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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ZKILLA[UNIT], Dec 10, 2013.

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  1. Im just going to start by saying the new repair while moving is a HORRIBLE update. But besides that, Did the players pick this update? Hell no! I used to play a game called runescape and they used to have a poll every once in awhile with questions about different updates and the players who had membership got to answer if they like the updates or not, So pretty much they let the players choose. Why not do polls for people who pay for premium? Cause i can guarentee you that the whole repping while moving would not have be chosen by players
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  2. There has already been a thread about this
  3. cooljak96

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    I agree, I think that 1 week after a major update like this, they should put out a poll on whether people like it or not. If not, they make changes, if people do, then they leave it.
  4. veritas

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    I agree. I don't like the blindside nature of many updates. I understand they like to "surprise" us from time to time, but would be nice to see a suggested/upcoming/updates in development section where players could sound off in advance on some things. Some updates are probably not too difficult and don't take much to implement, but there's some that I've facepalmed over the fact that they spent time and energy doing the thing, when there's other stuff I'd rather see/have fixed.

    Yes, I'd like to see the update of them asking our opinion on if we liked the update. I would vote yes to that update. :p
  5. well on the german forum people can post updates that are coming in yet we do not allow it which i think is totally stupid we have a right as players to see whats going on like on television companys advertise there products example: downloadable contect for xbox you see it in trailers and forums yet we are not aloud its stupid really
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