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  1. Oddessey

    Oddessey Team Leader Team Darkorbit

    Hello Space Pilots,

    Please provide your constructive feedback here for Prometheus Day.

    (Reminder, this is not the place for off-topic posts, questions or conversations. This thread is reserved for feedback regarding this event only. Please take your questions and conversations to the appropriate forum section. All non-feedback posts will be removed.)
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  2. stop introducing random stuff that just ends up breaking your already fragile game , [REMOVED] what's wrong with this company ,or better yet ,what's not
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  3. thanks for....
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  4. Again completely useless event only designed by bigpoint for money
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  5. They never listen do they, all those packs for sale and NOT one of them with Schism:confused:, and this BP only giving 50 o_O
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  6. Oddessey

    Oddessey Team Leader Team Darkorbit

    This event has concluded and your feedback has been sent up to the game team.
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