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    Let's be real about "Hacked Account" situations:
    It is ~ impossible for anyone to hack your DOAccount without you allowing them or helping them do it. It is a problem YOU created and no one has the responsibility for fix it for you.

    From the Rules - Sharing your Account or your Account Information violates Terms & Conditions and Game Rules. (Your account can be suspended or deleted for it...) This includes allowing someone to "fly your ship", "give you Uri", do your gates, etc, etc, etc. If it isn't you logging into your DOAccount, it is a problem YOU created.

    From Common Internet Sense - Folks want your information. They can sell it, they can use it, and they are NOT going to tell you that up front. 99.9+% of the folks you "meet" on the internet and in the Game (INCLUDING ME!!!) are total, complete strangers to you. You have NO WAY to tell if they are telling you the truth, if they are going to look out for your best interests, if they are not just setting you up for a fall. Virus programs, phishing schemes, etc and all the Software we have to install/use/purchase/update/etc PROVES that the Internet is NOT SAFE. When you ignore this simple fact, it is a problem YOU created.

    From DO Account Security Guidelines - Secure Passwords make it much more difficult for others to "guess" them (i.e. "hack" your DOAccount). It is YOUR responsibility to secure your accounts. This means using jibberish, non-words that include all allowed characters in as close to a random order as possible as passwords. Many password programs will generate passwords that use Upper & lowercase letters and numbers. Because these passwords are NOT "Password", your middle Name, your dog, your mom's maiden name, your High School girlfriends name, or any other easily identifiable word, name or phrase associated with you, they are more secure. If you do not secure your accounts properly, it is a problem YOU created.

    How the "System" works -
    Your DO Accounts are tied to an eMail Address. This fact allows you to use the Lost Password function on the Login Page to have your UserName/Passwords sent to your eMail address.
    This fact also means that ALL significant changes to the Account (UserName, Password, eMail account) start with you responding to a link in a verification eMail sent to the eMail address registered to the DOAccount by the "System".

    If you (or the person in your eMail account pretending to be you) DO NOT click the link, the information DOES NOT get changed.
    The "Reality" of proof - It is pretty close to impossible for you to prove you are an innocent victim after the fact. If you are following the Terms & Conditions and Rules of the Game, "they" can't get in to hijack your DOAccount. So the fact that "they" got in pretty much proves you did not care enough about your DOAccount to protect it. When you don't follow the Terms & Conditions, Rules of the Game, Security Guidelines or Common Internet Sense, you are basically leaving your wallet open in the middle of the street in the worst possible 'hood in town. Expecting that you won't lose your DOAccount (wallet & money) or expecting that DO will somehow be able to return that DOAccount (wallet & money) to your control is totally unreasonable and borders on just plain stupid. It will NOT happen. It is a problem YOU created.

    Your options BEFORE the fact:
    (1) Secure your Accounts (DO, eMail, Bank, etc.) using strong passwords.
    (2) Change those strong passwords routinely.
    (3) Do not share you login information (DO, eMail, Bank, etc.) with anyone.
    (4) Do not allow anyone to log into your DOAccount or eMail Account for any reason, ever.
    (5) Do not follow links from folks you do not trust 1,000%.
    (6) Check web addresses when logging in to make sure they are legit.

    In truth, most "Hacked Accounts" occur because:
    (1) You usually "know" the "culprit" responsible.
    (2) You allowed the access on purpose. (Family, "friend", "They were going to give me... (Uri, Premium, a Gate, their Ship, etc.)", etc.
    (3) You allowed the access by not securing your Account.
    (4) <<<0.00001% Someone used a password breaker program to break into BOTH your DOAccount AND your eMail Account. (You stand a better chance of being struck by lightening in your living room!!!)
    (5) Every other Online Account you have (Banking, personal sites, etc.) is probably also compromised. (PayPal, Bank, CreditCards, etc.)

    This entire scenario of the "Hacked Account" is 99.99999999999999% preventable BY YOU. All it takes is a little time and effort on your part to actually do something to protect your Accounts...

    Special Thanks to Z-Hawk for this post.
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