[Pre-production] Balance Patch: The Emerging Light

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by OP32, Sep 20, 2017.

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  1. Bakjam

    Bakjam User

    An HP boost will not solve the mine problem; in fact the mines will just deal more damage. Citadels are vulnerable for most mines indeed (especially ACM and HP mines). The only way to fix this would be with some kind of damage resistance, this would also counter the downside of HP repairing really slow and inefficient (i.e. not when you are shooting something).

    Lower HP and a passive damage resistance.
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  2. I hope someone else has figured out the Mimesis scramble Dome Combo. It is OP. I mean your shield doesn't go down your dmg and speed are still higher than normal so...
  3. Rossi

    Rossi User

    You do realize the mines are based on percantage, right? So it will always take 20 % (without pilot bio). More HP = more HP left after mine (more HP = bigger chance of surviving).
    And robot's repairing time is the same for any ship. "This repair bot recovers your ship's hull in 90 seconds." More HP = more HP recovered

    But yes, damage resistance would be good, and not only in Fortify mode (reduction of incoming damage by 80 % for 6 seconds every 430 seconds is pretty much useless, if you are supposed to be heavy cruiser that's supposed to take over the fire of a group.).
  4. Dome just does regenerate 1,5% shield/second, when it get´s implemented like announced here.
    Scramble deletes 10% of your total shield per second (atm, 8% when changed like it was said here).
    You can´t keep it running unless using SAB ammo and flying with few shield/ using shield-backup when needed.
  5. Bakjam

    Bakjam User

    The fact that scramble cannot be cancelled by JAMX makes it OP with these changes, especially Spearheads can easily be killed now :I
  6. I just said when DOME comes out like that with 1,5% reg per sec, then everyone can just quit or do gates 24/7
  7. Firstly, I think putting it from 10% to 7% bonus damage on the Cyborg would definitely even that ship. Having a 10% bonus damage design basically makes it a must regardless of the cooldown on it.

    Unless you're rolling around with Spectrum, Solace or Cyborg yourself, you are just food to this ship.

    I also think you are making the Diminisher too powerful, it's going to be the new best ship due to the damage buff. Diminisher + Pincer will wipe anyone out before they can even react.
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  8. REAPER02

    REAPER02 User

    i dont mind all the other updates u guys plan on doing but plz DO NOT NERF RING FORMATION that is like a really good formation the way it is u droping it so low will make ppl dont want to play because if u do that when ppl get 3v1 and stuff like that there is like no chance of survival and ik that all the youtubers that play darkorbit will be upset with that as well u guys do this to ring u will loose alot of players pll will quit because of that
  9. People will quit because they are finally going to balance one of the OP formations? So be it then. The reason they are nerfing ring is because Solace (sentinel, Spectrum) are way too strong with it due to them being shield bonused designs. On top of it that it encourages the use of Moth formation because Moth is the counter to Ring, which is common knowledge.

    I'd rather lose players and have PvP be more fun, then keep players and keep it in this meta which basically works like this: You use Solace or Spectrum or you can't fight anything except 1v1 because Ring makes you practically unkillable.

    Ring is still going to be very useful for heavy 1v1 (or any other type of fight) combat, except you will have to switch formation earlier to gain an advantage.

    If you ask me, I think it's so much better and this really needs to hurry up and be out.
  10. PuckerUp

    PuckerUp User

    Why can't they put ship restrictions in instead changing the formations ?
  11. batata

    batata User

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  12. Muto98

    Muto98 User

    Hello evryone!

