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    What is the “Pro Action Bar“?

    The “Pro Acton Bar” is a Premium feature and a new kind of quickslot-bar which provides 10 additional slots to the UI.

    How can the “Pro Action Bar” being configured?

    Change to configuration mode in your UI and you will be able to configure it like the regular quickslot-bars.

    How do I use the “Pro Action Bar”?

    To expand or close the “Pro Action Bar” you have to click its icon in the UI or press “Shift” which is the default key binding on your keyboard but can be changed in the settings. You can click on an icon in the “Pro Action Bar” to use the attached item or assign individual keys to it in the settings. After you have used an item in this bar the “Pro Action Bar” will close itself automatically if you do not disable this option in the settings. Note: The regular non-Premium quickslot-bar and the “Pro Action Bar” share keys if this function is not deactivated in the settings. If shared key binding is activated, the key binding will work for the “Pro Action Bar” but no longer for the quickslot-bar as long as the “Pro Action Bar” is active.

    I do not like the default layout of the “Pro Action Bar”. Is it possible to change its appearance in the UI?

    Yes, you can change the layout in the configuration mode like you can do it with the quickslot-bars.

    If the quickslot-bar shares the key bindings with the “Pro Action Bar” while it is active, is the quickslot-bar locked until the “Pro Action Bar” is closed again?

    No, you can still use an item in the quickslot-bar if you click on it.
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