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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Deter, Feb 6, 2019.

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  1. Sgt_Ocker

    Sgt_Ocker User

    I'm not at all sure we can blame the lag entirely on players, except there are just way too many of them in the map "trying" to do the event.
    I've found (on all 3 servers i play).
    My computer usually runs at around 55 to 65 FPS during normal game play including group fighting and other activities where there is a lot going on at the same time.
    [Ryzen 6500, 24GB ram, dual GTX 1080's, 32" AOC curved screen]

    During this event; When the Beacon spawns my FPS drops to around 40/45 which is still playable. Once the NPC (regardless of which one) spawns my FPS drops to 4 and even as low as 2.

    If i move slightly away from the crowd around the NPC I can actually watch my missiles slowly travel to the target - It just isn't playable. (sadly my rewards so far show it isn't worth my while, over 50K RB ammo + Sep used and still haven't reached 50K Progression points)
    One of my accounts is only level 15 so have been doing the low risk in X-1. There are a lot less players in the X-1 portal yet my FPS reacts much the same way as it does in X-5 portals - I tend to hit lows of 20 to 30 in X-1. So it doesn't seem to be strictly related to the overall amount of players in the map, although i am sure it does contribute.

    NB; Using the ingame FPS counter, my memory when the beacon spawns is around 260 - Once the NPC spawns it jumps to over 800.
  2. Let me give you my feedback of this event.
    Good part: Hecate is a good alternative to cyborg and the way you get it gives a chance to everyone.

    Bad part: The new high-techs and pet gear... pretty much useless, only tryhards will use them, until they run out of them. opetite being dropped in the player's cargo.... this is just absolutely stupid. The new NPC are not worth for anything, except ep and credits.

    Absolutely terrible, pvp killing part: Already 3 days of the event have passed and nearly everyone from the most hated thing in the game, the biggest MCC clan which outnumbers everyone to take everything, have made not only several days of DLB dmg and shield boosters, not weeks, M0NTHS. By the end of the event there will be people who will have close to an year of DLB boosters, and those, once again, will be all the members of the biggest MCC clan. If being outnumbered by people, or fighting against people with 120% shield and 55% dmg wasn't cancerous enough, now these people will have more than 160% shield and more than 80% dmg boosters? This is just absolutely stupid! Not to mention that now even 1v1s wont be possible for the most part, because again when they are not in groups, those people, those amateurish rank chasers, will all have "permanent" 75% shield and 25% dmg boosters... You, the team of Darkorbit, made a cap on the seprom which completely prevented seprom farming from this event. Now its your turn again to at least cap the DLB boosters, before its too late. The seprom cap was way too late, they may be capped, but they still have billions, now while its time cap the DLB boosters, before they make 4-5+ months of them. Seprom's cap was hard, so should be the DLB boosters' cap. I'd say 14 days max cap. PVP keeps getting less and less skill based with stupid updated such as this one.
    The average playtime per day that i had for the past 1 year is about 30 minutes per day and the only reason was the bit of pvp i did from time to time, thank y0u, for giving those MCC amateurs massive amounts of boosters and taking away from me the only thing left that i liked in this game, the somewhat fair fights.
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  3. come on DO read the feedback, you cant lock the npc's for the lag and the cheats, and the 4-4 portal , that's a joke its full of cheats and botrs, and all you do is give them more and more rewards, nice job
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  4. Thing is all i really have to add is they even made maps this time that are strictly pve and some still complain i go to 4-4 and get killed or no rewards well that map is not made for smaller players get over it and build a good ship and you can be a part of it also. I also have a lvl 20 ship that will do ok in this event and no it's not in any top clan just a normal clan. Enjoy
  5. Sgt_Ocker

    Sgt_Ocker User

    Sorry ice but due to players of your level who can not only survive 4-4 and get the best rewards but also jump into the X-5 maps with their full prom lasers spartans etc, many players of lower levels aren't able to get more than minimal rewards from the event.
    Like DO management team you seem to forget, this event is based on how much damage you do to the NPC, if you have 20 or 30 or more BIG hitters in the map, where does that leave those who can't hit as hard (new/er players) who have to share the X-5 maps while at the same time have no chance in 4-4?
    The answer is obvious - You get minimal rewards each time, you get discouraged because progress is so slow, rewards are so low, you give up.

    NB; Anyone who has done a previous event in this game knew exactly what would happen on event PVP maps, which is why we asked for X-5 maps to be PVP free and although you can't just get killed by the MCC who run events they can and do deny reward in those maps by flooding them. Due to the way the Beacons/ NPC's spawn there are too many High rank hard hitting players in X-5 maps getting the best from 4-4 AND X-5. Not everyone can join one of the two top ranked clans on a server for the duration of an event to benefit from the fact they run the events.

    As it is you (no offence but you do know better than most how to build up an account), I'd imagine your level 20 account is far more advanced than the average level 20 player, let alone those between levels 17 and 19 chasing the same rewards. I've done over 20 instances of the event in X-5 on my level 18 account, with full lf4s and 12 Prom lasers, 8 drones and full havocs - Using X-4 as it is the best i have, so far i have not received more than minimal rewards. I'm not bothering wasting my time running this account for the event anymore - over 40K X-4 and still haven't got half progression points for the first time.

