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    Please note that the Promotional Codes are no longer available as of April 30, 2015. For more information on this you can find the announcement here
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    Promotional Codes

    What exactly is a promotion code?

    For every purchase of Uridium for real money, you'll automatically receive a promotion code.

    You can give this promotion code as a bonus to new players who you'd like to help get a good start in the game. Just send the promotion code to a player who is new to the game and who hasn't made a purchase yet.

    What are the advantages of the promotion code?

    As soon as this player makes their first in-game purchase of Uridium with real money, they can use the promotion code.

    The advantage: This player receives a bonus upon making their purchase. This can be, for example, 10% more Uridium, an exclusive item or another special surprise.

    Example: Your friend orders 10,000 Uridium using your promotion code. As a bonus, he/she will receive an extra 1,000 Uridium.

    The highlight: Not only your friend will profit from this purchase, but you will, too! For your friend's purchase, you'll also receive a credit as your bonus. This could include, for example, 10% of the purchase price for your friend's order (1,000 Uridium) or a really exclusive item, etc.

    Please note: If the purchase with the promotion code is reversed, the bonus will be deducted from you as well as from your friend!

    Who can use the promotion code?

    You can send your promotion code to players who are new to the game and who haven't yet invested any money into the game. Every player who purchases Uridium with real money for the first time in the game can use this code, provided another player has sent him/her the promotion code.

    All promotion codes area meant for a specific game only, and can't be used for any other games.

    Can I manage my promotion codes?

    Yes. Under "Status", you can see all the promotion codes you currently have. You can also keep track of when and to whom you sent a promotion code. That's why there's a promotion code overview and a promotion code history.

    For every purchase of Uridium with real money, you'll receive a new promotion code which will be added to your overview.

    That way you can always see who you gave a bonus to, and who has already used a promotion code.

    How can I use a promotion code?

    If you receive a promotion code from a friend, you can use it for your first purchase of Urdium in the game's payment section. Requirement: This is your first purchase of Uridium for this game. Please note that the promotion codes are only valid for one specific game, meaning they can't be used for any other games.​
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