Prometheus laser?

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    I totally disagree. For the last year, just for logging in every day you could have had 12 LF4s and 12 of the New LF4s. That's 24 pretty good lasers without even trying. Throw in some zeta and kappa gates and a person could easily get to full LF4 and full BO3 with hercs and havocs. That doesn't do so well in PVP anymore, but its good enough to get in the BL map and add 10 prom lasers to the account. Now it appears they will be giving away BO4s. I have 5 just for logging in.
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  2. "For the last year, just for logging in every day you could have had 12 LF4s and 12 of the New LF4s. That's 24 pretty good lasers without even trying."
    Takes one year just to get 24 lasers from calendar but the BSGO code gave out 15 unstable lf4s lasers with one code. Not to mention, I'm pretty sure they only introduced the free laser giveaway idea only starting late 2018 which by then there aren't a lot of players left. They took too long even though it's a good start for noobs.

    The whole purpose for DO is joining a top clan, being in a gang of uber UFEs and killing everything that moves nowadays. You're not ever gonna be able to join a top clan with the free lasers and generators they give you not to mention the sole purpose of DO is always been about PVP. Yea I guess if you're a solo player on DO this is going to work but in the long run, it's still really weak compared to any uber UFE players who rule the upper maps. Most of the time it's always uber ships that hunt the upper maps, sometimes you have noobs with the same "BSGO code" ship trying to pvp, but you won't 1v1 opponents regularly. Btw, just because DO gives out handouts making it a good headstart for a noob doesn't fix the whole MCC situation that's been in this game for years and has gotten worse over time. This is one of the key reasons it discourages new players from even continuing to play when you get popped from your own company because of their MCC. There's still a grind to farm extra energy for galaxy gate with the pirate maps or bonus boxes from pvp maps, again, another reason why people just buy some botting engine. DO isn't really giving any handouts besides the ones they sometimes throw like 25-50 EE in the calendar (not a single one in this months calendar) which is nothing when you need around avg 2k EE for a single zeta. There's still many problems and free lasers and generators don't solve those two issues.

    BTW, I read on Kongregate a comment from this year a player bought the $20 "starter kit" that gives you a goliath, 4 irises and 10 lf4s and b02s and when they realized they couldn't fight back against a uber UFE, they were just wasted their money. They should've done more research in what they were buying, but the fact that DO even has those kits available for noobs to buy is pretty sad.
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