    Can i ask about Vengeance (V-Lightning,Revenge,Avenger)

    • I really like the V-Revenge ship, but it's too weak for the strongest ship like Cyborg now and Hammerclaw, please give to it 2 more laser slots OR Generator slots, it's too weak i think.And the Tartarus who is much faster than vengeance it's not fair. So i just wanted to ask that how can you make it little stronger?PLEASE!!

    please who agree give me feedback about it.Thanks
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  13. Regarding the ships' specs you definitely do not need to increase the cooldown of all ex goliath designs except the spectrum (which is OP). If you increase the cooldown it will make all goliath based ships obsolete as they were before the first change of the cooldowns. Also all vengeance based ships should be boosted in order to be at least relevant.
  14. I agree with colonial about increasing skill design cooldowns, 14-15 minute cooldown is far too long... I think making it 3-5 minutes (maybe more or less depending on the strength of each design) would be a fair change without rendering them near useless.
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  15. MOΨS

    MOΨS User

    I dont really get the point with the Cyborg ship, it has superior stats than any other ship, and a stronger ability than the venom. I understand that it would be an upgraded version of the Venom, with heavy firepower, but why does it have an extra generator? The ship's damage boost is already really strong, maybe too much ( 10 % is a lot and it has an extra laser slot ) but having one extra generator makes it unfair. It's just better than any goliath, on every point.
    As fast as the Surgeon, which has too an extra generator and a slightly stronger damage boost than the other offensive designs, it doesn't have an ability and that's what makes it not completely overpowered. The Cyborg has one, and shoots even harder.

    So I'm fine with the Cyborg being a stronger Venom, but it can't be a totally superior ship of another kind. It completely ruins the balance of the game.

    As for the other changes, honeslty i'm pretty impressed in the releventness of these, I always felt it strange that the Heart formation only gave 10% shield, and it felt funny that you came up with that change. There is one thing that might be a little too strong though, which is the Diminisher's ability ( even though I really love that design ), the shield malus should at least be of 20%.

    I'm really excited to test all of these changes, I feel like the Pusat or Spearhead can be used again, since the Tartarus isn't bullying them anymore in their own playground, with stronger stats.
  16. Bakjam

    Bakjam User

    The Spearhead never really had much trouble with Tartarus (because of JAMX). In fact, now that the Tartarus is nerfed we will see less Spearheads because the Pusat will come back and the Pusat is the ultimate Spearhead killer. No ship should be faster or just as fast as the Spearhead, in my opinion.
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  17. GreatA

    GreatA User

    As a pvp fighter, I suggest to :

    Increased Fortress duration from 10 seconds to 70 seconds. ( not 65 secs) SENTINEL
    It always looks beautiful (2D), we can make really nice 1vs1 like in the past ...

    Increased Rocket damage from +50% to +60%. ( not 65 secs) CHEVRON
    We now can hit max 42 000 with 1 PLT 3030+Demon drone+Leonov+Chevron imagine if we increase from +50 to +65%, this is insane ^^

    Shield regeneration increased from +0.5% to +1%. (not +1,5%) DOME
    Nobody want to lost ammo, to fight with a citadel full Hyperplasmoid with Dome.

    I am really exited to test those improvements, especially leonov against cyborg. :D I give you my ID

    In the past we always fight with bastion, then spectrum and sentinnel, now solace. In the future, the best ships for teamfight will be the hammerclaw with a citadel for tournament 5v5, or 50vs50.

    ID : 26927006
  18. I agree with relentless, Dome formation will end up killing the game. Sheild regeneration should be decreased to 0.75-1% and the decrease in damage needs to be increased if they other changes about the formation were to go ahead.
  19. anduril

    anduril User

    This is so short sighted I can't believe it. The new ships, Cyborg, Memesis and Hammerclaw are so new and hard to get that you don't see many in game ever. And you want to nerf them already? Gosh, why work hard and play more to get them? Just nerf them all back to 0% against each other. Better yet, delete all the ships except for yamoto and defcom. That is how you make it fair and balanced for everyone. I see no reason for this change. I worked for my ship, let me use it as it is. If you, DO, can't introduce new ships or maps or changes to the game that are "balanced" then just stop. Don't change to please everyone, have a plan for the game and make it fun. This change ruins the incentive for working to get something better. Go nerf!

  20. evansnow

    evansnow User

    looking forward to seeing the changes and how they effect gameplay.
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