as most players claim. We have all experienced moments where things have acted strangely on the game, and yes, there are many situations which can be extremely suspicious (especially when it seems to occur around the same players on a regular basis). None of this amounts to actual evidence though.
    The same applied when the bot epidemic was in full swing. If I see a player circling NPCs flawlessly, wasting their most valuable ammunition to take down a Streuner/Lordakia, running for port the instant they are attacked and then immediately jumping back and continuing the second that the aggressor leaves - these are all possible indicators that the user MIGHT be using some sort of outside program, but again, it does not count as evidence.
    Videos of autolocking, damage hacks, speed hacks, hack hacks, call-it-whatever-you-want hacks, are typically vague and/or edited in some way, and many of the situations presented can be rationalised quite simply for other causes. A video alone is not proof.

    (I have seen so many strange circumstances on my own whilst playing - yes, a few of them were highly suspicious, but the majority of them are easily the result of simple game glitches, lag, ship displacement, connection fluctuations, etc).

    Actual bona fide genuine proof of using an external program (of any sort) needs to be detected at a programming level, where the code manipulation can be clearly seen or reported - this is why it must be dealt with by Support. Any other accusations are pure conjecture (whether they result in being true or not is irrelevant).

    As Moderators, it is not our job to handle anything of this type. In the event that a player is foolish enough to admit to their use, or try to advertise them in any way, then they will receive the harshest penalties which we are permitted to administer (and many thanks to those who have done so - it is refreshing to be able to dish out some form of payback. Please keep it up). Our role is to moderate the Chats and the Forums. This means that if a player is accused of performing some sort of illegal action (regardless of whether that is correct or not), that amounts to an insult, and it will be acted upon accordingly. Again, this is why anything of this type needs to be dealt with at a Support level, so that your discussions do not amount to public defamation or slander.
    These are the only measures we can implement, so until the actual developers take a hard look at what is occuring in the "hot spots" for this type of activity, there really is nothing we can do.

    In short: Do I believe that it happens? Yes, but nowhere near as often as it is claimed.
    Do I believe that any of the players have actual evidence? Quite frankly, no. High suspicions - absolutely - but not evidence. If you think you do, there is a link in my signature which will assist.
  4. Exactly what I say but you put it so much more elegently Seraph.
  5. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    Cant get actual proof unless the cheater posts it themselves...
    Noticed a fellow eic player lock onto a cloaked enemy with easy in the middle of a crazy cubikon event. Blatent auto locking but even with a video, it isn't enough.
    Only way you can tell its cheats is if you're there and witnessing whats happening in real time. Put the pressure, atmosphere and chaos happening during that time into childs play locking... a video wont give the feel for the atmosphere during cc.

    Okapi; If you're not satisfied, create an account on gb1 and witness for yourself what happens.

    True a lot of players can't accept a pvp defeat but I can assure you I know an auto'er when i see one, especially when they happen to be in the same company, fighting off someone else.

    The best we can do is hope for d.o to take appropriate measures.

    Also Elite-force; I first noticed the problem with mmo in gb1. not yourself but i will say it with confidence: players REMOVED have some auto type programs being used. Not every player in that clan, just a select few. And it isnt just eic and mmo. every company has their goons. Equalled in speed by a vru goliath whilst in a spearhead. (max speed gens prommed) says a lot. Program users are scattered in every company.

    Again, as the mod says, this can't be deemed as proof. I know it sucks but a video wont be conclusive enough to put their accs behind bars.
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  6. Lol just jump cpu into 4-3 on GA1 and behold the 3+ amount of red dots that will have you locked from afar.
  7. whoeva

    whoeva User

    I agree, get rid of the cheats. What happened to this script that was supposed to be detecting external program use? Come on BP, you've done a lot to update the look of the game and we are seeing new players starting to play too but please clean it up because I'm getting fed up with being accused :(
  8. Lol right? for an hour some dude was in global chat on GA1 spamming for everyone to check out DarkOrbits new Helper... from the name and previous words. im guessing it is a new bot that's online. and from the fact it had stealth in the name I think we all know what it might do.
  9. Just been a victim of a eic that somehow made me freeze and pop and then he jumpchipped from another vru while he was getting shot at.

    That's all I goto say about them players that need to cheat cause they have no skill and not capable of fighting FACT.

