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  1. It really would be a shame if this is happening for main event of the year. DO staff, please understand all players frustration with this. WE CANT PLAY THE GAME RIGHT NOW. Why would you run compensation script when we cant even use them still? Why do you keep running events we cant even complete an easy event/season/daily quest. For the last 4-6 weeks If I could login, 90% of the time It takes 30 seconds to shoot a lordakia, and sometimes never able to shoot anything at all. I've been playing this game from way back in the beginning of DO and this is definitely the worst state of the game I've seen.

  2. Polls are against forum rules!!!
    Besides you should know by now they don't care what players opinions are.
  3. Its way past that point Baron. At this point, all I can do is play the backpage and forums. Just vote. You know noone is happy with game so I'll make sure they hear us.
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    Just fix the damn game, im not spending on it anymore until then
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  5. If it's against the rules, then why is it an option to post up polls?
  6. Why isn't anyone voting? I just remember some post's from before that mentioned that!!!
    Nothing you day or do or post is gonna change anything.
    They have always done whatever they want even if it's against what anyone else wants.
  7. I hear you. Part of me agrees with that, but I'm not giving up. Too much invested like most other players/customers.
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    Darkorbit ,was always going to be in trouble ever since flash was unsupported ,i warned them about this .and ranted on for a yr to them before flash would be unsupported ! to get a client running beforehand .
    this they did not do ....they left it untill the last minute and made a browser of there own wich uses google .

    result is they made a bollocks of a game that will never run properly and is open to ddos and bot programmes
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  9. I'm very well aware that the staff does not care about the player's opinions, say the wrong thing and your dreams will shatter like glass in a heartbeat.
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