Possible Laser Accuracy Bug

Discussion in 'Technical Issues' started by º¤»ĐЯΣΔΜ◊†◊ÐΣМΦИ«¤º, Jul 1, 2022.

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  1. So, years ago I had an Admin test my account for a lack of damage, they did numerous tests, and stated my Lasers seemed to work fine, and they weren't the cause of damage difference vs others.

    The reason I had brought it to their attention, is because a Clan member at the time, had less LF-4s and far less upgrades compared to me, who was MAX. He did much more damage than I did on the same exact build.

    Now I have Lvl 16 and up FULL Prometheus Lasers on a centurion, with it's main stat boost design, double boosted, and a 13% Damage module for PvP. I hit 73k-83k x4. Odd don't you think? I've seen people hit more in a vengeance, without mods. I started to assume, based on someones comment, that it's not my Laser Damage, but my ships accuracy that is the issue. I say this because someone else had mentioned they have a full accuracy account. (No I will not Name them.) I accepted a 1v1 with someone the other day, same build, however they lacked the upgrades. They were at Level 10 on their proms, while I have them level 16-18. His RSB hit me for 350k. While my RSB could barely see 200k with Drill. We were using Max Damage builds btw. He did not have a Laser Damage module on his ship, I however did.

    Now for an extra bit, I brought this to support, asking if we could schedule a test, I'd allow them on my ship like I did the Admin years ago, they responded with a question, asking if I had made sure to have my highest levels on drones, if I was boosted, using seprom, the usual damage based things in game. Then told me, it is up to the player to find their accounts highest damage. I responded, with details on mobile, as I had just woken up, and they apparently closed the ticket off that, thanks support.

    I just want to know why, I hit so low, in a time when I see people on average hitting 200k x4 for christs sakes.
  2. jayherbo

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    I already have a post open on (Max Damage Cap):rolleyes:
  3. That'll never happen with the mods out, they don't want to steal from the players now do they? JK They 100% would, just like how Plus ships can't use the original ships designs.
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    You might already know this but just a thought. Pilot points makeup for a lot of damage/ accuracy. Could try the accuracy cpu that uses xeno. Also incoming damage to your ship is based on all the damage done in x amount of time where as out going damage is all displayed individually. So when there hitting you for that 350k that could be a combo+rockets pet ect. To truly test this you would have to know what they see on their screen. Unless of course rockets and Hallstrom are turned off. In which case this is a null sugjestion.
  5. right
    and lasers also have a damage spread from 75% to 100% of their power

    I can only say approximately what maximum damage you can have if I know the configuration
  6. I know all that, and no, this was damage testing, so a single RSB shot, no rockets on, nothing ect. I've been around long enough to know all that lol.

    At the time of post, Tyrannos Centurion. All level 16 Proms, 1 of them being level 17, thought I had an 18 but that's just my bad eyesight.
    Full damage, so ship and drones. Spartans, moth gives me avg 75k-80k. Drill gives me sometimes 100k x4 hits mostly 85k-95k. RSB is as mentioned before, I believe drill got me hitting 210k while moth I was hitting 195k. 13% damage module, Full PvP Pilot Bio, so fats and accuracy, double damage boosted 20%, Seprom. I don't think I'm leaving anything out? If you wanna know if I had something ask, I tend to forget things these days.
  7. upgrade levels weapons/drones 16 = 7,5%
    effects drones 6 level = 10%
    pilot sheet 5/5 = 12%
    seprom = 60%
    tyrannos = 10%
    drill = 20%
    module = 13%
    spartan = 10%
    boosters = 20%
    infection = 0%

    for your convenience, I have translated the words from the table
    ship: 16 х 742,74 = 11883,885
    drones: 20 х 878,29 = 17565,867
    total: 29449,75139 = 29450 for x1 (210 dmg)

    ship: 16 х 1450,12 = 23201,870
    drones: 20 х 1714,76 = 34295,264
    total: 57497,13366 = 57497 for x1 (200+210 dmg)
  8. x1? If that's x1 wouldn't my dmg be mad low? lol Sorry I'm a bit confused but maybe I'm reading it wrong right now.
  9. mxmumefort

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    truth is yes ive been averaging about 30 to 40% hit ratio.... basically hitting every 2 to 3 out of 5... constantly keeps saying miss, miss, miss, miss both on lasers and rockets... and this last gate i did did 5 ammunition gates and all it did was give me nothing but x2 ammo and 2026 rockets... good job DO screwing us over... whats wrong you devs not getting any type of bonus this quarter...
  10. this is the maximum damage for your configuration
    damage spread from 75% to 100%
    22-29к х1 / 88-116к х4
  11. So I'm hitting less than what I should be lol.
  12. interesting i have the same problem for my account already for years some times everything allright but some days im hitting below 80 k somthing like 70-74 max ...
    this happaned after a major update in the game around the Black Light event introduce modules cappable to increase the acc or decrease it
    this 70-74k dmg is like x3 even x2 ammo
    P.S. my P.E.T.-10 do more dmg than me some times
  13. [REMOVED]

    I was hitting 70k in my Solace+ the other night and it shifted back upward after a bit, I now have to run the cpu for accuracy all the time in pvp, luckily they fixed that though, because last time I used it, it sucked up 180k xeno in 5 mins.
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