    Someone prove me wrong about cheats.
  10. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Prove yourself right, you are the one making the accusations so you need to prove it :p
    How is someone meant to prove it never happened to you. :rolleyes:

    You know if you put "fact" in capital letters, it doesn't actually make it a fact right?

  11. Owning as u know ive been playing this game from day one and i think I got plenty of ingame experience to know when a player is being naughty and for some funny reason you always defend the players that cheat and try and come up with stupid conclusions like must be lag etc in every post when cheats are mentioned funny that;).

    You want me to record my play time to catch a skillless cheat out not my job.

    Owning what happended to you you used to be a decent honest player enough said:rolleyes:.
  12. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    I just found your post quite funny, how are people meant to prove something never happened to you? You are the only person flying your ship, hopefully, so only you can prove it did or didn't happen ^^

  13. Even funnier other vru was there as we all witnessed the so called skills he used like his super dmg , emp with no cooldowns , rsb and x4 perfect and using auto etc so all that was there must be wrong and as usual your always right lol.
  14. That is FUNNY.. Rolling Thunder Never made an Accusation.. yet " Okapi32 " just had to Write in this Thread.. for What purpose..

    rolling my Eyes behind my head is eazy.. I see why.. but I Don't use EyeLids to Blind me..

    Someone is feeling Guilty..
  15. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    I don't even play his server, so how I can be guilty of what he said happened to him, I'm not quite sure.

    Do you know what an accusation is? He did clearly say "them players that need to cheat", pretty sure he is therefore accusing people of cheating.

    Makes me wonder, for what purpose was your post?

  16. What an amazing reply thank you very much
    (glad to see we are all in the same boat together)

    I am very limited to what i can do on my computer (dual core 3.4ghz)
    running Hypercam at the quality that is needed is a resource hog.
    (at 70% quality I only get 49 FPS)

    90% of the time when this problem happens I'v not got Hypercam running
    the other 10% of what i do get, is when ive been auto-locked and
    i go back for footage but its never quite the same as what i missed.

    I caught a beauty last night,but the rendering quality was rubbish :(

    I guess the more people that try and help with this problem
    the quicker and easier it will be for a solution.
  17. The whole game is messed up beyond repair. Corruption is rife, its as simple as that really.

    Get adobe premier pro then look up videos on how to make your captions into HD quality, really easy to do. :)
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  18. I use Sony Pro Vegas 12 (been using it since pro vegas 8)
    Renderings not the problem its capturing live gamplay at a decent
    quality and frame rate without disrupting the actual game quality
  19. Okapi has always been one to defend them. Don't bother lol.
  20. Oh.. So BEAN.. Im not an English teacher with a Chihuahua on my head, I prefer a FishBowl. If someone makes a Statement of the Obvious Based on what this Thread has been focusing on.. should Not be Staked, Fileted, and Breaded to Look like an Accusation.. If you have no Respect for the Flow of the conversation then, why waste the Keyboard time, Read and Hear the Music..

    even the Eloquent Reply by =SERAPH= mentioned his Personal feelings.

    however, a HyperCamin ain't Proof, dont even waste your time, turn it off, regain your FPS and enjoy your Game.

    Once we all have a Super Gaming PCs and can outrun most Laggin Players we might have a different view, depending on the Number of Boosters we are Running and if others running Shared boosters are present. Until then.. I jump a gate Before the Guy running and he is near the next gate before I materialize .. so sad, or I use an emp and my lock is regained so fast..Why did I just BLOW 500 uri.. I still got Popped.

    I deal with it, I like the game, its up to OUR BoardMembers at BIGPoint to make the Investment of Resources, time and Money to Find out how they are Going to "Create a HUGE Buzz" on the Internet, without it, will require Honest work, or to permit a few honest Players help fix this situation on each server.

    To Invest an effort of Free time as an attempt to Exploit the value of Social MARKETing, will Backfire.. they can Facebook until the Bookworms, Grow into "Trojans", Hack PCs with the use of Key logger programs, Hacking both Credit card info and a Players Email accounts, Steal, half of the Good Player's accounts and then provide NO way to Retrieve em.. Years of Investments made by their Real Loyal Clients, left Unhappy and Saddened, or Worse, they Don't return, due to the Fact that we Live in a World Full of some that Take advantage of us, always for the Gain of Riches.

    Venting with Respect has been done here, in the most part.

    See my Idea about a x4 Super Mega Happy Hour.

    Ak AK ak ak..
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