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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, Oct 14, 2014.

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  1. All very interesting, and the removal of the ammo cap is great but there is still 1 major issue with this game.

    The cost of Uri is now way too expensive for what you can use it for.

    For example. In the old client on GB1 I would spend around £35 a month and that would be plenty to keep me going, now however, £35 on a mhh can be used and spent before the mhh is even over and the things bought i.e. rsb, emps, boosters have ran out by Tuesday.

    A sure fire way to get Darkorbit back to how it used to be (busy and fun) would be to re-calculate the Uridium costs, or the price of ammo, boosters and upgrades needs to be drastically reduced.

    I would be happy to start spending £35 a week / fortnight again if that £35 got me a million uri as apose to £70 as im sure many would
  2. SPSAT99

    SPSAT99 User

    You mean the value of Uridum has massively declined. The cost of Uridium is no problem at all.
  3. it all depends wher u come from thats the wired part
  4. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    One note about the loyalty issue: Don't forget how many users abused the TDM to earn a huge sum of loyalty points. It would be wise to take this into consideration beforehand.
  5. Maybe If your clan wasnt bad then it wouldnt matter if they was multicompany or not Oxymoron(rpm)
  6. padiddle

    padiddle User

    First off I want to thank you for listening and responding accordingly from the responses in the previous dev blog. I am glad to see you are removing the ammo cap though I have to ask what ammo are you talking about? Rockets, lasers or both? I think someone did make a good point when it was asked how it was going to affect the designs with the ammo capacity increasers.
    I agree that increasing speed would be a very bad idea and would seriously hurt newbs including new fe that at best hav all gen3-7900s with promerium. I am finally seeing some balance restored. I am not ufe and can in most cases get away from a ufe before I am popped.
    Putting something out there to increase the loyalty to the company is a great idea. What about the boosters we already have to pay for? Giving us those free for so many hours a week. This would not add much more of an advantage to the ufes and not send newbs screaming in all directions. This would also free up the boosters to a lesser degree in the auction to lessors. You could add some sort of thing where you have to log on atleast once during the week to get it.
    I have a serious concern of you adding more to the space map. That this could increase our lag and create more bugs. Even if the bag page is laggy I don't have to be concerned about it affecting my game play.
    Also the cost of everything. Why don't you decrease the cost of everything based on how long we have been playing and honor Add a percentage off like premiums for each year we play. This would encourage longevity, give a bonus to the vets who most likely have the majority of the equipment so it wont hurt you much anyway in that department, and discourage cheating because does that player wanna decrease the cost of everything or have to start over. I understand you need to make money but I think this could be agreed upon by many other players here and would still help you.
    This note is to the naysayers: Just remember that they addressed our previous blog.

    I have said my peace. Thanks again.


    WOOLFIE User

    Quote We have decided to remove the Ammo-capacity limit and make improvements to the Noob-Protection.

    You cannot gather laser ammo because your cargo is full.
    You cannot gather laser ammo because your cargo is full.

    ... What did they say about ammo again?
  8. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    What on Earth are you talking about. MCC talk is here

    I believe the sub-heading was: "Short-Term plans"
    So you can expect to see the ammo limits removed in the near future.
  9. The ammo cap refers to lasers. Rockets can be bought with the RB CPU regardless of cap and lasers AM CPU too.
  10. SpudnicK

    SpudnicK User

    Why even bother updating this game there is no one left playing it !!! Every update you add simply causes more players to quit !! When will you finally get it in your heads that you killed this game by adding so many updates in the first place ???? This game should go down in history as a prime example of what not to do if you want to keep your customers . Log onto GB1 and there is not A SINGLE ship anywhere in lowers !!! Like ....where are all the new starters ??? You can add as many updates as you want to this game but unfortunately its a dead dog that virtually every member of the gaming population has already played and will never come back to it again . FACT.
  11. I want to throw my penny in the pot.

    I opened a new account to see what noobs have to go through these days to make a decent ship...
    First I noticed that the hitting power has always been the same, this makes it hard for noob ships to take on NPCs that the quest calls for the out put fight power should be higher for noob ships or provide them with more lf 3s. I know that most of us went though it long before you guys made your UFE...

    However, we are in another time and noobs should get better gear than what we did the game can be very depressing for new players.

    I also noticed that credits for noobs are not that easy to make without hand outs from clans. If a noob can not find a clan he will have a hard time making credits

    The credits are very low a new player should get at least 5 to 10 mil in credits to help them make it with things in auction.

    Some pilots points would be nice to add to noob ships at least 5 pp

    Other than that I don't see a problem
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  12. no the jump chips are what killed battlemaps.... u hardly ever see people in b maps except for boxing or those stupid bases.
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  13. When will the ammo cap be removed on GB1?
  14. That is one thing they have planed for the future... Not anytime soon, so don't count on it. Sometime within this life time hopefully could be months years or decades away before it gets to our galaxy
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  15. Oh right, I thought it was something that was coming soon.
  16. Nope... they have been saying that for over a year now maybe in one year or more
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  17. I doubt it will take that long haha.
  18. whoeva

    whoeva User

    People thought that the first time.
  19. mellor895

    mellor895 User

    still no news on dropping the price of items or gates then?? the cost to reward ration on gates is shocking, sort it out or at least up the rewards on gates and npc's
  20. Yeah I totally agree, opening gates is way to expensive if they dropped a spin to 50uri it would make it easier to progress in the game and i think thats what darkorbit needs right now.
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