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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Deter, Feb 6, 2019.

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  1. hecate change:
    200.000 if hp and nano hull
    13 lasers
    25 gerators
    250 speed
    2.500 cargo
  2. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker User

    Sooo, the Uri rewards are increased but overall the event hasn't changed. Only the top players that hit the hardest will profit (even more with increased Uri rewards) while everyone else puts up with low event rewards.

    All the craftable items - Specifically added for big spenders and botters due to costs.
    If you aren't in the right group forget crafting anything requiring Optite as 4-4 will once again be dominated by one or two groups working to keep everyone else out.

    Progression points - To get to 50K will cost you far more in ammo/Sep/Promi than you can hope to get as rewards. Then you have to pay 15K Uri to reset it and waste more ammo etc to get the same mediocre rewards. NPC Nuke is only useful in very limited scenarios, it isn't worth grinding 25K progression points for. Especially when once you get the poor excuse for a reward it costs you 15K URI to get the slightly better rewards.

    DO has never been a game that offered any sort of "balance" but surely after all the feedback from the first run Devs could have at least made an effort to cater to more than the bullies and top players on servers.
    Personally I think it's time DO employed someone who has at least a slight idea on how to balance events so new/er players can participate and have a chance of getting reasonable rewards without having to compete with the elite on the servers.
    OP32 has once again shown, he hasn't got a clue.
  3. I just want to clarify one thing though you think that cause someone hit's hard they are rewarded even more but i can assure you this is not the case.
    Yes, i get plenty full boosters but the ammo and uri required to play these event's eat up my rsb ,booty keys ,x4 ,and uri. Not to mention emp's from always getting attacked when low hp and another thing top players use way more ammo emp's ish shields and smart bomb. So basically were paying to play a slightly different game than some see. If you don't want to or can't for some reason is not any ones fault there are maps that are not pvp and all are welcome to those maps but if you want the same rewards as the top players then you will have to spend more of everything to get it otherwise the UFE's just keep going up and the lower players keep complaining so just my thought's on fairness a bit.
  4. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker User

    As i said last time you told me how "hard" it is for you top ranked guys.. Leave your clan and join a lesser known one, change your name and don't tell anyone who you are (obviously hard when you are ranked so high on the server to hide who you are). Then go to 4-4 and try to compete with the top clan/s on the server (the one you belong to) and see how well you do.
    I have 29 promi lasers, use exactly the same ammo etc as you but because I don't belong to one of the top 3 or 4 allied clans I don't survive long enough in 4-4 to get anything other than plenty of drone damage.
    And yes, there are maps that are pvp free - X-5 maps, which as it happens are generally full of the same guys who dominate and exclude others from 4-4.

    Spending a dollar isn't going to fix the underlying issue with these events (or the game as a whole right now) - I can't spend enough to compete with the multitude of bots that have unlimited uri to buy the best ammo and whatever else they need.

    It doesn't really matter either way. DO has all the feedback from the last time this event was run and as they do with most things decided to ignore it.
  5. Yes and i also have a lvl 20 account that i only go do event missions with and i go to 4-4 where no one knows me and yes even my own clan kills me but you know what, I still complete my mission. Sounds to me like you just need to get better at the game instead of asking everyone to just give you what you want try going out to earn it. Sorry if it sounds like i am attacking you but hey if you don't want to be in a top clan and you choose to hide in the shadows that is your choice. The problem here is it sounds like your demanding changes to fit your style instead of you changing your style to play the game. The rewards come from the end damage to the plutus not the starting and not many choose to fight instead of the rewards it's easy to sneak in and get some rewards.
  6. Star*Fire

    Star*Fire User

    This event isn't worth my time or money. Just like the other "everyone shoots one ship" events. Don't care what the rewards are it's a game to have fun on nothing more. So make it fun not just dumb. These events are for draining you of your ammo and money nothing more. Give us a real event Like "Attack of the Killer Pets " which was the last good event we've seen. It was fun but most of the ones now are just boring or gates.
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  7. AVIT

    AVIT User

    ahh i found the box after it does .no one told me ... but criky how you supposed to lock the beacon and the npc ? this is terrible , and also when i finally mange to lock it red it will go to white lock ? what the flips going on here ?

    too much lag ..loose lock all the time ...most peeps are parking there ships from hanger in the differnet maps ,so map is choca block ..waste of time overall ,,if you do get a red lock it will go to white .. events like this should not be even released if dont work
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  8. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker User

    I do go to 4-4, so far have attempted it 4 times (with friends in my lvl 24 acc) 1st attempt 54K EP, 600 honour, 54 URI - Died 3 times to mines got no box. 2nd attempt got nothing, couldn't even get close to the beacon or NPC as 4-4 was overrun with war clans, some doing the event the rest shooting anyone not with them out of 4-4. 3rd, I decided to just shoot war clans and drop mines - got 7 kills before getting popped - Still nothing from the event. 4th time, jumped in with jump CPU, landed in the middle of a group of reds died and gave up.
    NB; None of us (out of 6 in the group) got anything from our efforts in 4-4 besides a few kills and drone damage.

