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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Okapi32, Jul 25, 2016.

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  1. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Since there wasn't a thread already on the go thought I would make one.

    Personal opinions:


    • Hardware items in booty boxes - gives UFE great reason to pick them up again, before I know myself and many others would just hoard then with not much use for them.
    • All designs are available without having to use payment. Not saying the likes of the flag designs for 2 euro was unacceptable, just nice to have everything available via in-game means so long as players put the time in.
    • Variety of ways to get the ship designs and I like the idea of having to find blueprints for the rarer items.
    • Giving pirate NPC / pirate maps a further use in the form of the Aurus resource.

    Bad / Issues

    • In regards to the drop rate of blueprints in NPC, it would be nice to know what the % was. A clan mate and I spent 3~ hours killing Uber Lordakium and killed around 80 between us before we found a blueprint box. We were beginning to think it was bugged since we hadn't heard anyone else getting one either. Would have been helpful to know just how rare they were so we knew roughly what to expect.
    • Missions felt a big lacking in terms of crafting materials as rewards - only 1 of them contained any crafting-based rewards. Would have been nice if a couple others did as well, even if it was just the basic raw materials like Scrap etc.
    • Simon keeps stealing my Ubers ^^

    Overall, from a UFE standpoint, I like the look of this event quite a lot. It seems like I can do almost everything, PvP / GG bashing / NPC farming and get a bonus reward for it.

    I think the move to build good items with the new hardware items instead of the basic raw materials is also a great for crafting overall. It seems much easier to work towards and obtain than the raw materials are due to the huge amount that were needed.

    Only issues which as mentioned were it would be a nice to know the drop rate just so we have a basic idea of what to expect and the missions could do with some more crafting-based rewards to get people going if they didn't have the uridium / booty keys to splash out on.
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  2. I can relate to everything what you wrote above, but there is also another huge issue: Some of the "Hardware"- items requires absolutely ridiculous ammount of crafting materials. I understand that some items are easier to obtain but it's too hard to collect most of the crafting materials. It's a bit too much if i have to use one week to collect enough scrap and mucosum for one Hybrid Processor :D

    It's crafting event, so why are we not getting some better drop rates with crafting materials (just like assembly launch event)?
  3. As above, ridiculous drop rates for raw materials like scrap will take months to get enough to build anything worthwhile, certainly a step in the right direction just maybe less grind would give this one a little more appeal.
  4. USA East coast
    " event-exclusive blueprints, boxes, and more " There are NO event exclusive boxes on USA East ? (10:00 to 10:45 am, server time)

    ALSO, I am only receiving 27 uri from regular boxes, most of the time now that event has started?

    My PET is set up, supposedly, for 34% more???

    I thought the PET protocols were FIXED? We received compensation??
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  5. Black_wolf

    Black_wolf User

    the funny thing that we waste alot alot of ammo , seprom and time to get some VISUAL things .. i will just let it go by chance
  6. relax

    relax User

    Lucky me that I really don't care about any visual aspects of this game... or... other games, you know, so I'll just play it as it is. Overall the event is kinda nice, but I consider it a waste of time collecting all of the pieces that you need for the designs, putting it next to the usual activities that we were already going through in our daily time of gameplay... so I have to say that there have been many other much better events than this Nano thingy... and this assembling is just spending more time in the game(for some) or getting to spend some good money to buy everything... some more marketing stuff from BP.
    P.S.: when everybody's gonna have the fancy designs my basic ship will look awesome compared to theirs, it's gonna be the real deal :cool:.
  7. The addition of the sar-02 hell rocket and uber hell rocket are great addition to the assembly, but the drop rates for the basic resource are still to low. Also the hardware stuff is something I will be interested to obtain from booty boxes.
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    and to everyone above yeh drop rates poor for crafting then SURPRISE i am happy with that
    25.07.2016 - 20:30[​IMG]Beta Gate completed
    25.07.2016 - 20:30[​IMG]Received item: Ship Design - Sandstorm Pusat
    25.07.2016 - 20:30[​IMG]Received item: Sandstorm Pusat Drone Design
    25.07.2016 - 20:30[​IMG]4 log-disks collected.
    25.07.2016 - 20:30[​IMG]You received 233200 honor.
    25.07.2016 - 20:30[​IMG]You received 9328000 EP.
    25.07.2016 - 20:30[​IMG]Repair credits received (4
  9. XeonXS

    XeonXS User

    • Finished all the quests in an hour, apart from collecting 2.5k rocks for 5 log disks? lol, looks like a typo tbh, i'd rather just collect palla, or do a cube. I just wish they made some more.
    • I don't really care about visual stuff.
    • Lance formation is now attainable without spending 70 quid.
    • No special boxes??
    • Uber/sar-02 are a nice addition, but WAY to expensive or drop rate should be fixed. (215 plasmide? ok lol)
    • More options for crafting (other than emp/x3 like it was before)
    But yeah, update is alright, but what's the point if we have to pop like 800 sibs for 1k ubers
  10. Veki

    Veki User

    Very happy to see new resource is visible to all group members. Hope all other resources will also be visible to all group members.

