Please deal with the Autolocking players!

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  1. I know about that one. But those "hyper-rockets" which are flying through the gate cause only 1 times damage. I was talking about 65k til 75k damage every second. I´m pretty sure that this was not caused by those hyper-rockets bec.:

    1. Hellstorms can´t cause 65k til 75k damage - max. damage is around 34k i think
    2. There was not any ship nearby, i´ve just killed a "bot-fighter" few seconds before that bug appeared
    3. I´ve received 65k til 75k dmg every second for around 6 seconds

    BOSS~ADAM User

    I'm pretty sure your experiencing a glitch where you lag while jumping port and the ships on the other side don't load but are shooting you.
  3. JUDGE

    JUDGE User

    A lot of the stuff people are describing in here is when sometimes you run to port and press jump whilst still moving , when the next map then loads for some reason even though it looks like you are sat at the port in a demil zone you are actually way out in the map somewhere which is how the attacking player is able to destroy you even though you are apparently in a demil area, this happens with npc also .
    Dont know exactly why it does that but its not people cheating so you can scrub that off the list of 'hacks'
  4. Sometimes some locks are linked to lag etc so if it does look like you were auto locked then it could be due to lag and also there is still some people that use the programmes and then hopefully they get caught.
  5. As far as I am concerned these "magic" players are using the ACP. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and acts like a duck, it's a duck simple. I have observed these "magic" players quite closely and with the experience I gained by helping and Admin ship test a few thing out on the map, the actions and abilities are "exact".

    It's time for DO to pull out all ACP codes and revamp their system. Take these "special abilities" away from the the ones who constantly use them.

    I know, I know, support including our esteemed "Team" swear this previous problem was dealt with. Well look further, you will see no it has not been eliminated.

    Peace :cool:
  6. pecanin

    pecanin User

    Sorry Okapi

    Bugs are bugs /Glitches are glitches

    Where both bug and glitch become cheat or exploit is when you or me or anybody else knows how to exploit them and does so at will

    Most players by now know about famous shield stacking bug that took nearly three years to fix .....and now it is back thanks to upgrades..... i have hunted with people just after outfit came out that were hitting harder than me with what should have been less lasers...was told how it is done to support just to be dismissed out of hand

    "They haven"t hacked into Dark Orbit" you say ...i call BS on that as well ...they have been hacking into Dark Orbit since first box bot came out ,lets not mention GG Bot, or Insta repair script (Part of ACP) that was first part of Admin tools that was sold... by Russian Admin

    "They just haven't hacked into DarkOrbit to do it because of how hard it would be to do and how quickly it would be found out, you don't think DarkOrbit would be made aware of unauthorized access to their source code?"

    They were aware of manipulation of their game code for years ,they were not interested in stopping it ....

    Took them eight months to make BSGO work with Unity and that game is 50 x more complex that DO ,if they wanted to nip boting in the bud ...they could have done so in month after it started.

    Hard hacking into Dark Orbit,you are clearly having a laugh mate ,they are hacking into it whenever they feel like it....

    I have every email i ever sent to DO support ,along with every reply i received

    Out of that vast experience i tell you they will do nothing to stop anything as long as it doesn't hurt their profits

    I could post here copy of one of my first exchanges with support which involved me sending them GG Bot script ...they said thanks ....that script worked for two more years ...

    Asking support to do something is useless
  7. hackers don't exist... Why does everybody seem to say other wise? I have never seen a hacker since the old client. Which means they don't exist
  8. Don't even bother contacting customer support if you don't have video evidence which is basically what they told me. Seriously, they designed DO and they can't check a person's account and see if they're running a cheat. Like it takes a lot of effort. Auto locking is annoying but when a lvl 19 player who doesnt even have a hades gate can take out 3 UFEs and an FE at port who are firing on him at the same time who have a combined experience of over 24 billion and that player's shields barely budge it's pretty obvious you have a cheat. And yeah, I'm talking about REMOVED. And yeah, he killed all 4 of us at a port sitting still and I even dropped a pod and healed and shielded one of our players from our clan.
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  9. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Go on then, lets have a laugh, how do you define that bugs are different to glitches? You ever heard the expression "a bug in the code" or "a glitch in the code" ... you know it means the exact same thing right?

    A bot isn't a hack, its a bot, all it does is play the game for you. It doesn't alter the properties of you ship in anyway, it just takes the information that is given to it and uses it.
    How is a admin hacking by abusing the tool he is officially given? He hasn't hacked into anything at all, he was given it by BP ...

