Please deal with the Autolocking players!

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by €Lφ€-ƒôr¢€™, Jan 13, 2014.

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  1. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    I have always said things such as damage hacks and lag bombs don't exist, they are either the player lagging or a glitch. I've never defended bots or autolock.

    On the other hand you used to defend your friend all the time on the old forums claiming he was legit and didn't use anything when he got caught, seems you like them more than I do.
  2. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    Although its been dealt with i spy with my little eye, a HUGE contradiction.

    Back to the point. Okapi, perhaps you ought to play on the gb1 server. Any company will do, there are dodgy players in every company so im pretty sure you'll encounter a few shortly. (so long as you pvp)
  3. Pfft, i played with him for years, i know he didn't cheat. Someone who doesn't sit there circling npcs, or boxing all day, and someone who rarely moves in pally field only to fight enemies or heal us with aegis isnt a botter. Lets not forget DOs garbage system banned hundreds of players that weren't cheats. and yes a dmg hack is possible, code writing skills is all it takes, and as we have gone over in the other thread in old forums, DO has garbage gate ways.
  4. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    That was done with the acp, if you had bothered read the post preceding the one you quoted then you would know this, the acp is not a damage hack, it is an official tool given to admins.
    With your logic you might as well tell the CM they are hackers for using the chat tools they are given to ban people with.

    GB1 is nothing special in terms of it's players, there will be people who use autolock as there is on every other server, but "hacks" such as damage hack and lag bombs, whatever people want to make up, do not exist, they are either glitches or just lag.

    A damage hack is not possible just by writing some code, if you think it is then you have no idea how a game works or even what source code is ... still, you are the person who didn't understand how a internet connection worked so who knows what you will say next :p
    The players who were falsely caught also had their accounts returned to them, it was an issue over the type of operating system they were using.
    Your friend was a botter or autolocker and he was caught, you are the one defending them ^^.
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  5. 1: i don't know what you're talking about with the internet connection thing.

    2: My point was it is proof their system fails, no matter what the case was with that. He wasn't a cheat. Someone who has trouble locking cloackers is no auto locker, and i already explained how he can't be a botter.
  6. No Damage Hack.. what !.. Last night.. ONE Enemy ship.. One Ship in Our Cube map.. Took out 18 FE and other Assorted UberFE.. it took 24 ships to Kill this One Guy.. I guess.. they were all Imagining they were on a Different Server in a Galaxy Far Far Away..

    Yeah.. So People are Blatant Cheaters.. and Care Little about getting Caught..

    what we Wonder is THIS..

    Where Is OUR Support..
    Why Are these CMs that Are Watching our Chat with a Microscope for Rule Breaking and NOT Calling 911..

    We are Getting FED up.. with this..
  7. Hi all,

    over the last few weeks i´ve been pretty active in PVP battles or lets say more PVA (player versus automatics). My experience:

    Amount of autolockers is increasing. How would i know that they are really autolockers: the minimap -> if i am in the mid of the map a few red dot´s pop up and those red dots have been on the gate which was pretty far away. Also some "skilled" players can ALWAYS take one into lock despite of beeing surrounded by 30 protegits...

    The high damage mostly comes from a "RSB-changer" that ugly helper is changing optimized between x-4 / RSB or SAB and that causing high "combo-damage". Always funny to kill such a funny honk by the way...

    Also looks like a new palladium bot is online. Or do you think a normal "human" player goes for instant repair after beeing killed, staying at the place and waiting for the bad automatic-killer to pop him again? (just noticed that around 60 times). I think a "human" player would shoot back or at least try to run away...

    One specific special fight from last saturday was:
    Fight against a ... player in 1-6 map. Enforcer-Goli vs. Enforcer-Goli. By the end of the fight that guy finally got killed in 1-8 map. When i was jumping back to 1-6 i got 65k til 75k damage per second. Yes, just after jumping through the gate and staying in the not-attacking-zone, there was not any ship nearby to mine. I´m wondering how that´s working, maybe attack by an invisible ghost ship which can attack anywhere LOL

    In the last podcast John (Rick Deckard) mentioned that they will fill up the maps with lot of new users. But: As long as these cheat-fighters rule the maps i see less chance for that goal! By the way: If the support would completely bann 10 specific clans from GA1 they would catch around 90% of the cheats on that server...