    Doing the event missions is really not worth the effort - The ONLY thing worth while from this event is the progression points (aside from the NPC Nuke which really has very limited use) but to get the progression points in reasonable time you need to do as much damage as possible. When you are competing with botters who have pretty much unlimited URI and can afford to buy RSB like it was X2, legit players don't stand much of a chance without spending way too much to compete at their level.
    Sorry but I'm not spending more money on the game so the botters can out do me at every turn.

    There were guys in Global last night (my time) from the number one clan posting they had already received the 1st NPC Nuke (so completed the progression in less than 6 hours of the event starting) while the majority were at around 10K progression - It has nothing to do with "my" play style but more to do with the imbalance between those who dominate (49 in the clan, not one below lvl 24 + their multitude of allies) and those who are trying to compete with them.

    When there are so many in X-5 maps the game just lags - there needs to be some sort of balance introduced.
    When the top clans "fix" the spawn time of 4-4 so they can do all 4 maps - there needs to be some sort of balance introduced.
    The lag was so bad at one point in 3-5 the NPC timed out - No-one got rewards and the top clan called it a victory in global.

    PS; Even the "Chance" drops of the new techs seems to have been reduced - So far out of the beacons I've done I got 1 shield repair.

    Sorry for the length of the post but it isn't as simple as "changing my play style". DO needs to take a close look at who their target group is for events - Is it just the top players (then tell us so the rest of us don't bother) Or are events meant to be for everyone.
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  9. I don’t know what you’re doing or the situation of your server but on mine I cycled the progression 3x in 6 hours, clanless. I’d go to eic mid map, finish there then go vru or mmo, then 4-4 and try to not get blown up by mcc. I could definitely have made more if I was in an mcc but almost 2 weeks of DLB in 6 hours ain’t bad.

    As for improvements:
    Npc cannot be wiz’d

    Npc will not go beyond radiation zone border (or npc doesn’t move at all)

    If you don’t shoot the beacon you can’t get rewards from npc (or damage to beacon affects reward from npc)

    Progression box for the x-5 maps and 4-4 like with spaceball, telling you time left til spawn/npc hp and shield for each map

    MAYBE ability to reset progression box at any time - I don’t want to get 30k more progression points for a single NPC Nuke when 20k got me ammo, sep, and boosters - but at same time that could be broken

    4-4 npc has a “demil” radius around it so you cannot lay mines, and any in its path are null

    A progression tab telling you how much damage you have dealt/need to deal to reach next bracket for rewards

    Timer on npc increases/decreases according to how many have shot it

    NO CARGO BOX DROPPED. The amount of time that has been wasted because someone goes afk on my cargo box is insane.

    MAYBE have the x-5 beacons spawn in order - as it stands people don’t seem to want to maximize the event, doing 1 at a time. This means you can only get 1-2 beacons tops, and the lower overall players per beacon means you may not get the best npc despite hitting hard.

    Limit on # of times progression tab can be reset OR rewards diminish each time you reset. Months of dlb is not ok

    Sale on RB ammo, or have event give RB ammo.
  10. AVIT

    AVIT User

    just park a ship in map ,and then logout to use another ship somewhere else .mcc cant torch you then .20 mins just use the other ship .simple

    Lag is the main issue as always on events which involves large numbers in same map
  11. Physicist

    Physicist User

    x-5 gates definitely need a demil zone or it'll be ridiculous free ambush
  12. Just use alternate hangars and place them in the map then warp to your main ship. Or cloak. Or use a tank config while you jump. ?????
  13. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker User

    The best "fix" they could do would be to make ALL 3 X-5 maps spawn at the same time, regardless of how quickly they are completed and 4-4 spawn at the same time. That would split players up and force them to choose which beacon they want to contest - Removing the ability for the top players to spam multiple maps every hour.

    NB, The NPC will only go into the rad zone if it is dragged there. Can't stop that as it is the players doing it.
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  14. Make it so that the damage to the beacon also counts toward the reward box. Now I see for example maybe 5 people shooting the beacon (=weak NPC spawns) and 15 people shooting the NPC which means it was not worth it for the people who shot the beacon.

    You could also add a once a day event mission that gives 10k rb so people can get a bigger reward once or twice a day. It should not destroy the economy c'mon..