    DO needs to learn how to run events that are balanced so new/er players have a chance of competing - At their own level instead of against the top players.
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  6. Well there is your problem right there sorry to say but if you only have 8 drones i don't think this event is for you at all, right now you should only be concentrating on one thing (Apis and Zues drones). Lower lvl players need to build their ships not just go to all the new event's and think you can even start to compete with 10 drone players, So right no you should only be thinking od how can I get gg energy's to build gates to get booty keys and ammo for when your'e FE. Cheers
  7. Veki

    Veki User

    I'd like to ask devs to implement 2 improvements (if possible) :
    1. Make the beacon always clikcable like the NPC. There are many inconsiderate players that sit on top of beacon making it impossible to target it and attack it. That results in low level NPC spawn and consequently low rewards.
    2. Option to disable fireworks from rendering (like "Show drones" option)
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  8. Sgt_Ocker

    Sgt_Ocker User

    Really? 8 drones with havocs, 12 Prom lasers and LF4's.
    I was told i shouldn't be doing BL content, yet have 12 Prom lasers
    I was told to concentrate on killing npc's to "try" and get the other 2 drones, as i wasn't ready for PVP (account has nearly 1K kills and is only 3 months old)
    Now you're telling me i shouldn't be doing events because i can't compete with the big guns who have been playing the game for 10 or more years..

    Funny thing is, without being able to do the events there is little chance i will ever be able to compete but then even my near UFE account can't compete in this event because I'm not part of one of the big dominating MCC that flood into event portals every time a Beacon spawns. So where does that really leave the would be up and comers in the game - Those who have made a commitment and built up their ships but don't belong to a dominating group so get less benefit from competing in events or even every day game play.

    Even DO management recognise this as shown by the event portal in X-1 maps. the problem is, while it is great for lvl 16 and below players to do the event - There are a lot more 17 to 20 players who get nothing because they are dumped in with guys who have been playing 10 years or more.
    So yes, this account can't compete with the big guys so probably shouldn't be forced to compete with them. If Do is serious about the future of the game, they need to start catering for the group (the largest part of the player base) that can't do new player content but also can't compete with the older established players.

    As for "how can i get GG energies to build gates" - Difficult unless you join the botting crew; trying to do BK's - you're competing with bots; go to palli - you're competing with bots.,. Doesn't matter if you have 8 drones or 10, if the game is such that you can't compete - You can't compete, removing the ability to compete in events is just another major setback that causes a lot to just give up.
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  9. Ok well in your last post to me you say "I would know how to build a account better than most". Now you say I don't know what i am talking about when i say concentrate on building your drones next. Well i tried to help obviously you have it figured out so good luck.
  10. I have an idea which would make the event a little more playable.
    Impose a "no fly zone " around the beacon so players can't sit on top of it and block you from clicking on it.
    The same can be done for the alien spawning .
    That would at least give everyone a fighting chance at getting something .
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  11. Sgt_Ocker

    Sgt_Ocker User

    Thought you might misunderstand. Ok try this; Take your lvl 20 account (which i presume has 10 drones or you wouldn't be attempting to do the event with it), change the name on that account, leave your clan and go do the event without telling anyone who you are. Try to find a group that will take you so you have boosts, try to do enough damage to the NPC to get decent rewards - Try to play like a player relatively new to the game.

    Most of the kills I have on my small account have been on guys with 9 or 10 drones, most of my Prom lasers I got either solo or in groups that took pity on a new guy - Having 10 drones doesn't make all that much difference if you don't know how to use the ship or have the best gear on it, you CAN"T get the best gear without doing Events and BL content. Just having 10 drones and full LF4's means you are what FE (with 8 and full LF3's) was years ago.
    The sheer amount of players with 9 or even 10 drones not able to get decent rewards from this event due to the way it is designed is astounding not to mention those with 8 drones that made the mistake of reaching a higher level than they can compete in - Because that is how the game is designed.

    And if the intention of DO management was for the event to be only available to UFE or close to, why bother removing PVP from 3 of the maps? Surely all the UFE out there can handle a bit of BLOB PVP while still doing an event - Obviously they can, just look at 4-4, where one or two clans get all the rewards and everyone else dies.

    NB; I could have got my Apis 3 weeks ago *have 24 parts* but decided to wait until I have another Havoc for it because i didn't want to lose the 10% damage bonus Havocs give me with 8 drones.

    Personally I think DO is trying to encourage new/er players to stay, despite what the top players think or want. Had they put just a little more thought into this event it could have been well balanced so that all levels of player could participate and get more than minimal rewards. As i said, they did it for those level 16 and under, just a shame they didn't think about those in between lvl 16 and 20 that can't hope to compete with the ubers and others that are so much stronger than them.
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  12. READ THE POSTS, whats the point of an npc that you cant lock when all the cheats sit on it.
    SORT THE PROBLEM OUT! and 4-4 map what a joke , its full iof cheats.
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  13. I didn't misunderstand but i don't want to read another 5-6 paragraphs about your thought's each time you post so i am done.
  14. Kante.

    Kante. User

    In assembly I don't have 1DMG-DLB Booster option. I have only the Optite boosters and the old ones.
  15. To lock the beacon or npc ...use your mouse wheel , scroll in lock is easy ..same to get the box
  16. I don't understand.
  17. wardrun

    wardrun User

    When you zoom in it is easier to see what is what. You can easily find the beacon's body and lock also can easily take the box even if it is crowded.
  18. Sgt_Ocker

    Sgt_Ocker User

    If only it were that easy. Yes sometimes zooming will allow you to get lock, others it doesn't help due to the sheer amount of players sitting on it or flying over it constantly.
    Pets are just a nuisance and should be turned off/disabled when players enter the event portals as all they do is hover over and around the Beacon and NPC (as they are designed to).
  19. new ship isnt worth . at last need some dmg bost lets say 10 % would be fair enough or makeing ability available for use on npc .nice thing is most who play event got it for free so i might understand why is underpovered but still .
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  20. is their a list of quests for this event?
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