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  1. hi team... noticing every time i go to clan/messages, ill go to select a member to send to and the game will freeze. the only way to play on is to kill the page and start again from log in point. as far as i can tell, all other features work. only when i try to select the member will it stall.
    nothing to do with my system here, please fix ... thanks

    correction... same thing happening when i try to pay out to a member. ill go to select the member and the game will freeze, again the only way to play on is to start all over.
    seems the "select" options for member messages/member pay outs is faulting.
    again, please fix so i can run my clan properly
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    As we can understand your frustration with the lag situation. please know that many players experience lag issues and game screen issues when the Server has special events going on when things are newly added to the game. Due to the added graphics and the large quantity of players wanting to experience the new additions.

    Below is a variety of reasons as to why you could be. experiencing these issues.

    1. Web Browser is not up to date
    2. Flash and java not up to date - or missing plug ins
    3. Cache needs to be empty
    4. Browser history may need to be cleared.
    5. Distance from server
    6. Computer graphic overload. (Graphics card slow or not enough Ram).
    7. Internet type - Wifi, DSL, cable broadband or phone connection.
    8. Programs Running in the Background
    9. Clear Flash player data: Can be done at the following link
    (This is an actual web page - not just an image)
    10. Possible server problem.

    These are all things that could be causing the issue, these are just suggestions as to what the issue might be to help you resolve the current problem.

    I hope this has help in some way.
    Have a nice day!

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