[Pre-production] Balance Patch: The Emerging Light

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by OP32, Sep 20, 2017.

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  1. Destiny202

    Destiny202 User

    is there still no more on this update it needs to hurry up and come out i would like a release date its been 4 month since it was open please update
  2. Probably see it with the Server Merge later this month, would be my guess.
  3. Kante.

    Kante. User

    Some balancing was needed, the point is not only ability, but also availability. There is difference between ship you can buy every hour in auction and ship you need to build with oil. When I have seen the 150 oil in calendar, and seen all the new Cyborg ships, afterward I thought something is off. Big Point not known for generosity. Venom was poor choice in PvP. I use the ship at farming to conserve ammo. I have no idea of its use when the changes will be applied. What's the point of Goli-X? It got 10% experience as veteran and 5% damage as enforcer. What will be the point of those ships? I fear this update is as poor as anything DO did in las few years. The game was balanced at beginning. Unfortunately lasers became stronger every year but rockets stay the same. The options in Skill Tree are outdated. Players who put their points to rockets waste them.
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  4. i use venom for farming and i dont like how the cooldown is being changed but i understand the purpose
  5. Kante.

    Kante. User

    When they came up with Venom, Spectrum, Diminisher, Solace they all got long cool time. It was changed to current state, they wanted players to use the ability, not to save it as last resort. Now players do exactly as they want and they want to change it back.
    The development lack vision. If they change the cooldown, they should make the Venom's ability little stronger, not as strong as cyborg, but competitive with the other ships in PvP.
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  6. Okay I have not spoken out on the re-balancing of the Ships. Every time a NEW Ship is released and people start to like it there is a BUFF done to it. The 5 Pack of Skill Goliaths seemed to survive the longest without having any changes made to it. Then you change it to make them more appealing to the players again, now you want to change them again.

    MY suggestion is to weigh these Ships out before they are released so that making a Balancing Patch is not required. With the Designs being made into Ships we NOW have 56 different Ships to be used and with the different Options many of them will NOT be used and with that being said, is there any reason why these have never been looked at being changed to make them more appealing as your current Patch addresses the NEWEST and Most popular of the OLD School Ships.

    The OLD School Ship descriptions and strategies need to be remembered and a measuring stick for the addition of Ships to the Game, constantly changing the Ships as we know them is NOT good for the game or the community that you still have. I do agree that the Skills of the Goliaths did need to be looked at the first time and they were taken too far the other direction, but this currently proposed Patch looks like you are returning to the original Release specs again.

    Why are Ships being created that make others OBSOLETE? Take the Tartarus vs Vengeance comparison, this Vengeance is now the Goliath in this fight, its hit and run strategy for battle is now useless, therefore, this Ship including the Lightning are no longer feasible ships to use in the Game, then you look at the fact that the NEW player is also OBSOLETE so that now means ALL of the Credit Ships are now History.

    Have fun with your PATCH and remember there are still some Old School Players that are hoping to see D O be what it used to be.
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  7. Sapphire

    Sapphire User

    You don't notice how much changing the other thing in the game changes also the usability of the ships. You seem to forget that when these ships were released, it was 2010-2011, dude, we live 2018 and the game has changed a lot. Damage has been increased, shield has been increased, formations and stuff. Of course other aspects needs to change as well. Everything impacts to everything, it is not 1+1 science, therefore, it's really hard to predict the future use of these ships.

    • Would we need balance patch if LF-4 existed? I think no.
    • Same question about Cyborg? I think no.

    The damage, shield and stuff matters a lot of the usage of the ships and formations, Moth wouldn't be so overpowered, if the damage as well was lower, but because we lack the HP and we give almost half of the HP damage nowadays, of course it's hard to play against Moth.
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  8. Kante.

    Kante. User

    The reason for new ships is the same as for new lasers or P.E.T. levels.

    1) To make profit.

    2) To give full, or near full players new objective.
  9. I am not against NEW Ships. I am against the need to Change the Stats right after everyone has bought them because they were so overpowered to begin with. When they added the Skill designs (Goliath and Vengeance) people had more choices but they were not completely defeated flying the other Ships instead. This was more about getting the Dev Team to stop and think about what impact is going to happen IF they add this Ship BEFORE they add it instead of creating a PATCH/BUFF to keep it from being the only Ship seen in the maps.

    All I was trying to say is to follow the ORIGINAL Game Plan and Strategy sheets, that are still in the FAQ section, so as to allow these Ships to also have the same fighting chance as they used to. A person should not be FORCED to Change their entire fighting style just to defend against another NEW Ship, as it is so overpowered (in any manner) to defeat the Skills of a Veteran Player (someone who seldom ever lost a fight).
  10. or add a copy of the ability one thats only useable for npc,s and the other for pvp they just both have separate cooldown times so who uses it for farming can continue with the 2 minute cooldown andpvp still have the 14 . the venom is one of my most used skill desgins and in my opinion would be almost useless with that long of a cool down for me anyways im mainly a farmer dont pvp to much until im complete ufe but when youre ufe and hit 100k skill designs are rarley needed anyways
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  11. I use Ring to help me cube :(
  12. Sapphire

    Sapphire User

    Ring is pretty useless after you have around 20 LF-4 and Full Havocs. Bat / Chevron / Pincer or even Heart is better option to use in Cubikon if you use SAB and JOB ammo, then switching to Drill. At Ring, you lose too much ammo and takes a long time to kill one, even with Goliath.

