Pro Action Bar & Rebalanced Blue and Red Booty Boxes - Feedback Thread

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Ddraig, Aug 14, 2015.

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  1. Ddraig

    Ddraig bp_phrase_Forum_General

    Hello all,

    As always, please feel free to post any feedback you may have on the new quickslot bar, and the rebalanced red and blue booty boxes.

    Official Announcement: >HERE
    Pro Action Bar FAQ: >HERE
  2. ßőŋεѕ

    ßőŋεѕ User

    I see no mention of rebalanced Green booty boxes though? After all it's these we use most of and not Blue or Red!
  3. after picking up a few boxes whats in them are the same as you can only pay for red and blue i think the rewards in ammo and booster should be x2 so instead of 150 x4 it should be 300 people don't like they because it cos real money for them and with a high chance of getting little bit of ammo changing the rewards of the small amont of ammo should be changed
  4. Play on Test server.[​IMG]161751272
    I received 2 Aegis ship from Red booty boxes. 2 Aegis added on hangar. I received 3 Citadel ship from Blue booty boxes. Only added 1 Citadel ship on hangar. Were 2 Citadel ship???
  5. CGGodl1ke

    CGGodl1ke User

    Cmon i just got randomly kicked out of the testserver an hour ago and i cant even log back in to any other server using my account
  6. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    You may need to contact support for further assistance switching back to your main/normal server if you still cannot log back in.

  7. The Pro Action Bar is only available to premium users?
    What about the one before it, the additional 10 slots?
    Premium users get 30 slots, while regular players get 10?
    That is just unfair, and too wide of a gap >.>

    If premium players only get the Pro Action Bar, then the additional 10 quick slots should be made available to all.
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  8. imapoofya

    imapoofya User

    True. Those extra 20 may not be vital for noobs but hell I never have enough space for all the stuff I want on mine, even with premium. All the formations, mines, ammo and abilities o_O

    Also with the addition of this new bar, could pet gears be added to this new action bar? That would be kinda cool
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  9. First off, I'd like to say that I felt we were not given enough time to properly test the "rebalanced" booties - after all we were given 5k of blue and red keys and it's impossible to use all of them in a matter of hours, especially considering how crowded the server was.
    Anyway, I opened approximately 200 chests, most of which greens I must say, about 40-50 blues and 30 reds or so. From all that I received 2 LF4s(1 from a green and another from a red), 2 spearheads and 1 spearhead elite design, at least 15 or so boosters, about 6-7 LF3s, 7-8 7900 speed gens, 1 B02 shield gen and the rest was ammo+jump creds+lds etc
  10. Rex48

    Rex48 User

    Hello, can the DO developers implement a PET Kamikaze shortcut ? I also think that If you are premium member PET should have auto-repair option (as a premium you dont pay for PET repair so its waste of time to click on ''PET repair'' every time your PET gets destroyed).
  11. MяF™

    MяF™ User

    I now have space for the majority of my drone formations :D Very handy addition indeed.

    I do however disagree with it being a premium-only feature (even though i have premium). With the amount of new items that have been added; new rockets, new mines, new ammo types, tech items, ship skills, drone get the really should have made this available to all players rather than just us premium users. Seems like one step forward, two steps back, at least when you've been making statements recently that you're trying to rebalance the game.
  12. I´d like to complain here a little bit not only about the Pro Action bar, but also about premium. Just to make things clear, I´m purely a free2play player. I promised myself that I would have fun playing games without spending any money on them. The main problem I have with the Pro Action bar, is that it further unbalances the premium feature here. Don´t misunderstand me. I´m not crying about me not having premium while others have it. I´ve played many games, that had some kind off premium feature implemented in a payment system and I was fine with that. It usually gave players more xp, discounts or expanded inventory and other stuff. But it NEVER gave players an actual in-combat advantage. And that is the main problem here. If in other games you matched up a free2play player vs a premium player of same equip and roughly the same skill, the fight would be really, really close, and if you repeated it, you would probably get different results. While in DO, if free2play player fights premium, with the same conditions (same gear, roughly the same skill), then the premium one has the edge, there´s no doubt about that. Not only because of the rockets, but also because of more slots for quick usage of items, which just offers more options to the premium one, like being able to quickly switch between higher number of formations, switching plds and dmg rockets, insta shield, emps, smbombs, than to the free2play one. Interestingly enough, other game from bigpoing that I used to play, Drakensang, has the premium completely fine. My definition of a healthy premium design, is that the premium user should NEVER be able to extract more value from the same combat items as the free2play one. In DO, users have items that are more effective for them just because they are premium, and that should not be the case. Ofc, I´m talking about arrow and chevron formation, leonov ship, seprom on rockets and precision targeter. Let´s put it in a completely ridiculous scenario to make it clear. Let´s say you have a MMORPG, that has item rarity system(rare, epic, legendary for example). Let´s say you got a legendary weapon from a boss. If you are free2play, the weapon gives you more attack power, attack speed, bonus damage to spells. But If you are premium, the item gives you not only those bonuses, but on top of that, you get more hp and mana. That doesn´t sound like a healthy game design, does it? That´s why I think that putting premium-only feature like this (talking about the Pro Action bar) into the game is just bad for it´s design and overall balance.

    P.S. : You might disagree with me, and that´s fine, but you can´t deny that I´ve got a point.
  13. apetown.

    apetown. User

    why it cant just be an normal quick slot?! its very irritating that it uses key binds from 1st quickslot, that makes it impossible to keep the slot opened like "ready" to use and in middle of large pvp its really difficult as theres already so much things to pay attention.
  14. ir0n

    ir0n User

    I say damn nice work with "rebalancing blue and red booty boxes. this is what I found with 40 blue keys, 4 speed gens , 5 shields gens, 3 lf3s, 3 rep boosters, a citadel which I just won for 100 mil creds last week NO LF4.
    really nice work team darkorbit.

    jk what a joke.
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  15. They seem to be working good for some players while not so good for others...
  16. put hercs in the blue and theyll be worth it... just saying 50 kappas and 4 hercs 7 lf4 and no boosters come on
  17. SolarBurn

    SolarBurn User

    I would prefer to see the pro action bar available to everyone, not only premium players.

    Think about it, it IS unfair for those who are not premium, they're 2 hotbars short.

    I think the premium bar could maybe stay premium, but the pro action bar sure as hell would be useful for everyone, because we don't have the time to switch categories with the mouse and select what we want when we're being burned by a premium sub-UFE and we have seconds to escape, whereas they can just switch formation, slow us, freeze us, then switch to moth and kill us.

    TL|DR Make Pro Action Bar available to everyone.
  18. SkillOnly

    SkillOnly User

    I bought 60 blue keys.

    -5 LF4
    -5-6 designs ( I had all of them but I got lightning which I really wanted :) cool, for already owned designs I got URI )
    -1 XXL cloak
    -2K RBS

    Rest was usual garbage and 0 drone design.

    Over all I can't say im not happy. If I bought URI for that money and bought green ones I wouldn't get half of those.
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