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  8. I had the same thing happen to me. A rogue vru was going around popping us, when I went to stop him, he whirled on me with 200k damage. I ran port and jumped to 3-8 but as soon as I jumped, I started getting randomly hit for 80-100k damage kind of like the venom ability, but no one was around. I popped before I could jump back to 3-7. I know exactly what you went through Brave.
  9. -vendius-

    -vendius- User

    I spent alot of time in the bmaps and have seen the autolocking time and time again. I wouldn't say its increasing dramatically but I do see the same names/ships performing thier so called skilled aiming (being sarcastic by the way). What would be nice is to have someone on the DO team that can warp in check out the player see first hand what the hack/cheater is doing and verify if indeed he/she is hacking the system. This would have to work hand in hand with a on the spot reporting system where players can pin the guy done and let DO handle them accordingly. It wouldn't take much effort to track these guys down and prove that they are taking advantage of the game and the players. These cheaters are constantly looking for new ways around anti hack systems and it seems that they do indeed find other means of cheating. If we had support that can actually log into the battle see for themselves (basically undercover) and deal with them we the players would not only help DO weed out the hacks but make the game a tighter community and more enjoyable game.

    Just thought I would throw in my 2 cents of how we can all work together and demolish those who rather cheat/hack then actually play fairly. We do spend money to achieve higher status in the game so shouldn't we as a community be able to report on the spot, verify the cheater, then have him/her removed from the game. This type of system would definitely make those that feel the need to cheat not only say what's the point but turn away from urge to cheat.o_O:rolleyes:

    Good luck to all and I hope one day we can have a system that works towards the honest player...thanks!!;)
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  10. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    Agreed that gb1 isn't anything special but its a suggestion for you, in order to clear your doubts.
    I don't see why you shouldn't have a look, it seems you're just avoiding it for some reason.
    Play on gb1 for a while and no doubt you will encounter a fishy player.
    I don't know what kind of ultra laggy or bot proof server you play on but guaranteed other servers are not like that. Yes they may be laggy at times but one can clearly distinguish a player using an external program when in close combat, even if not directly vs you. As video evidence isn't substantial enough... you'll need to play the game to perceive this.

    n.b. gb1 was mentioned as i play on gb1, no other reason.

    i've yet to see a damage hack, but it can be accomplished.
    again, i ask you to play on gb1 server. its not a player but rather a mod whos pet dealt over 200k damage per shot (shot down a lot of players in 4-5, his name was falko-something)... a bit weak for a point but all im saying is its not impossible to have a damage hack. My guess is that damage hacks exist but would be detected immediately as blatant use of programs.

    Other hacks:
    ship in pally, after sometime palladium respawns over map. palladium respawns under my idle ship. impossible for me to collect palladium unless my ship moves away. (btw my pets doing all the work from afar). several seconds later a player comes and collects the palladium....
    leaving me shocked... mentioned it in chat but its been long since forgotten.
    nuff said.

    nothing mods or anyone here can do about the auto-locking players. its a matter of time for bp to develop another integrated bot detector..
  11. pecanin

    pecanin User

    Some things never change in this game ...

    1. Game is infested with cheaters of all levels of ability ,i know at this moment of six bugs that can be triggered and how...that is one of reasons i do not play game where profit is always above integrity

    2. Okapi defends them cheaters whilst trying to make other posters look foolish with his demands for video proof ... i honestly do not know what interest he has in defending indefensible but that is up to him.

    Now on subject of cheats

    Okapi says there never existed damage hack

    i call REMOVED on that ....Most top players were aware of damage bug that existed ,that was very easy to trigger ...and most of old CM's were aware of it just by watching chat

    Not only did damage hack exist ,it existed for well over three years

    It was well known bug that Dark Orbit team were unable to track down and fix and was after while sold on boter forums by FORMER (Turkish) Admin,this was same admin that would for price do okapi know very well what bug i speak of

    Now lets move onto other bugs shield stacking ....existed for over two years .... You remember those immortal peeps flying around with full speed/full damage/full shields ? .....

    How about that famous insta ability recharger for certain design ships ?

    How about insta shield/emp/smb that can be used WITHOUT cooldown ....

    How about Battle repair bot that can also be used with no cooldown...and with new rep bot makes any cheating UFE ...immortal

    How about one shot Uber Kills .....existed and was admitted on old forum by DO Admin that they were aware of its existence...

    If we were to talk of old cheats ,,,i could go on typing for days ....all DO staff knew about it and yet it didn't stop them from censuring players that dared to mention it on old forums...

    Keep Flying and keep Dying Peeps ....just remember ....90 % of times you die were killed by cheater...that was allowed to kill you by Big Point ..because profit is only important thing these days...
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  12. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Glitches are the same as bugs.

