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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Okapi32, Jul 25, 2016.

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  1. these aint permanent, I cant see them in crafting. ???

    did you really expect darkorbit to fulfil this lol
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  2. Then D O need to correct the FAQ they had posted as they say these ARE PERMANENT and I had only changed the color of the wording from the FAQ when I pasted it earlier.
  3. Oddessey

    Oddessey Team Leader Team Darkorbit

    Hi folks,

    The items listed as Hardware are permanent as best we know at this time, as stated in the FAQ. They should be visible if you tick the checkbox for Hardware in the Assembly area Filter as shown below:


    Show all should work as well, but just the Hardware box shows only the items in question. Hopefully this helps you to be able to locate the items for assembly on your screen.

  4. Congrats to those who have seen a blueprint or drone/ship drop.... Been hitting Lordaiums and boss Lordakiums, so far nothing showing.
  5. I completed the hades gate and the emperor Lord dropped me 4 blueprints. I have only done the hades gate once though, so I do not know what the rates of drops are. Hope this helps you.
  6. I could not see the hardware items until I accepted the last event quest.
    I quickly cancelled it after seeing that I would have to use 1/2 of my scrap which took me from the time of "scrap conception" until now to complete a quest which is pretty much USELESS........
    This "NONE-O" event has been the cheapest, self serving event that DO has put on since I started playing. RIDICULOUS..........
  7. Black_wolf

    Black_wolf User

    it dropped just to u or all the group saw them but let it to u. if they not i had to shoot the empror first?
  8. After we popped it they all went back to the port there was only four of us in the group. I am not sure who got the kill. The blueprints did not appear straight away so I am guessing that I did not get the kill.
  9. Thanks for the feedback!
    LOL I am currently stuck at hades stage II (on the original gift of the gate from introduction).
    Can not find any/enough to continue on.
  10. ##RUSLAN##

    ##RUSLAN## User

    feedback for this event is very low from me. i only like the new quests all the hardware seems to be useless junk! i hope this helps
  11. I believe Project Nano was overall a visual upgrade for those who got nothing else to do in the game, while new players ignore this event completely because IT WAS A WASTE OF TIME. The only good items were the ships and the lance formation (thank you devs team), which hopefully and permanently stay in the assembly system. #Listen to us players #no more bots #no more pushing
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