    Manipulating information given to the user in the form of packets is different from changing the source code to generate things that do not exist in the games original code, which is what people claim hacks can do.

    Unity is C/C++ whilst flash is JavaScript, just because it's 3D doesn't mean it's more complex to code xD :rolleyes:

    If anything I think you are a bit of a joke here, you claim I am defending cheats by saying they are not hacking into darkorbit but instead just using glitches or bugs. I still don't see how that is defending them and you avoided answering me on that.

    You then say glitches are different to bugs but give no reasons for it. Following that you say a bot is a hack, when it doesn't hack into anything it just sits there and uses the information it is given by the client.

    After that you then try to say Unity is much more complex than Flash, when they aren't even using the same language to compare to each other.
    Did you think that just because a game is 3D it becomes much more complex to code? You know they don't have to code the engine from scratch yeah? Unity does it for them ...

    To summarize, you said:
    A glitch in the code is not the same as bug in the code.
    A bot is now a hack.
    Admin using his own official ACP is now a hacker.
  10. pecanin

    pecanin User

    1. You might want to look definition of bug or glitch ,then try looking up hack...

    2.Any interference with the game is hack ,why do you think they banned players that were using certain gaming mice (with few programmable buttons),anything that interferes with way game is supposed to run ,be it bug/glitch exploit/ hack you can bring semantics into it but facts remain.

    3.Moment that admin uses that same ACP for other than intended purpose it becomes crime ...hence many Admins have DO changed over time ?...only one they publicly dealt with was one that spoiled that could for years buy equipment/uridium/credits from people that weren't Admins but were using it

    As for differences between languages in which DO or BSGO are coded in ...they could have coded entire Dark Orbit in Spaghetti/had closed beta/open beta and transferred all accounts manually in time it took them to kill one box/alien bot

    semantics Okapi ,nothing more.
  11. Just to clarify things up whoever said a bug/glitch are the same things clearly don't know as much as they think they do.

    A bug is the common term used to describe an error, flaw, mistake, failure, or fault in a computer program or system that produces an incorrect or unexpected result, or causes it to behave in unintended ways and a bug tends to be more software/scripting error or anything more behind the scenes .

    A glitch is a short-lived fault in a system. It is often used to describe a transient fault that corrects itself, and is therefore difficult to troubleshoot and a glitch is usually easier to replicate, and tends to be caused by unexpected inputs..

    There is a slight difference, but what do I know ive had computers from day one.

    I could go more into detail but don't don't wano mind boggle anyone I like to keep things simple for people to understand, and hope this has cleared things up.

    At the end of the day a CHEAT is a CHEAT cant make it any easier than that.
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  12. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    They are both errors in the code, or system as you put it. Just as I said. What was your point?
    If there was no errors neither would occur.

    It's all very well in saying you have had a computer since day one, but using and creating programs or code are two very different things.

    "I could go more into detail but don't don't wano mind boggle anyone I like to keep things simple for people to understand, and hope this has cleared things up."
  13. Well If i happened to know a programmer and could give him an idea of how to stop hacks cheats or code manipulation , wichever way you want to put it id suggest creating a programe that could be run on individual ships, that in a fight would detect all the best known cheats, like undercover or unmarked police cars lol. So instead of trying to monitor an entire server or guess if it was lag or a glitch, you could just concentrate on the individuals that are guilty and if you fight everyone on the server like i do everyday it would work really quick. Oh well sounds cool anyway :) yours truely gunstar_the_legend
  14. Owning peeps are you the same 14 year old that was in isr on gb1 that knew nothing now must be around 17 cause you sound very different person?

    Gunstar_the_legend funny you should say that I have got a few programmes that just do that and can monitor a server because some of the games ive created and still in use never had problems with cheats ;).
  15. Sounds like those programmers need to get in touch with rolling thunder :) and take a few tips.
  16. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    I'm 19, sure 5 years ago I didn't know about how to write code, I probably couldn't even name the languages used, but in those 5 years I've taught myself how to ...

    Honestly curious, could you name them? Pretty impressive if you are part of a development team. If you are then surely you can appreciate that both glitches and bugs originate from errors in the code.
  17. =SERAPH=

    =SERAPH= User

    I have been as lenient as possible, but this thread has run its course.

    Closing, due to repeated accusations against Admins, accusations against other users, external links, off-topic rants. If you have further issues with anything on this subject, please direct your queries to Support.

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