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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by VESPID, Jan 27, 2014.

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    VESPID User

    That is the thing with crappy comments, crappy opinions, crappy forum members, crappy Admins and crappy mods, they usually only offer dead ends as opposed to idea evolution.

    Just because the ideas I submit aren't wanted or needed by most forum members, it is needed by someone or a group of someones that refuse to expose themselves to the crappy things listed above.

    Ideas like these can and will help.
    Thank you for trying.
  2. Full_force

    Full_force User

    You can't beat a dead horse back to life. So how do you fix a horrible idea that has no chance anyway?

    The only way to do this would scrap the idea altogether and start with something new.

    But you are so fixed on your idea of giving credit ships some stupidly overpowered item you can not take no for an answer. And every post is really just a slightly reworded version of the same post with the addition of all ships can use this but only ships with less then 160,000 hp can really use it.

    VESPID User

    I understand assisting ideas is beyond your means, it is an ability that most don't seem to posses.
    There is no shame in admitting it.
    Thank you for your input.
  4. This does not explain anything. The fact still remains that this idea is NOT for all ships or there would be no restrictions as to who can use all the design's features. The only way to make this design for all ships it either remove this
    , or to make it available to ALL ships.

    Those two choices are the crux of being for all or being for some. Of course if you make it available for all ships this design would be way too overpowered. But if you remove the x3 damage boost to Spearheads you'd still be getting smashed by your better pilots on East 3.
  5. Full_force

    Full_force User

    I have assisted in other ideas. But one can not assist a idea this horrible.

    VESPID User

    Why settle for one or the other when both are possible???
    That's like saying "You must only eat boiled food!!!"
    I prefer the option of properly cooked chili cheese fries.
    This idea is the same concerning options that could be offered.
  7. Full_force

    Full_force User

    Giving only some ships (yes yes i know all ships can use at but only some can use it) over powered items is not a good idea.
  8. The suggested price of the design will be 150K uri. <--- expensive for a complete utter junk

    The drones will be invisible to all other pilots. <--- no one cares about that
    The ship gains the company color skin. <--- suggested so many times already
    The design makes all ships with less than 160K Hp's deal x3 laser damage. <--- HELL to the NO.

    BOSS~ADAM User

    Insulting everyone won't get you anywhere lol, the reason players that might want this don't post on here is because they don't exist or they realize this is game destroying and ridiculous like all of your idea's. Just because you think this is needed doesn't mean it is, it's the opposite actually.

    Disrespecting and disregarding everyone's opinions is the reason you get a negative backlash on all of your threads and idea's, you insult and flame and won't listen to reason or realize this and other idea's from you are ridiculous, unneeded or unwanted or both.
  10. -HarleyD-

    -HarleyD- User

    In regards to the negative backlash you receive on virtually ALL of your idea threads. Please think your ideas through before posting and if possible pad the ideas out a little more. Your ideas are thin and contain holes the size of a galaxy gate. You should have a good idea how the idea is going to work BEFORE posting an not wait for others to fill in the gaps for you (or worse expect them to).

    Lets look at your Original Idea here. I am going to be critical and pick holes

    The design I'm proposing offers drone invisibility, ship company color and damage boost for select ships. This design is available to all ships.

    The suggested price of the design will be 150K uri.

    The following benefits of this design are such:

    The drones will be invisible to all other pilots.
    The ship gains the company color skin.
    The design makes all ships with less than 160K Hp's deal x3 laser damage.

    Lets try these modifications to your original idea. and see if we get the same negatives.
    Its a design for any ship. (as you suggest. No problem with that)
    It gives a 5% boost to firepower same as enforcer. (we already have this so not an issue)
    Costs 100k Uri and is available in trade (same as enforcer and newbies can win in trade so potentially very cheap)
    Its in a funky company related colour scheme and it gives a extra boost when shooting NPC's in lower maps. (Players have asked for funky new colours and this will help newbies.. see below)
    The reason I feel that this would help newbies is that they can kill npc's faster and use less ammo doing so, therefore they earn more creds and uri from the npcs they kill for the same ammo spend and spend less time midmap and vulnerable to cloaked hunters while doing so. Be honest here how many times did you get uncloaked on while a newbie killing sibs or devos. The cloaker waits until you have taken a battering then uncloaks and kills you and the npc that you wore down for him. If you can kill faster this will happen a little less. I am open to suggestions as to the percentage of boost against NPCs (Lets not be silly though ;))

    I understand that you want to try and help the newbie but there are enough things in this game that increase PvP firepower and the game is unbalanced as a consequence. Please stop suggesting things that the strongest players will find a way to use to their advantage and make them even stronger.

    On the subject of drone invisibility, Again why? Is it to hide the number of drones, or the type of drones or the formation used or the designs equipped? I assume that this is to make it harder to tell if someone is UFE or a 1 flax newbie. Great idea in principle as you would think the newbie may get left alone more often and allowed to shoot his NPC's in peace. In reality UFE players will shoot at him anyway as they tend to shoot at everything they see with a red name (I know I do). UFE players in general are not interested in the number and type of drones. they are interested in the rank points they will win by killing you and being able to see your drones wont make a blind bit of difference.

