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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Okapi32, Jul 25, 2016.

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  1. I think i killed well over 100 boss lords to get poison spectrum drone blueprint. Also if they are not going to change the drop rate for minerals to make hardware can you at least make sure everything including scrap goes on sale so if we don't have time to collect everything before the event is over maybe we can still purchase some stuff to help. Thanks
  2. I can't seem to drop the poison pusat design from uber mlords, had 3x poison spectrum designs.

    Is this working as intended? Did the dev's test the drop rates with particular regard to the uber mlords? (can any mods clarify please?)

    Already got poison pusat drone design and simply not bothered about the poison spectrum drones.
  3. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    It seems whichever one you find first out of the Spectrum or Pusat, you are more likely to find that same one again.

    I found 4 Pusat in a row before Spectrum, same for a clan member. Speaking to people on discord they have had same issue, one person is on 6 Spectrums now in a row, someone else had 3 Spectrums like yourself.

    Of course there are exceptions for people who find both, one after another, but does seem for the majority you are much more likely to find the same designs again than the find the other one. Took me about 150~ Ubers to eventually get both blueprints.

    Don't know if its intended to work like that but just letting you know that the other design does exist, its just harder to get than the other one you find first.
  4. Lucky... im on 122 Uber lords and still no blueprints ...
  5. Thanks for the clarification @Okapi32

    This stil begs the question is this working as intended?

    *MOONGLOW* User

    Recieved 0 recipe High-Frequency Cable Blueprint

    anyone else had this out of booty boxes yet ? cant wait to use it lol
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  7. I posted this when I finished the mission and didnt get the bonus... seems ...well whatever...
  8. Are the chat problems relative to this event or just another of the re-occurring problems with the game.
    Since we received compensation for the problems that happened after the " April Fool's day JOKE, one would think that all problems were resolved. They are , ridiculously, NOT fixed...
    Because of this event????
  9. Drop rates are absolutely awful. And only two quest that provide one hybrid processor and 3 high frequency cables?? really DO?? how do you expect us to get any of the nano designs with only two quest?? oh right, you want us to buy each piece for 20 to 30k uridium. gotcha do! thanks!

    btw dont give me that "oh you can craft them u kno" crap because the drop rates are too low and really? you think you can get up to 240 mucosum and 330 scrap to produce one hybrid processor in one week?
  10. atree

    atree User

    It just did the same to me

    Gamma Gate completed.
    You received 60000 UCB-100 laser ammo.
    You received 6 repair vouchers.
    600 Xenomit
    You received 10 log-disks.
    Part received for the Kronos Gate.
    Kronos Gate erected.
    You received 60000 UCB-100 laser ammo.
    You received 6 repair vouchers.
    600 Xenomit
    You received 10 log-disks.
    Part received for the Kronos Gate.
    Kronos Gate erected.
    You received 1 Sandstorm Pusat.
    You received 1 Sandstorm Pusat
    Drone Design.
    You received 13,859,999 EP.
    You received 324000 honor points.
    You received 60,000 Uridium.
    You received 15,520 Credits.
    You received 89,560 Credits.
    You received 227,000 Credits.

    why it this another bug?
  11. Since I was acused of making false statements. Please explain WHY we are getting Hybrid Processor or High Frequency Cable Blueprints awarded when the FAQ states;


    First and foremost you can craft the required hardware yourself. To do so we added six new permanent recipes to the Assembly.

    HardwareResources requiredBuild Time
    High-Frequency Cable
    50x Mucosum
    10x Plasmide
    30 minutes
    Nano Case
    10x Plasmide
    25x Scrap
    30 minutes
    Prismatic Socket
    80x Mucosum
    10x Prismatium
    4 Hours
    Nano Condenser
    50x Scrap
    10x Prismatium
    4 Hours
    Hybrid Processor
    240x Mucosum
    330x Scrap
    10 Hour
    40x Mucosum
    30x Plasmide
    25x Scrap
    5x Aurus
    10 Hour

    I assumed it was a bug since it is stated they are PERMANENT, and if PERMANENT then we would never need blueprints for them.

    The other part of the post was dealing with the CHAT that works fine in the morning but later in the day gives one of 2 errors preventing it to work and is addressed in >this thread< or a third error preventing it to work at all (Authentification Failed) and to get it corrected you need to send;

    Ship Name
    User ID
    Server affected
    IP Address as seen online

    And then wait for the chat to be up so they can verify the problem.
  12. We have conflicting information with regards to the Lava Pusat Drone Design as the FAQ states it is a time limited item:

    FAQ states:

    Lava pusat drone designnomany4x High-Frequency Cable
    4x Nano Case
    2x Micro-transistors

    Yet there is no timer present in the assembly tab in game to indicate this drone deisgn is time limited, please clarify.

