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  1. Hey guys,

    Iam not sure, if you got the information... but actually, the game is not playable. Since weeks...
    Everywhere, the players say, that you should prbly just close the game for 2 weeks or whatever. Get your work done - than we can do more events and other stuff.

    Stop the Agatus event, stop Hitac, stop Astral, stop Team death match, just stop all events.

    But: no.
    You don't care at all.

    Iam happy to see a banwave, to see, that you actually do something.
    But right now, the focus should be the game itself.
    Congrats for banning 50 botusers. I can't play anyway.
    I hope you understand what I try to tell you.
    Honestly, Iam kinda sure, that Iam not the only person, who thinks like that...

    Events or banwaves aren't our focus yet.
    And again, THANKS for ban unfair players.
    But as always its about your prioritys.

    Regards outta GE1 / USA

  2. the banwave wasnt even effective, literally just saw another train running around doing behe on ga1 as of 08:55 P.M. sever time lol
  3. Hey,
    I actually dont think its a banwave for botting / train only.
    Actually, I guess, it's like the last banwave, for programms of every kind.
    Train, bots, autolock & probably also different browsers.

    Well, however, I heard ppl in Discord crying, about train accounts getting banned... so it was effective.
    More or less.
    But even if not - That's not the point !
    No one cares, if you ban people in a game, wich literally no one can even play !


  4. None of the fleets of NPC ships in the game I see are banned.

    If they banned anyone they must have used foul language in chat. The ones I saw listed had few gates.

    Lets look at the 1000 gate monsters and the train/app/bot users.
  5. According to the DO stats page only 13 players were banned off the US 1 server. Hardly a "wave".
  6. Still trains doing hitac killing players haha bot's have no shame!!!
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  7. The lag is so bad today. From the time I shot a Streuner in 2-2 it took it 22 seconds to explode. Glad I decided to check first before jumping into a gate.
  8. Yes lag is awful and every time I jump through gate command centre opens up. How foolish was it to add another event on to an already strained and lagging interface. And cant do gates its impossible jumpe din 1 yesterday and I was kille dby streuners due to lag being dreadful. Time Support and Community managers had teh decency to talk to players and explain how they are going to resolve issues, its more than a month now since game was actually playable.
  9. PacificNW

    PacificNW User

    noticed the command center opening on its own annoyingly often last night on Global PVE server.

    the agree to terms window finally quit popping up with every window change.

    did the evil spirit that had control of the TC agree glitch move on to the command center?


  10. friendly notice, there's a new little tick box on the bottom of the command center that says "Don't show again today"
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  11. PacificNW

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    thanks for that.

    missed the fine print.