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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by VESPID, Jan 27, 2014.

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    BOSS~ADAM User

    It's aimed at credit ships which is apparent, it's useless for most ships and overpowers credit ships, that's why this idea isn't plausible and won't be implemented.

    VESPID User

    It is aimed at all ships, with a minor benefit for a select few ships that also includes uri ships. What is your fetish with credit ships????

    BOSS~ADAM User

    I have no fetish with credit ships, I could ask you the same question seeing as all your idea's have some part to them that overpowers or gives a ridiculous boost to credit ships.

    VESPID User

    Well luckily you didn't otherwise you'd be off the topic at hand.


    There is something called irony, you know...

    VESPID User

    I have seen that many times over since my ideas assist even the ones that oppose them.
  7. OMG.

    I honestly don't even know what to think anymore,

    Do you even try to think before posting?
  8. plaku

    plaku User

    Vespid dont take this the wrong way i have been reading loads of your ideas , but it seems u dont do any calculation at all b4 u put them in here
    lets say its a spearhead with that kind of hp. spearhead have 10 laser less goli meaning ( goli has in total 35 laser slot they have 25. around 30% less firepower if you do the calculation) ok now 3 times more damage means 300% more power so means the spear head will have around 270% more power then a goli . meaning
    if a goli makes 75 k top x4 boosted and everything spear head will make 75x 2.7 =202 k on x4 damage if you think this is ok then we are not playing the same game.
    simple advice m8 do some calculation b4 u post i just did this in 5 min in order to show u how unrealistic its your idea

    VESPID User

    Is your math based on the 75K the goli does or the 75k the spear does???

    I ask because according to what I see you are accusing the spear to have a base of 75k dmg and then you are over adding the dmg of this idea.
  10. VESPID, the point he's making is think before you post. A spearhead can do a combo damage of 130k. Then we add x3 damage and you get 390,000 combo damage with a ufe spearhead. You need to be taken in by the boys in white coats for a few years.

    I'm not even gonna get on everything else. And don't give me a blasted "thank you" that you don't mean or a "stay on topic" or a "please give assisting suggestions."
  11. VESPID

    VESPID User

    The design makes all ships with less than 160K Hp's deal x3 LASER damage.
    Still wrong.
    Thank you for trying and please stay on topic.
  12. way too overpowered, not needed, and not wanted whatsoever. I don't want anyone flying around hitting 390k damages ever.
  13. VESPID

    VESPID User

    With this design you won't.
    Thank you for trying.
  14. Full_force

    Full_force User


    We won't be seeing anyone flying around doing 390,000 damage. But this design boosts damage? You said that yourself.
  15. VESPID

    VESPID User

    Yes it does, laser damage alone.
    Not everything.

    How is that understanding so elusive to so many???
    Here, look for yourself.....again.

    The design I'm proposing offers drone invisibility, ship company color and damage boost for select ships. This design is available to all ships.

    The suggested price of the design will be 150K uri.

    The drones will be invisible to all other pilots.
    The ship gains the company color skin.
    The design makes all ships with less than 160K Hp's deal x3 laser damage. <---
  16. Full_force

    Full_force User

    The 390,000 damage is from lasers.

    So again i ask we won't be seeing anyone flying around doing 390,000 damage? But this design boosts damage? You said that yourself.
  17. VESPID

    VESPID User

    According to Taser it is combo damage.
    Thank you for trying.
  18. Full_force

    Full_force User

    That is laser damage. Look i know you don't play the game which is painfully clear in everything you do. But i will clear some things up for you.

    Ok in darkorbit we have 6 lasers ammo types. 1 of those types only fire once every 3 seconds (rsb). To compostate for those 3 secs of not firing players switch to another ammo (x4) and fire that until the 3 secs is up and then switch back to RSB.

    Commonly players switch so fast x4 ammo and RSB comes out at the same time. Hence the term combo damage.
  19. VESPID

    VESPID User

    That would be no fault of mine or my ideas like this one, please address those issues to someone from support and keep them off my posts.

    Thank you.
  20. Full_force

    Full_force User

    It is not an issue it is how the game is designed.

    Your idea increases damage to x3 has the base damage. That is to much.
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