    Comments please.
  11. Taken from the laser charts on the old forum. LF4 max damage is 609. I have 35 of them=21,315 with x1. x4=85,260 and x6=127,890 damage. That is a potential combination damage of 213,150. Let's multiply by 2 and 3 now. X2 damage is 426,300. X3 damage is 639,450.

    You on meds bro? Do some calculations before posting anything. As far as company colors, we already have the jade, sapphire, amber, and crimson designs that no one uses. Invisible drones, as Harley stated are useless. Take a hike why don't you?
  12. VESPID

    VESPID User

    In regards to the negative backlash I receive in virtually ALL my ideas threads by the same few forum members that are soundly addressed by me as opposed to mods and admins like you, isn't it a weak move to shut down an idea be it thin or not without penalizing the trolls of the post first?
    I have watched the same trolls destroy the resolve of other OP's in forum as well as brag of it without reprisal. Concerning the "gaps" my ideas have, I believe all ideas can be included in this light since they all can be improved on to with assisting suggestions.

    Nowhere in the forum rules do I see the promotion of negative comments, negative suggestions, rhetorical questions, negative opinions or foul language. I'm sure there is a reason for that.

    Now lets focus on the topic at hand.
    Cool, open to all ships passes.
    Whoa, 5%??? Yea, that will not do....see below.
    Cost and trade availability are good suggestions....see below.
    NPC based damage.......see below.

    Ok 5% damage boost as you have said is in game already, however for the most part the ships that have that laughable percentage boost is because the natural damage they cause and the hp's they have makes it understandable.Offering the same bonus to ships with the least hp's and damage capability is a joke any way you cut it.

    I like your suggestion and will add it to this idea. The only problem is the fact that on other posts that idea was shot down considering the notion that few if not any new tech has ever been instantly added to trade.
    I like the suggestion and will still add it. Thank you.

    I am all for ship color and npc damage but as stated earlier the percentage notion is lacking, x3 laser damage would be the greater boon to have.
    Drone invisibility is a tactical counter ambush advantage just as relative as a cloak.
  13. Did you see the damage x3 can do?! Guess not... Also, I thought you didn't like cloaked people, so why would you like drone invisibility? Do you think it will help you? Cause it won't. And it looks like a hack when a no drone leo comes around doing 150k damage. Add your x3 bonus and hell no, let's not.
  14. VESPID

    VESPID User

    Yes I did, how many guns was that???
    Did that ship have less than 160 hp's???
    What ammo was used???
    What boosts were used???
    What upgrades were used???
    What drone designs???
    How many drones???
    How many pilots are actually gonna have all that???

    Thank you for trying!!!
  15. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    You are the only one "trying" here, you are sweating it out to try and keep your terrible ideas alive.
    The same will happen as always, they will be closed for the reasons of spam / trash talking / general bad idea and you will just go and make another.

    I had any form of power on the forums I would just ban you from the ideas pool, your rubbish causes arguments, these arguments cause lots of people to reply to your thread, therefore pushing down the better threads with deserve the attention.
    Then again you know all that, it's the only reason you do this.
  16. All of those questions are irrelevant. Leonov damage would be 58,464 damage with your x3 design. That's with x1. X4 damage would be 233,856 and X6 would be 350,784. Combination of 584,640. My point is that your design is overpowered and dumb.
    Ammo, boosts, drone designs, drones, and the amount of players using it are completely irrelevant. The fact is that your design is overpowered. Get the picture? I'd be doing 300k damage in this design with my combo damage and I only have 4 LF4s.
  17. VESPID

    VESPID User

    Since the x3 laser damage boost with this idea can only be used outside the lowers by the leo I'd have to say yet again "Thank you for trying."
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2014
  18. SHUT UP FOOL! Gah, you make me so mad. I hope your durn thread gets closed, because you have absolutely zero reasoning power.
  19. VESPID

    VESPID User

    I am reasonable, look in this thread and see for yourself.
  20. -HarleyD-

    -HarleyD- User

    Have you ever seen a UFE nostromo rip near elite goliaths to shreds? I have because I have done it for giggles in the past, There are videos of UFE Bigboys on youtube doing the same thing (Bigboy would also qualify for your damage boost).
    Base HP 120k so qualifies for your x3 damage boost
    7 lasers on ship. All LF4 = 1400 base damage
    20 lasers on drones. All LF4 = 4000 base damage
    = 5400 base damage using x1 without sep or boosters. Or 21600 using x4

    With regards to Bio I have full bounty hunter
    With regards to upgrades my LF4 and drones are all level 16
    I am always Seprom boosted and I always have Double damage boosters
    Oh and I have 10 lvl 16 LF4 on on my PET

    I am not doing the math as it makes my brain hurt just thinking about it to be honest. If someone else wants to work it out then be my guest ;)

    With your design x3 to damage my nos now hit 16200 BASE damage on x1 ammo or 64800 with X4 please note that this is BASE damage for the ship with no bio or boosters or cannon updates or drone updates or Seprom or PET damage. Again I am not doing the math as I dont need to. Your idea is ridiculously overpowered and WOULD be used by UFE and Wallet Warriors to make the newbies you want to protect suffer even more.

    This idea is unworkable but I would like to see your comments.

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