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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, Oct 14, 2014.

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  1. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello again SpacePilots,

    We have a new Producer's Dialog post. We'd like to hear your feedback :)

    & Again, feedback threads are not the place for flaming, insults or accusations. Please, lets stick within the rules

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  2. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    The tech factory and skylab being part of the in-game page sounds good, will be quicker to get stuff sorted out :)

    However the loyalty system, that sounds interesting. Can we have more information on it?
    This sounds dangerous, how hard is it realistically for people to obtain? Is it possible for people to just straight out buy loyalty (such as buying log disks compared to getting them from quests for pilot bio) or is it something which everyone will need to earn? Trying not to think of this as a possible pilot bio 2.0 but the fact it gives people shield etc makes me a bit nervous that it could be.

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  3. I agree with everything @Okapi32 has stated...:)

    And thank-you for finally, deciding to remove the ammo-capacity.
  4. SauronL

    SauronL User

    Yay !!!

    Also, we’re going to add new features like “Loyalty”, make the Domination event a part of the permanent gameplay and will see that there are more regular events and competitions so that we have one for each month of the year.

    Omg they decided to remove Ammo capacity limit but they are going to make crap from battle maps PERMANENTLY ? OMG , are you kidding with us ???

    And i was that happy when i was reading it firstly. As u know, some servers are 1-company mainly.

    If they want to make something like that work with Dead map like 5-1 and not with bmaps.

    Why are they want to ruin boxing ?
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  5. Jurjstyle

    Jurjstyle User

    I heard that some months ago , so a date for this update can be given to us ?

    A very good idea because sometimes you forget about tech factory in main page ...

    We hope that better graphics don't mean even worse lag .

    Speed doesn't sound well . We already have cases when a goliath is faster than a vengeance , with this ,,buffs" you won't escape of enemies . In rest , it sounds well shield , hp ..
  6. SauronL

    SauronL User

    Yea if they will add more speed to ufes, other "noobs" wont have anymore chance to run ....

    Yea it will be just for strong guys cuz i cant imagine how guy with 3 flax will earn loyl pts to get more speed :D
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  7. FLΛSH™

    FLΛSH™ User

    After it was announced that ammo capacity would be lifted I kept rockets for over a year without the ability to buy rockets. I finally gave in and sold 85,000 rockets the other week and now you say you'll lift it.. *sigh*

    xenomit needs to addressed.
  8. removing ammo-capacity limits may bring back some hardcore boxers, and improving noob protection will make it a bit easier for noobs

    bray and LoW exploit must be fixed tho, i'm talking about who use mouseclick and do bray all day long, but please don't remove it or make it not worth it because players needs uridiums to get ammo and boosters for hunting!

    please listen to your players, we experience the game everyday!
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  9. "We have decided to remove the Ammo-capacity limit and make improvements to the Noob-Protection."

    With that being put in writing by DO Dev team, my question is WHEN!?!?!?!

    Is this going to be in place before pumpkins or what?
  10. i have just one opinion change back Version of 2010 was a best time and was full of people all server now darkorbit is Boring
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  11. agreed with everything said :D and if you want ideas you guys could make either more maps as past level 17 every maps can be assessed and what about the other levels. 18 and onward have no meaning apart from a little bit more rank points and something could be done about it :p
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  12. SauronL

    SauronL User

    I agree with you , but they will too add that stupid domination permanently which will make from bmaps more stupid

    btw. Boxers were already getting 90/100% bonus boxes with nothing and if they bought doubler they should get their ammo . If not , they had to remove ammo from boxes permanently years ago. So they could get more uri / spins from boxes
  13. chixonator

    chixonator User

  14. SPSAT99

    SPSAT99 User

    The Dawn of a New Era! :p:p
  15. Still noting on a new map system with aliens. Possibly off to the sides where its a new connector to uppers. Anything that is not a gate that costs more cash to actually have some fresh room to romp.

    Maybe its time for the odds to change on things. Has the dev team noticed the lack of players? Maybe its the cost?

    I would say its what we all know about certain things in the game. If that was fixed for an even field many would start playing. You need a punkbuster for this game to stop apps from ruining other experience. No one likes being cloaked and hiding and having a 'skilled' player shoot from off screen at them. I know it will be denied but too many got ships back knowingly breaking the rules while players that simply played the game with out crutches got burned.

    Make a statement on cheating that sticks. If you see a group of know ones that return in cycles do something. That will make a huge impression.
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  16. i don't think messing with hp, shields and especially speed of the current ships in anyway is a good idea.
    what you have posted is pretty vague but i'm guessing it is going to make the gap to ufe even bigger than it is now and that won't be good for anyone.

    and just so you understand - definitely no to extra speed, can't actually believe someone at bigpoint thought that was a good idea.

    more events is a good idea, always busier when there is an event on.

    moving stuff to the client another good idea, will make things a bit easier to get to.

    and don't mess with the speed of ships :)

  17. what about dealing with server inactivity, can dev think of a way to merge some of the dead servers together to create an active server ?
  18. the reason east one is dead is because of multicompany clans killing off those players left playing... and it is in every server.
  19. Just double the uridium rewards of every NPC (cubes maybe just 1,5x) and your servers will fill up. People start buying premiums and rebates and everything... Seriously guys.. So simple thing to do.. People would still spend and more spenders would come. With 256u kristallon it would be actually worth is to stay x-7 and shoot stuff. Seriously do you undesrtand?

    Me and everyone else would appreciate a statement about uridium. Is there any hope that you will make it easier to earn it? Just tell us no so we can stop begging for it if that is the case.

    We do not need anything new to the game, we need to advance in game faster.
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  20. I've been on US West for over 5 years now.. thank you for removing the ammo cap. It is absolutely absurd that I buy the doubler, get 29 GG spins in a SB cargo and yet can't pickup ANY whites!

    And how about stop being so dang cheap on the holiday boxes! Back in the day they were out 24/7 and had useful stuff in them! How about putting more variety in the boxes... I'd love some emp mines and slow mines... and how about putting the dang things BACK in the bmaps like they used to be? Honestly... why do I bother buying the doubler if all you are doing is getting more cheap by the year.

    Also, the "Domination" stuff was GARBAGE. This will absolutely ruin the bmaps. It was bad enough that you ran it for weeks, if it becomes permanent, it might end this game more quickly that I anticipate it happening already. Do "Domination" stuff over a weekend as a special event.

    Finally, YOU really need to address this nonsense of UFE clans declaring war on everyone because they are bored. This is absolutely killing the game and you know it. I currently have a "bored" UFE solo guy in a clan that has red tagged our training clan with lvl 10 players in it. Do we really need these new players to have LESS incentive to play?

    US West
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