problems with the hangar

Discussion in 'General Issues' started by ahamlin04, Jan 28, 2023.

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  1. ahamlin04

    ahamlin04 User

    There are no images for my ship or any of my inventory. I did take some screenshots, but I can't seem to post them. I'm trying to fit a cargo extension, but it just says it can not be fitted to this slot on every single slot.
  2. SirThrills

    SirThrills Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello @ahamlin04 ,

    Are you still experiencing hangar issues?
  3. ahamlin04

    ahamlin04 User

    Yes. Thanks for the reply, I'm new to the games so its hard to say what's missing, but all imagery for ships hangar and inventory are missing there is only numbers where my ammo is.
  4. SirThrills

    SirThrills Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Thanks for the update @ahamlin04 , if you could, could you please post the following:

    - user id
    - server
    - photos of missing text / time you attempted to view them

    The more info you provide, the more I can attach to a bug report.
  5. ahamlin04

    ahamlin04 User

    i can't find a way to post screen shots

    global europe west. ahamlin04
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  6. There isnt a way to upload screenshots directly to forum, you need to find a website that allows you to upload pictures there that gives you direct URL link which you type to the picture part when making messege like this:[​IMG]
    You can find one searching in google ''upload photo direct url'', I cant give any direct links since it's not allowed.

    Btw for Admins there doesnt seem to be guide for how to upload screenshots to forum, maybe would be good to have one.
  7. ahamlin04

    ahamlin04 User

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  8. Larrakin

    Larrakin User

    Related issue.
    Assembly is not only "not working" it actually comes up with a message in red lettering saying I have "nothing to craft".

    NB; Prosperous calendar is blank again too.
  9. Bibulus

    Bibulus User

    This sounds daft and you will hate me for saying this, clear the cache it worked for me you have to log out and log back in for it to work
  10. the problem is not only with the hangar all Sunday, including tomorrow, and the active game window is in the same state, an absolute mess with the graphics combined between 3D 2D who knows even and 10D, the resources are not visible, the ships are invisible on the home map, the portals are also invisible, NPC- some are with high resolution graphics, others are 2D, the problems are everywhere, the active windows, some work, some don't.... total mess.

    PLEASE don't tell me to clear the cache.
    I even reinstalled the whole game and the problems persist
  11. Don't worry it's probably the game client and the team are working on it "I also have a bridge to sell you" The team aren't working on anything I get freeze up just changing config my pet logs out after every jump even portal jumps gave support 2 years to fix something and all I ever get was "Thanks for your patience" so either they gave up on any fixes or it's just so corrupt they can't fix it and well in my eyes they are just milking the dead horse for as much as they can!! Cheers
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  12. Nice,i cant see my drones in 3D,i see them in 2D,invisible ship on home map.....Problems start with Prosperous event.
  13. right yeahh
  14. Larrakin

    Larrakin User

    First thing I AND everyone else in discord tried was clearing cache.
    Assembly is broken, has been for a long time BUT it doesn't affect everyone at once which is why DO can get away with temporary fixes.

    After server reset last night, assembly was no longer blank - Now I have to relog everytime I want to use it as it either freezes the whole client or simply won't let me "collect" what I craft.
  15. Many times (not every time) when I work in Hangar, after a few minutes it will freeze up the entire client program. Can't do anything in space screen. Ships no longer "float", just frozen completely solid where they sit. Can't do anything in other pages either. Can't click Home page, Email page, Skylab, Shop, Galaxy Gates, nothing works. Just frozen solid. All I can do is kill the whole client program and try again. It's not a WiFi-sharing issue, cuz I'm alone on my home WiFi most of the time this happens. Nobody else in the house doing anything online.