    The above quote I can only agree with, more quests would have been nice, however there was initially a very good return on green booty boxes with them dropping crafting hardware, unfortunately this appears to have been nerfed exponentially to the point it is no longer worth collecting the green booty boxes for assembly hardware, either that or there is a diminishing returns script active for green booty boxes and crafting hardware drops. I can however say that something new in green booty boxes is more than welcome as many UFE no longer need any of the items they drop so simply stack them for later use, unfortunately for those that have utilised them recently this hardware drop reduction seems like a bait and switch which simply re-enforces negative sentiment where as giving more items via quests would have avoided this imo.

    Overall I think this event could have been much more generous especially as most of the hardware has little effect on game balance, imo would have been far better to ensure everyone had the opportunity to craft the majority of these items from quest rewards before making it so difficult to obtain the resources and hardware required as everyone would then have been able to obtain a reward including free players, as is I feel many don't have the time, uri or cash required to make the most of this new concept as free players will eventually spend cash given the incentives though right now they are lacking for many or simply not obviously apparent. Quest rewards would also have neatly sidestepped any long term impact on game economy and potential future cash inputs.

    As is I bought a month's premium for this event as I needed some uri to get what I wanted from the event, I did contemplate buying 330k uri via a back page discount though I am glad I didn't as even with a price discount I would have been very annoyed with the booty boxes and how the hardware drops have been reduced as this and the gate rewards were the main incentive for this purchase that never happened. As is with most items being cosmetic it simply isn't worth spending for most of the new items. Such things simply leave people who do spend feeling ripped off, disenfranchised and annoyed and it isn't the first time this has occurred as many still recall the kuiper gate and reduced bonus box rewards.

    Right now 40k uri will net me 2 of the new pusat lava drones I like the look of, I had a mind to obtain the hardware required from booty boxes but with the now exponentially reduced chance of obtaining them in this way I will simply kill npc for the required uri. Would have been far better to give awesome quest rewards over the duration allowing people to make the most of a new concept and then tweak for profit and cash input at a later date. Quests would maybe have helped populate the maps precipitating conflict.

    Sorry for the essay but I feel this needs to be said as many free players have simply given up on what is a nice if somewhat poorly rolled out concept as I do like the overall concept but the same mistakes are being made once again that simply annoy those who do spend and does not give any incentive to lower ranks or newer/free players with what are for many almost insurmountable resource/time/cash requirements to participate effectively.
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  13. is it possible to use lava pusat drone design to another ship?
  14. 2X Pusat SANDSTORM Drones on my goliath right now.
  15. Thanks Bro, another questions ^^. How many drone design for lava pusat I will have trough assembly event? is it one or 10?

  16. FAQ here:

    You will find an answer and possibly other new information in the official FAQ as a lot depends on how much effort you put in.

    Please do report back with how you get on assembling new items as we are posting feedback here in this thread and questions belong elsewhere on the forum.
  17. I was just going to post the same thing and then realised you already said it so, good! I'm glad others noticed, too.

    Alright, let me just sum my whole opinion on this event... I really LOVE new ship, P.E.T. and drone designs, probably because I'm a major collector and will most likely try to buy all of them when and if there's a chance. However, the quests are slightly unfair since the rewards are ridiculously low and the amount of stress we've all probably been through to gather Scrap or any type of resources was horrible. I spent three days destroying Boss Saimons and Mordons, and Uber Saimons and Mordons. Couldn't play the game all the time because my laptop would combust in flames, so it took me altogether 7 hours...? Anyway, the thing that made me really angry was that L I E in that mission. i was expecting the EIC headquarters manager to give me an additional Hybrid Processor and he didn't. SHAME.
    The only bad thing about this is...we simply can't get enough resources that fast to get all drone designs! I don't even think I'll manage to gather enough for one after I've built myself a Lava Pusat. I'm out of resources and it's hella hard to get them.
    But keep making new designs! I love 'em and would kill for 'em.
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  18. All the mission brief is talking about is that you get one each, you don't get them both. As it says if you build one for me I will build one for you. Additional is just a different word for another.
  19. Is this "repeating blueprints bug" going to be fixed before the ending of project nano? -,-
    I finally got Poison pusat blueprint (on the 164th uber lordakium) so i dont want to kill 300-400 more (if its going like this again) until i get spectrum... I will ask for one thing here (not only fixed drop rates) when the bug is fixed, admin to come here and say it to everyone. Thats all i ask for, thanks.
  20. Wow, there are no new (good?) event new bonus's not really a special "event".
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