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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Deter, Feb 6, 2019.

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  1. Veki

    Veki User

    @Sgt_Ocker Thx for answering me, I just looked at FAQ and there were no missions listed. I see them now in game.
    Nice to see devs listened to our feedback and changed x-5 to PVE only map.
    Also, good work on fixing clicking NPC when lots of players are on top of it in just a few hours.

    I do have something of an issue that I can't explain. I'm on x-5 map and I'm shooting with RB-214 doing well above 100k damage to NPC.
    Yet I still get reward box for 500k-1000k damage (145 points, 13 Tarnom and 2 Opitite). Any ideas why I get that reward when I'm doing way more than 1000k damage?
  2. IamJarska

    IamJarska User

    So you lose Opitite if you die? Because I was able to craft Cosmic-CC but after a player destroyed me, I couldn't craft it anymore.
  3. JacksNEO

    JacksNEO User

    Yeah nvm. That is the stupidest thing ever. People literally mine and use kami on 4-4 so yeah try to survive that. Constant energy leech and ish in order to try to stay alive. Not to mention if there are clanless players or players with lots of wars, it'll take you 2 weeks just to get the stupidest pet gear.
  4. Sgt_Ocker

    Sgt_Ocker User

    Ok this is very disappointing - No pvp in X-5 portals is great but having 50+ people shooting the same NPC?
    I used 2.5K RB ammo on the third beacon/NPC spawn I was there for and got
    You received 220,787 EP.
    You received 164 honor points.
    You received 137,992 Credits.
    You received 21 Uridium.
    You received 50 Progress Points.
    You received 5 Tarnoms.

    The first one I got nothing as i couldn't lock the NPC, after wasting RB on the beacon - Way too many Pets bobbing around to get a lock on the NPC. Second one i got around the same as from the one i posted except it also had a little Optitite.

    One clan from the server is dominating 4-4 and then taking over the X-5 maps. No-one gets to do significant damage as there are just too many people on the same NPC.
    Beacons need to spawn at the same time in each map to stop people jumping from one to the next. This will "balance" the whole event so that everyone who wants to participate has an equal chance of success.
    As it is now ONE clan and their allies are getting the best from 4-4 and reducing everyone else's chance of getting anything by flooding the other maps as they spawn. I've done 3 beacons in X-5 maps and see the very same red tags in each of them, over 30 of them in the last one. Add "others" (everyone else on the server) to that, you have big pink NPC's that pay minimal rewards.
    NB; I went to 4-4, died 3 times without getting close to the beacon. I can hold my own in a 1v1, have even won a few 2,3 vs 1 fights but i can't fight every red tag + enemy company at the same time.

    Sorry but so far this event is a dud.

    You really need to do something about this event. Can't shoot the beacon or NPC because there is too many people just sitting on it so it is impossible for many to get a lock.
    Spawn all the portals at the same time to reduce the number of people in each map.

    Right now the event is pretty much a joke..
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  5. Adalon

    Adalon User

    I was wondering because max drop I get is from box 1,000,001 to 5,000,000, often 500,001 to 1,000,000. Medium risk.
    I have Cyborg full new LF-4 lasers, spear, full boosters, seprom, spartans and x8 ammo (RB-214), should make damage between 200k-250k per second + Cyborg burning - for 1,5 to 2 minutes of hitting alien it should take 18mln to 30mln.
    So what is the algorithm of box calculating? Is it last 30 seconds of alien living or only HP damage is taken?
    Reward is far to low looking at ammo spend to kill alien.

    Also dropping new ore when You die is very wrong - getting 10 optit from alien, how to get 12000 for pet gear when you can lose part of it when you die?
  6. Sgt_Ocker

    Sgt_Ocker User

    Having the same problem - Use plenty (too much) of RB-214 Ammo but never get more than the minimum reward.
    Cyborg, 16 HP lasers on ship, 18 prom on drones, Spartans, Sep and dual boosters.

    I believe there are just too many in the map each time (due to them being mixed company) and so the damage count is not accurate, or rewards are just being split among way too many players each time. On regular maps I hit 110 / 130K with RB - These maps it is "supposed" to be X8 so I'm obviously missing a hell of a lot (more than usual) or something is wrong with the damage calculations.

    A rough calculation; 2,000 RB-214 / 45 = 66 volleys on NPC @ (even a low calculation) 120K per volley is 8 million damage. Yet my rewards indicate I am doing less than 1 million damage, twice less than 500K - Something is wrong.,.
  7. The medium risk gate in 1-5 was PvE only.Or is that also considered a low risk gate?
    I understand how some may not like the new ship. I had similar thoughts at first. Then I realized it has a certain understated elegance that would most likely have been designed by a non-Terran species. And no matter what , it still looks better than that Lego building blocks brick they call the Centurion.
    A color scheme more in tune with the Black light ships would have been really cool.Maybe as some type of opposite to the Black light aliens
    And correct me if I am wrong but the stats on the Hecate appears to be the same as the Surgeon with the exception of the special ability and 1% more damage.

