[Pre-production] Balance Patch: The Emerging Light

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by OP32, Sep 20, 2017.

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  1. I see a typical only moth player xD. Lets see how u can kill me when im full dome and you lose -4% shield XD i will kill you with 10 shoots max while you need like 25 shoots minumum to get my hp down. Anyways people like you will never be good in this game because they always just focus on one formation called moth xD but im happy that they nerv it so people like you will need to learn the game.
  2. Maddust

    Maddust User

    now everyone will fly with surgeon, Mimesis and cyborg again because the cooldown times are almost back to the old level. Makes sense of course.
    They should decide what they want. they go back and forth. sorry but what they do now is just idiotic.
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  3. you are right :) this guy just plays with moth 24/7 and dont know how to fight XD. Its hard to use brain when the game is to hard :D
    DOME is just to OP and its going to kill the game.
  4. Rossi

    Rossi User

    If you want to make Citadel a Heavy Cruiser, it should have far more hitpoints. When you draw fire of 5 UFE ships, they will kill you in matter of few seconds, if you don't use shield/emp. Now it will be faster, when you are taking away the ring percentage once again!
    Either leave the dmg, or put at least 30 % more HP to it. 1 million Hitpoints and 2 millions of shield is nothing nowadays.
    You are just going backwards. Bringing more and more dmg to the game and hp/shd is so inbalanced. Just yesterday: 2 guys in cloack put HP mines under me and jumped on me and I didn't even had a chance to press F5 for shield, in how fast it was! I was dead and I could even see what hit me. And I had around 900k HP! Just two mines and one combo!
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  5. Man it is boring to fly with ring formation on a empty server. And the most players on my server just run with full shield so i have to use moth or i cant kill them.

    Lets see how the future will change.

    In a 1vs1 with 1vs1 configs i use 2 rings aswell.

    Well add more HP on Citadel and you can go solo hunt with full damage speedconfig lol.
  6. At solace if it was enlarged so much duration of cooldown,why is quality changed?From 50% for you at 45%?And for group from 25% at 15%?Cooldown was been increased almost 10 times is enough....The change at drone formation is not ok...First reason is because the damage in game grow more and more...Now if you are UFE player and have one group full of member all with double damage booster you can shoot 70-80k damage in heart,is necesary one formations with more shield like ring because he's good in more situation:in gates,kill npc,pvp,crazy cubikon.And why at moth is it reduced rate of depletion at shield?All formations are perfect as they are now.
    After so many years when all player are accustomed with all formation no one was dissatisfied,so why BP wants to change them? My opinion is formations of drone should not be changed never.And at some ships must be done changes with more careful in report:cooldown-quality
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  7. TheShadows

    TheShadows User

    Dome and Hammerclaw combo would be so funny :D:D:D
  8. XD yea that would be crazy and op as ****, no hp going down, no shield going down :p
  9. i think that if they want it
    they should these little condition " if the player don´t attack or it attacked by another player the cooldown of X abilitie is reduced X % " , that should be a great way to keep the PVE less.... touched by these changes, i don´t know if it´s good idea .. or no xD
  10. batata

    batata User

    Im glad that u plan to make the elite versions of citadel and aegis actualy better than the base designs and that u finally gave spear some atencion. Also icant express my satisfaction about the nerfing of that horrendous looking flying garbage u call tartarus. About the cooldowns, i think u should realy reconsider why u decreased them in the first place, i see very few ufe fights that go on for more than the cooldown time, thanks to the ridiculous dmg of today which, also, makes the nerf of ring seem ilogical.
    On a side note, what about the old goli designs? Dont they deserve a buff ? They are by far the better looking ones.
  11. Azarameus

    Azarameus User

    Oh dear. It seems that Scrooge is alive and well and working for Bigpoint. Not only do you nerf all our design ship abilities and drone formations, you also remove anything useful from the Apocalypse and Obsidian boxes - I was hoping for Apis or Zeus or a Tartarus for my noob on GE1, but everything in those is now just useless cosmetics. Meanwhile bots still prosper. Priorities man, Priorities. *Facepalm*
  12. derthvader

    derthvader User

    i hope that you develop a way to switch out ships equipment as it takes 30 min to switch out with lag and crashes this alone might make it easier to use more than one ship
  13. Sagturius

    Sagturius User

    I 100% agree with what was said here about the Tartarus. Additionally, now the Tartarus will be at an unfair disadvantage when JAMX is used because the ship will slow down to a crawl. The speed ability is now pointless because its not that fast and takes away 6% of its damage. I don't forsee using this ship much.

  14. I think the update on Mimesis is totally overrated and moves the wrong way, instead of buffing this ship you should be aware how strong its ability is and actually reduce the damage and increase the amount of shield consumed per second if you really want to accomplish something in terms of fair balance.

    Heading over to the next group the damagers:
    Diminisher Cyborg and Venom
    I think you should consider a second cooldown system for NPC´s for example if you use your ability to attack an NPC the cooldown of 2 minutes is totally fine. I understand the changes to the PVP for the 840 seconds i think it fits.

    Tartarus nerf was truly needed no doubt about this one.
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  15. Solace and Venom nerfs are rather harsh. Venom dmg should be higher to npc and solace percentages shouldn't be lower (IMO). Ring can go even lower in shield and remove slow. Most skill designs got duration increased but the abilities got buffed (sentinel,diminisher) or tweaked (spectrum), so venom and solace...
  16. ronz

    ronz User

    The buff for the Sentinel in terms of duration of ability seems great, I am not sure about others but I find the nerf to the Cool downs for the Old ship designs such as Venom, Diminisher, Solace are a bit of a step backwards but that's just what I personally feel.
    As for the Speccy and Tart changes, well done, a step in the right direction.
    I do hope you are reading this OP32
    and reconsider the Cool downs for the old ship designs...
    I only saw Pincer formation untouched, perhaps a slighy increase in laser damage whilst not making it too relevant to drill formation.
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  17. I have an Idea what if abilities are nerfed but cooldown remains the same or becomes 5min. 14min is pretty hard nerf
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  18. Bakjam

    Bakjam User

    If there is a Spearhead brave enough to use JAMX, the Tartarus is screwed anyway as for now, it will have 444 speed which means any other ship can easily keep up.

    Nonetheless, rather than the Tartarus, the Pusat will now be the best combination of speed and firepower once more and since it does not rely on an ability, the Spearhead will also have a problem.

    For this reason I would prefer a shorter JAMX cooldown, and a higher speed boost for the Tartarus, in this fashion, the 3 ships keep each other in balance:

    Spearhead can be faster than Tartarus
    Tartarus can be faster than Pusat
    Pusat can be just as fast as Spearhead

    Increasing the speed of the Spearhead to 600 is also possible.
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  19. The Pusat has really low HP. It won't be as broken as tartarus of today which is faster and tankier. However I didn't play during the golden days of Pusat so who knows...
  20. MyBigi

    MyBigi User

    they can always change it if they see its overpowered.
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