    Yeah, bugs / glitches existed, I never said they didn't ... what was your point?
    I have always said a actual hack doesn't exist, where a play would literally have to hack into DO and change the source code to make their ship somehow different in its properties than every other ship in the game.

    I have never said bugs or glitches don't exist, I in fact say that is the reason for if something completely out of the ordinary happens.
    However for some reason people think it is much more likely that someone would be altering DarkOrbits source code than using a glitch?

    You are all saying I am defending cheats yet all I have done is said they are using glitches not hacks, they are still cheating.

    They just haven't hacked into DarkOrbit to do it because of how hard it would be to do and how quickly it would be found out, you don't think DarkOrbit would be made aware of unauthorized access to their source code?
    When the ACP incident happen on GA1 the players were stopped within hours and that was with them using official means to get their advantages.

    I think you along with most the people in this thread need to actually read what I write and not just praise each other for saying I am doing things which I am not. You actually agreed with me in your post saying it was done through bugs, yet you think you are going against what I say.
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  13. So.. We Are DOnw to What Wood.. ( word placed for those that Feel like the Smell of a Burning Fire ) .. it take to make MANY of the Loyal DARKOrbit Regulars.. Somewhat Happy.. ( insert a HUGE Question mark )..

    That on All Servers, When we complain in our Global Chat.. We can expect that We ( WOOD ) and Should SEE.. an ADMIN ship on the Reported Map scene,

    "hey Dude, Quick fly to 4-3 there is a Admin Ship there.. check it out " Rare occurrence, NowaDayz.

    . Screen acknowledgement MADE another " Cheater 's Account has Been Quarantined.

    ALL Quarantined accounts should be Requested to Submit the physical Harddrive of the PC for inspection.. lol..

    Man, I must be on some Old Seprom.. yeah smells like Rotten Eggs too.

    Guys.. its Time We start Giving the DARKORBIT.. BigWigs.. some Ideas ON..

    ==> How to FIX the Game we LOVE to Play.. Because ( If ) they dont Get off the
    " Lets just keep Saving money and WAIT", Bandwaggon.. ( They are in a Convoy of Phoenixes ) and have run out of Cerebral Storage Capacity and Ideas..

    So Lets Put up some EYE-Deayaz on the Board.. for em.

    Damn. If I come up with anymore Ideas.. I might just Get a Promotion to.. "Server NUMB-Skull ".. but I perfer to be a KnuckelHEAD..
  14. pecanin, If you have this information "1. Game is infested with cheaters of all levels of ability ,i know at this moment of six bugs that can be triggered and how...that is one of reasons i do not play game where profit is always above integrity"
    I suggest you post it, complete with details on how they are using these bugs. I believe that if you post it in the right place it will get fixed soon rather then later.
  15. Nothing We can do its all up to BP.. iam sure they ar trying i think;) but ohh yea ther is auto locks out ther

  16. Exactly, no need for naming and shaming too! And keep a link and a copy of your thread in case something even more fishy is behind this. :eek:
  17. If you think so you probably also believe to santa.... I´ve reported those bug´s several months ago to the support for several times. I just only got a standard reply like: thx for your reply we won´t do anything just keep on spaming in the forum an we won´t take any care.... Also got a nice questionary today - and once more i answerred the truth, but i still don´t think that anything will change.

    PS: If you complain about GB1 server then lets try the GA1 server... It is the most cheating server from all !!!!
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  18. Well I do believe in Santa so post them, If you make it public they will have no choice but to fix it. I believe the sep bug was fixed only after a youtube video showed up and it is in this forum. The only way to win against a "secret" group of cheats is to shine the light on them. Make all bugs as public as possible, see if they don't get fixed ASAP
  19. Thats so true then we see certain players here cry that in the underground when all the bugs/glitches actually gets fixed:D.

    But knowing BP they are like snails fixing things myself have reported many many things over the years and some bugs/glitches have been fixed but theres still to many out there that hasn't but they are aware of the problems and ive given up telling support about them because they just copy&paste answers to you saying thankyou we are looking into it rofl.
  20. To the players reporting damage after jumping port...This is NOT a glitch or a bug. This is a well known phenomenon in the game, due to lag or whatever, the LAST shot of an enemy ship ( especially the rocket launcher hits) can hit you on the other side of the gate...I have been popped...AND popped other ships in this way before. It stinks but it is totally "normal" :(
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