    Overall assessment; This event is just another Cluster "F" , similar to Hitac and Demaenor freighter events. Can't see what your trying to target because of the amt. of players on the map. I just happened to get lucky and won a Hecate ship for free. I will use it until the novelty wears off then go back to my Cyborg. Or set it up for Black Light maps.
  8. Adalon

    Adalon User

    I just made daily mission 1,000,000 damage on beacon is 6 seconds so if I'm making damage to NPC for over 100 seconds I should make at least 16mln damage not below 1mln
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  9. Veki

    Veki User

    Nice exploit I just saw : players are using Citadels Draw Fire ability to prevent others from firing at NPCs. Since one cannot fire at other players, they can do that without repercussions. :(
    So maybe devs could disable ship abilities in the event maps (if not per ship then all ship abilities)?
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  10. I saw the MCC bullies doing that yesterday. DO your event could have been good, but crappy rewards and the usual MCC garbage pretty much make it a flop like everything else you've done for the past 3 years or more.
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  11. come on DO sort the bugs out before you give us an event, 4-4 is unplayable because of the mCC and the cheats,
    x5 maps is impossible to lock npc, due to lag and citadels,
    is it not possible to give us 1 decent event.
    my own opinion sack the dev team and get some new ideas in the game.
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  12. My experience with the event so far:
    1: MCC's rule 4-4 and bully the others and they seem to have a noob account in every Medium Risk map aswell as they controll those maps to eventhough there is no PvP in those maps + they just hug the ports to the event maps killing all the weaker players trying to get in those maps.
    2: The damage people do to the NPC in the Medium Risk maps doesn't seem to match the reward they get from it.
    3: The problems listed above result into all others getting barely any reward for the time and ammo spent.
    4: The respawn time on the NPC's is way to long in my opinion.

    In general the event just seems to be just another event in which the MCC top clans can bully and annoy all others.
    There for i see no reason for myself and anyone who isn't a part of a MCC top clan on their server to participate in the event as eventhough im nearly UFE, i still can't be bothered getting shot by atleast 10 players who are a part of a high ranked MCC just to give them free kills on me.
  13. souleater1

    souleater1 User

    Is this a joke, there are so many players there that when beason appears u can't lock on to it because there are to many players in the way
    and when u lock it's usually on another player and theres no pvp so u can't fire, when u finally get a lock and do fire, I have yet to see
    any so called NPC's spawn. There should be a beacon in each Map, there should be a control just like the other event no one from another
    company can play on anothers MAP(ie. Eic, can't play on Vrus map and vise versa)
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  14. Oh, and did I mention lag so bad I thought it was the old days when the server was full ?

    Or perhaps that even when there were very few people on last night that the damage done has to be wrong, I'm UFE with everything, had 44 lf4(hypers and parity for npc damage) and fully boosted (plus extras from shared) and still doing mid level damage ?

    20 minutes for respawn ? Come on, did no one think this through? It's ridiculously long.
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  15. To be honest, i see no use in this event nor doing it every few months if ever again.
    MCC's are the only ones that end up getting use out of it but they make up 10 to 20% or so of the community so untill MCC's are 'fixed' this event like pretty much all others is useless for a majority of the community i find.
  16. yet again MCC getting all the rewards, you need to wake up and sort the game out, this event is useless.
    and the lag!!
  17. Sgt_Ocker

    Sgt_Ocker User

    It is a little discouraging when my noob acc (lvl 15) can make enough to craft 3 HP's in the low risk portal, yet doing the same amount of beacons/NPC's in the medium risk *which supposedly pays better rewards* with my near UFE acc I haven't made enough to craft even one.

    X-5 portals need to be Company specific
    X-5 portals need to have a demil at the entry point (in X-5)

    Then and only then might this event be open to more than the MCC (who currently control ALL portals due to the way they spawn)

    Devs; you did listen regarding PVP in X-5 which is great. Please take the next step to making this event memorable for more than "Just another event for MCC".
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  18. I think the majority has spoken. This event is awful . And I would love to use some very graphic expletives to tell you what I really think .
    But we won't go there . The only reason I can see for DO repeating these classic faux pas is to cater to their money makers and to hell with the rest of us. If you think they really care about your opinion then I hate to disappoint, but they don't. And I can say that with confidence because these same issues were raised regarding other similar events and nothing has changed. Spraying perfume on a turd doesn't make it a flower. So straight from the rectum of developers come another event .Basic single player missions would have been the way to go.
    Do a mission to earn formula the build event GG , then accept missions for inside the GG. That would have benefited everyone .With level appropriate missions for players below and above level 15.At the very least map access should have been restricted to local companies ONLY
    Don't get me wrong . I understand this is a money making business . But , you need to balance that with events that will keep all players interest in the game. I , at first , did not spend hard cash until I realized , A-that I had to spend some money to advance and keep the game enjoyable. And , B -there were some aesthetic items that I just had to have.
    I have played for a long time and I learned which events to stay away from and this is another one to add to the list.
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  19. KeyCarlos

    KeyCarlos User


    i personally think that 20 minutes is fast. THERE ARE other games out there that EVENTS are TIMED longer like 1 hour intervals ? 2 hours ? there are even those who only goes LIVE for an HOUR a day. we are lucky that this event even though the first time it runs for HOW MANY DAYS.

    so yeah dont be child brains - the respawn time is GOOD
    the problem here is

    1. MULTI COMPANY CLANS - They abuse , exploit and make the event UNFAIR


    to the players who are brain childs, please go back to your primary school and take an elementary lessons again.

    I am open to any debates regarding this and im sure you will be humiliated upon realizing how childish and braindead whoever you are
    you can do so my sending me private message.

    closing this I would like to tell people that LIVE / ONLINE EVENTS are never perfect.
    this kind of events bound to have a bug or two because there are parts that can only be CHECKED when it is live.
  20. to start with id like to do event but theres that many cheats doing it as soon as they shoot or move it laggs the whole screen out ,why does dark orbit not sort the programmes out or stop selling them it ruins game .oh yer and 25 mins waiting each time i think is boring as hell n1 another crap event ruined actually nar it was rubbish
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