Prometheus Day 2021

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    26.11 - 29.11
    To commemorate the signing of the “Prometheus Day Treaty” on this very date after the Three-Day War, MMO, EIC and VRU are opening up their markets to all mankind. Don’t miss the sweet, sweet Prometheus Day deals at cutthroat prices!

    Prometheus Booty Boxes - Entire Event Duration
    Appear on the following Maps:

    • X2 - X8
    • Battle Maps
    • Pirate Maps
    Prometheus Fragments are required to open them, and can be obtained through finishing specific gates, one daily mission, or payment.

    *Note - Some payment packages will contain special rewards!

    Main Package
    Additional Content60%
    Epic Package
    ContentDrop Chance
    Inferno Venom Ship Design
    Inferno Cyborg Design
    2 Inferno Drone Design
    Ocean Solace Ship Design
    Ocean Enigma Drone Design
    Ocean A-Elite Drone Design
    Ocean A-Elite P.E.T Design
    Lave Mirage P.E.T. Design
    Lava Cyborg Drone Design
    Lava Diminisher Drone Design
    Lava Berserker Ship Design
    Skull Silver Drone Design
    Argon Phantom Drone Design
    Argon Diminisher P.E.T Design
    Legend Package
    ContentDrop Chance
    Prometheus Orcus Ship Design16.67%
    Prometheus Keres Ship Design16.67%
    Prometheus Holo Ship Design16.67%
    Prometheus Solace Ship Design8.34%
    Prometheus Diminisher Ship Design8.34%
    Prometheus Disruptor Ship Design8.33%
    Prometheus Cyborg Ship Design8.33%
    Prometheus Mimesis Ship Design8.33%
    Prometheus Hammerclaw Ship Design8.33%
    Rare Package
    ContentDrop Chance
    Lava Sentinel Ship Design20%
    Argon Venom Ship Design20%
    Locust G-Surgeon Ship Design20%
    Frost C-Elite Ship Design20%
    Argon Mimesis Ship Design20%
    Common Package
    ContentDrop Chance
    Poison Venom12.5%
    Sandstorm A-Elite Drone Design12.5%
    Poison Mimesis Ship Design12.5%
    Ocean Phantom Drone Design12.5%
    Ocean Tartarus Ship Design12.5%
    Blaze A-Elite Ship Design12.5%
    Poison Enigma Drone Design12.5%
    Blaze Mimesis Ship Design12.5%
    Additional Content Package
    ContentAmountDrop Chance
    Indoctrine Oil5 (Not affected by booster.2%
    Log Files64%
    Extra Energy306%
    EMP 01105%
    Prometheus Missions

    Daily - Minimum Level 6
    Kill: 30 Sibelon or 5 Uber SibelonIAC: 2x
    Ex: 200.000
    Credits: 200.000
    Honor: 8
    Uridium: 500
    Kill: 15 Boss SibelonIAC: 2x
    Ex: 200.000
    Credits: 200.000
    Honor: 80
    Uridium: 500
    Don't damage any player for 1 hourIAC: 2x
    Aurus: 1
    Honor: 300
    Take 800.000 Damage without dying
    Countdown: 15 Minutes
    IAC: 2x
    Prometheus Fragment: 1
    Honor: 300
    Epic - Minimum Level 12
    Finish Galaxy Gates
    • Alpha
    • Beta
    • Gamma
    ABR: 30
    Indoctrine oil: 5
    Ex: 500.000
    Credits: 500.000
    Uridium: 10.000
    Honor: 2.000
    Finish Galaxy Gates
    • Delta
    • Cause 1.250.000 Damage to Emperor Kristallon
    IAC: 30x
    Ex: 500.000
    Credits: 500.000
    Uridium: 10.000
    Honor: 2.000
    Special Reward Chance

    During the event, Pilots have the chance to win a special additional reward for completing the Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Galaxy Gates
    ItemDrop Chance
    Argon Solace10%
    Argon Venom10%
    Prometheus Fragment: 2100%
    *Each item is rolled individually, meaning there is a chance to get all 3 for 1 gate!

    New Ship Designs

    New Ship Designs
    There are 3 new ship designs:
    - Prometheus Orcus Ship Design
    - Prometheus Keres Ship Design
    - Prometheus Holo Ship Design

    Each of these designs has a special kill streak effect as well as a kill counter effect.

    Kill Streak Effect
    The Kill Streak Effect activates after 15 kills without dying or logging out. The effect lasts 15 minutes. If a player activates the Kill Streak Effect, has running it for 5 minutes and gets their 16th kill in a row, then the timer for the effect will be reset to 15 minutes. In case the player dies while the Kill Streak Effect is activated, then the effect is removed.

    Please note: There’s no visible timer that shows the duration of the effect. The Kill Streak Effect is only visual and doesn’t have any further impact.

    Kill Counter Effect
    When a player gets a kill with one of these ship designs, they will see a short popup text informing them how many kills they have got in these ship designs. The text will appear just above the player’s ship and be visible to everyone.


    Q: Do I also get the mission rewards for the epic missions when I do the gates via Dispatch?
    A: To get the mission rewards of the epic missions, the gates need to be done manually. Doing them via Dispatch don’t count for the missions.
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