    After the patch, Chevron is even better to drain some shields and Heart even better as it gives more shield to you.
  13. TheShadows

    TheShadows User

    This seems like a huge nerf.

    Just a suggestion, could instead of reducing Tartarus speed, keep it the same. Also decreasing cooldown on rapid fire would not increase damage much if the purpose is to "increase periodic DPS".

    Could the Tartarus rapid fire ability be changed to like 3-4 seconds of increased laser and rocket damage e.g. 25% increase in damage for 4 seconds with a cooldown of 30 seconds (similar to the Mimesis ability but without the evasion buff)?
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  14. A huge nerf, making a ship that's practically useless for pvp even more useless. It does not do enough damage, the only advantage it has is its speed. The kind of change proposed by DO/Bigpoint for the Tartarus is the kind of thing a player who doesn't like a certain ship would propose, not like developers thinking something through. The only use I can make of the Tart as of now is as an ambush attacker, if they make these changes it won't be worth anything, and that means a ship I PAID for is useless. Not encouraging me to ever spend money again, this idea of changing a ship lots of us paid for.
  15. Zecora

    Zecora User

    Well, I want to lose a word about the spearhead here because it seems that the spearhead is a little bit left behind regarding it's role/purpose. Let me explain why. The Spearhead is meant to be a stealth based ship functioning as a spotter. But even with it's abilities it doesn't serve this purpose all that greatly. The problem can be described as "The technology is advanced but not useful" - And even with the suggested balance changes it's role doesn't get easier in any way. It's more of a sabotage ship.

    Well, the issue is quickly explained: It is a stealth ship that lacks the ability of stealth. Without a cloaking CPU you can cloak for 30 seconds with the current ability. This leaves the spearhead open during the time it cannot cloak. And without a cloak a stealth based ship such as the spearhead that is very glassy becomes very vulnerable. If you want a true stealthy gameplay you pretty much have to rely on a lot of cloaking CPU's which can become quite expensive over time. And if we want to balance the Spearhead out to fit it's purpose I would love to pick up on some abilities and suggest something new.

    If we really want to give back the stealth role of this ship, we have to think about the stealth part. The ultimate cloak of this ship may be "advanced" technology, but in terms of frequency and usability it lacks compared to the normal cloaking CPU. So here is the first change I would love to suggest.

    Ultimate Cloak
    "Advanced cloaking technology renders this ship permanently invisible for as long as you don't attack or get detected by enemies. In case you feel in danger, the activation of this ability will reroute all power to the cloaking device, rendering you entirely invisible and removes you from the minimap for 8 seconds."

    Now, you can read from the first line that this ship receives a "permanent cloak" - That doesn't mean it is permanently invisible. It means that you can perform stealthy movement, however stealth movement is interrupted if you get detected by enemies - even NPC's - or if you attack something.

    - Detection works like a circle around your ship. For as long as nothing is inside this circle [the circle is invisible btw], your cloak will function like a normal cloaking. Whenever something flies inside there you become visible to this enemy for 10 seconds as your cloaking device is not strong enough for a permanent full cloak. If this enemy attack This will leave you uncloaked to everyone for 10 seconds. Same counts for Palladium fields and anything else that can decloak you.
    Perhaps the detection range could be like this:
    - Attacks from your own side will interrupt the cloak for 45 seconds.
    - Uncloaking mines will leave you uncloaked for 60 seconds.

    Additionally you have the ability to activate this ability to render yourself entirely invisible for 8 seconds, even from the minimap. So, basically like the old ultimate cloak but shorter. After that a 120 second cooldown is initiated. Think about this ability for a while before you rant about it. It's not OP since it is conditional to so many things.

    Now, Recon has also been an ability I have questioned. And from what I have seen, someone has suggested this as a passive ability. And honestly I would love to see this. Perhaps not twice as much radar range but something like 50% would be great as a passive ability. This would also make space for the more useful abilities such as marking targets and JAM-X

    Everything else really looks good. I love the Goliath-X change, I would use it much more then.

    Best regards ~
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  16. furore

    furore User


    about that huge nerf of the tartarus, i think a 35% speed bonus will be fine than the 30% they offer, because now a lot of poeple use infection ammo to slow you down and when it comes from a cyborg in dmg/speed config with boosters ... even 'faster' actual version don't last enough :).

    you don't need to nerf other ships to give the new ones some place, they already have or at last the cyborg is monopolizing the game and it's more deadly for the game than like it was for the spectrum, because you can easly avoid a spec but it's harder with that cyborg.
  17. test020

    test020 User

    tbh, bigpoint is just firing at will and not aiming.

    they should use more odd numbers other than even on their percentages. take for example the faction designs, they were kinda good with the 7% to counter skilldesigns to a degree (damage basically)

    and the amount of complaints i've seen because of the meta changes it's a test of patience, such people will never shut up and they will never be satisfied, thus need to be ignored.

    the cyborg meta was frigging obvious at start for it's "high damage dealerz meta" specially with spartans added, another thing people kinda seem to forget is that aegis elite does not have downsides anymore while the rest of the elite designs does (y tho????)
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