    There is a missing reward from event mission. The text of the mission says that we'll get 1 hybrid processor, but there is no such reward listed.
  11. One of the quests is [removed] it invloves you crafting sone part which requires the use of 330 scrap and all you get back is 5 log disks!!!!! It takes about a week to save up 330 scrap so who in their right mind is going to waste 330 scrap just to do a quest that only gives you 5 log disks back? Obviously no thought what so ever was put into these quests I imagine it took them 5 minutes to come up with those quests.
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  12. ~Monster~

    ~Monster~ User

    Actually, a lot of people (myself included) are crafting things that require the hybrid processor, so this quest is nice as we get free loot for crafting something we were going to craft anyway.
  13. 200+ Uber Lordakium
    10 hours of play
    400k x4
    and i got 4 poison pusat (no use to me becasue i am never in it)
    The drop rates for the poison spectrum are really bad...

  14. Fix the drop rates of plasmide, scrap, prismatium and mucosum ! ! !
    I had to say it...
    Why not to change it.
    For example: Uber devo before - 100% chance for plasmide.
    Uber devo now - 8 - 16 (yes it took me 13 of them for 1) for one, lets say 15%.

    Why dont they make it this way: 50% chance for 2 plasmide / 50% for normal cargo or green box. I think this will be the best way to keep the cargos (not that people care about them) the boxes and + the good drop rate.

    Just " split " the previous chance of dropping (%) into 2, and make the resource you will get x2. We will still have that good old drop rate + cargos (if you want to keep them so much...)
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  15. I think it would be great if there was a reverse engineer function, if we could take things apart like our ddms or 10 slot extender, maybe the bastion design or lf3s and get the resources that way. even if we only got half the resources it cost to build the item it would still be worth it to me.
  16. USS-Aries

    USS-Aries User

    I have to agree with the OP that this is a good event for UFE and near UFE players but as so often in the past the lower levels and newbies have been left out in the cold again. When are DO going learn that lower level players and newbies want to feel part of the game and not just cannon fodder. Events should be for all levels of player and not be almost UFE exclusive, adding event bonus box's would have gone a long way to adding some balance to this event.
  17. steviray

    steviray User

    all in all like the event, grade it at 6-7 outa 10. will have to agree with the statements about drop rates and quests tho. the last quest, 240 muc's, 330 scraps, 1000+ lordas or sibys, 2k-3k saims n mords. for a few log disk and crap rewards. Is DO insane, thoughtless or what. An example the defamation quest, kill 750 urber lit lords for 10k honor, 15k uri, 75 million exp, and 25 million creds. and the rewards for quantum are 200 honor, 200 uri, 5 logs, 200k exp and 200k credits. REALLY PALLLEEEAASSEEE!!!!

    I feel the need to bring up another issue, the value of what DO put before us. if you purchased hardware out of the shop to "assemble" the designs that DO is now offering, only one (1) drone would be 120,000 uridium with an extended cost of 1.2 MILLION URIDIUM and the ship design itself would cost you an additional 230,000 uridium, totaling near 1.5 MILLION URIDIUM for a design that does absolutely nothing. DO and Razor gave their design away for "FREE" kinda (email spam). Company designs were only 40k uri, most "ships" i.e. g-enforcer, v-avenger, c/a/s-veteran can be had for 100k or less and they provide various bonuses . Id give hav's/herc's are that valuable (120k), and the skill designs reach that value but then they are buffing designs arent they. Where is the game at, because it kinda feels like the DO community is getting played and not us playin the game.
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  18. this rewards from the quests are really out of proportion, instead of be making new items for UFE players they should probably be making new map systems if they really want to attract new players, i remember when i reached the level 9 in my account and got to 4-4 it was a very good moment and to level 10 to 13 it was good too, but when there was no new places to go in DO i stopped playing the game, in that time there was a good amount of things to do in the game but now the only thing that is in there is get more and more uridium items.
    i still keep playing the way that i used to in that time (and yes i have come back after 2 years) but I WILL NOT BUY URIDIUM IN THIS GAME NEVER CAUSE IT'S NOT WORTH IT. i only play this game for fun anyway, but things have become surprisingly hard to get. and you know i'm almost stopping to play this game for real now....
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  19. Ok to be fair now. i agree with OP but the drop rates on the materials Went down and not up. it takes a basic FE ages to gain enough the crafting requirements work. But the actual problem is, does DO want to make this game pay 2 win or Pay 2 not grind. Because the booty boxes was a good start but the drop-rate on crafting materials is just a joke. by them lowering the value of the chance for the materials to drop is like telling us to pay up if you want this. I love crafting in games and it is completely distraught, with the insane low drop-rates. Ive seen better crafting systems but this is just crazy.
    News flash: not everyone is UFE

    i only play because i have friends. The event quests was very disappointment and when i checked the shop i was oh look they are selling the materials now. oh boy pay 2 win
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  20. it's definitely PAY2WIN all the fun that i had in this game years ago it's gone... i don't like PVP by the way, i only play killing some NPCs, but almost every time that i start killing they shot me down... but sometimes, they start to shoot on me, i kill some of them... i will die but one or more of them die with me...
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