    EDIT: oh and why does the ability of Hecate not work against aliens..? Cyborg would still be superior no matter what. Now it is just frustrating for everybody.
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  15. Star*Fire

    Star*Fire User

    Worthless event not worth my time and way to one sided towards the big money players. Who ever they have making up events has totally failed at that job or they have no clue as to what fun is. just saying!!!
  16. W3T-W1PE1

    W3T-W1PE1 User

    You have to be joking me right? I'm personally someone is basic fe, struggling through this game. Now I have an event, which I get 2m credits and ep every 20 minutes and the ammo, then I kill Lordakiums while I wait. When this event was last on, it got me from level 6 to 17 in 2 weeks and I wasnt playing all day. This event has helped me a lot, gives me somewhere players cant hunt me, I have the enchanced lf-4's, hecate which is a huge help for someone like me...This benefits everyone. When was the last time we had event where noobs had their own sections with weaker stuff which gives them amazing rewards and cant be killed for grinding.
  17. There should be an alternative reward instead of the NPC nuke for 50k points -
    RB ammo. For how crucial it is to the event it’s shocking that it’s in no way provided or discounted, nor have any recent events provided any.
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  18. Star*Fire

    Star*Fire User

    Good for you "Have fun." I'll skip this one like some of the others. I play to have fun chasing one ship is boring for me. so its a waste of time for me.
  19. I have really enjoyed this event and am glad that it has made a comeback, but, unfortunately since I've ran out of RB ammo, the good rewards that I've been getting before have been diminishing.

    As a result, I've just stopped doing the event--and I have come to a very important realization that the event is extremely unfair to rest of the community who do not have RB ammo.

    I suggest that we ought to nerf RB ammo from doing 8x to the NPCs and Beacons back to just normal 4x damage, that way FEs and sub-UFEs can still make this event worth while for them. UFEs will naturally hog rewards, but letting them do 8x damage with their great arsenal of RB ammo is seriously overkill.
    On a side note, Star*Fire, Hectate has a 7% DMG and 10% SHD passive bonus--I'll argue that this ship is in fact better than the Cyborg in group fights, although not so much in 1v1s. I'd rethink your decision to not chase this ship ;)
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  20. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker User

    Unfortuantely the event like all others is designed to get players to spend big.
    You can buy RB ammo in the shop, which is good except that you will spend far more URI on RB ammo than you could hope to gain in rewards from doing the event.

    The rewards need balancing.
    1. Remove the "chance" aspect of drops - Player does X amount of damage = XXX reward.

    2. Amount of damage to gain ship skins needs to be reduced - These could still be left to "chance" but the chance needs to be increased.
    Currently in the medium risk portals you need to exceed 24 million damage to have a "chance" at getting a skin, even the high risk you need to do a minimum of 20 million - Which excludes a good 90% of the player base from ever having a "chance" (and a very slim one it seems) of getting one.

    3. ALL portals need to spawn at the same time to reduce the effect of random spawns - Having the same heavy hitters spamming all event portals further reduces the "chance" of getting anything worthwhile from the event for all those who have not been playing for years and therefore have millions of RB ammo.

    4. Event missions - The rewards to be completely honest are Crap. 500 RB ammo - Are you serious?
    Make event missions worth doing - 5,000 RB ammo, which would for most give enough good ammo to comlete the next portal and have a chance of hitting hard enough to get better than minimum rewards and progress points.

    5. Keep the pitiful EP Honour credit and URI rewards from the missions - They aren't even useful to the newest players. ?? If you are so new 200K credits and 20 URI is going to help you - you aren't hitting the NPC hard enough to complete the mission in 1 go. You'd be better off shooting 3 Saimon or a few mordons.

    For example;
    Limited Supply
    Damage any players - 50,000
    credits 8,000
    uridium 50
    honour 5
    EP 5,000

    Seriously who is this mission aimed at?
    Sure you can drop a shield mine on yourself and complete it BUT is that really the aim of the mission?
    For any player that the rewards from this event might be useful - They aren't doing 50K damage to anyone else without getting popped, unless they have a "friend" that lets them shoot them - Again is the the aim of the mission?

    6. Progress points - Really, 30K points needed for an item that has very limited usefulness.
    Final "reward" for spending so much ammo and other resources on progression points should be "choice" - Maybe the option of a new tech item or booster that reduces the cooldown on the new tech items from 20 minutes to a more realistic 10 minutes.

    Devs, Management and others - This is 2019 we are in the 21st century, make events based on the player base today not just for those who have been playing since Adam was a boy and have more of everything than the rest of us can dream of.
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